Passing remarks and prejudices

People pass prejudices all the time and let me ask what is the meaning of prejudice? It is really a judgement that is made in advance, often an biased and unjustified opinion of a person or event. Lack of evidences therefore and could cause extensive damage to a person's reputation.

Often, people who are embittered in life just want to prejudice against someone who is more successful by releasing their own bottled up negativity into someone else's life.

One common situation in life is that people who find it difficult to accept is when these people are needed to acknowledge their own weaknesses, and who would want to admit own weaknesses to others when it is better to blame others by prejudicing rather than admitting own mistakes?

When that happens, people just want to insist on the fact that their beliefs are the right one and begin to accuse others of not conforming to the beliefs. This attitude not just harm others, but in turn they harm themselves too!

Successful people control emotions well

Maria Duval says the life development and progress of a person largely depend intricately on the emotion of that person. Do apply common wisdom, tact and sense when you are feeling with own emotions so that they can be rightly channelled.

Determination is a strong factor in life that ultimately directs how successful a person can be. A person without determination and gives up easily will be less effective than one who strives on in adversity. Hence it is no good to be fickle in the way you do things and who lacks that initiative to see and pre-empt things. Why is it so? According to Maria Duval, this is because they are manipulated by their own emotions and being dominated by own feelings.

Therefore, it is right to say we should control our own emotions well in order to develop a strong and clear character with smart ideas. Such people are also highly dynamic, charismatic and successful in whatever tasks they embark on. So be prepared to learn and follow from these successful people so that you can forge your own successes in life.

In worse cases, too much negative emotions can really act like "poisons" which gradually erode our psychic self and over a period of years, the victim may unknowingly suffer mental distress. So remember to let go and enjoy your life!


Maria Duval on how emotions affect us

Maria Duval believes there is a need to learn that our human emotions are critical forces that affect our well-being. So what we are feeling positive, the constructive nature of our bodies will be amplified, and this means joy, health, optimism, success and drive to learn or excel.

It's true that when you see a great sportsman setting new heights in event like the Olympics, his or her joy at setting a new world record will directly be translated into your own personal joy as well, meaning you share the same joyous mood as the sportsman. This certainly has a great positive effect on our mind. I remember how excited and spirited I was when I saw Usain Bolt setting a new world record in men's 100m in the Beijing Olympics just over the weekend! It was as if I can feel his achievement!

Conversely, when there is negative condition, like fear or anxiety, your body will experience and psychic imbalance which will translate down deep into your body chemicals. That is why I urge people not to watch dark horror movies consistently as this might have subtle effect on our mindset. And when imbalance happens at micro organism level, our body will be prone to external attacks by bacterias and viruses around.


Maria Duval - Emotions are fuels of our life

Do you know that emotions are closely linked to overall health?

Yes, that's right!

Scientific experiments done in the recent years have pointed out that most physical illnesses are results of bad thoughts emotions. A figure of 80% is the range in which 8 out of 10 patients' illness cause are due to come from the mind which is highly pessimistic and negative in nature.

That is why Maria Duval states that our health, happiness and prosperity in a large way, are dependable on our control over our emotions. To fully enjoy a better and fruitful life, a healthy and constructive state of mind is important, and doubly important to have positive emotions, as emotions are like the fuels of our life.

Scientists found that illnesses are caused by negative thoughts such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, greed, anxiety and despondency. If a person continually views that life as meaningless and mind full of such bad thoughts, the body will surely translate these thoughts into a physical negative form one day down the road.

Similarly, happy and harmonious thoughts in us increase the positive chemicals in our bodies that aid in our overall biological regenerative process.

And this is what Maria Duval can help us to work on. A mental cultivation for more positive thoughts.

Maria Duval on Psychic Healing

There is a kind of spiritual healing which makes use of a psychic's ability to heal by injecting positive source of energy to rehabilitate and heal a person down with sickness - physical, mental or emotional. It is also called psychic healing and it is a very pure healing method without external medication.

I believe this is a way in which a psychic heals another human by "readjusting" chakras in the human body so that it is able to promote body's innate self healing process.

The question in many people's mind is that, does it really work?

It has been proved scientifically that it does work. Yes there is a lot of cynics who do not believe. People who went through this spiritual healing have been convinced that it does work for them. Read more about scientific proof of psychic healing.

Psychic Maria Duval believes psychic healing works by triggering self-healing, or a genuinely psychic process actually brought about by the healer's intentions, thoughts, and energy.

I would like to reiterate psychic healing is an alternative healing method and is not a substitute for proper medical care and treatment. One goes to a psychic healer only to seek an alternative view on a medication condition as many times, a person's sickness could be due to body's psychic centre obstruction.

After all, I advise everyone to take good care of our best asset - HEALTH.

Eat proper food and exercise three to four times a week to keep that energy inside us flowing. A healthy body is one that has spiritual energy free flowing inside it. Get enough rest as and when required too.