A Lucky Person

Everyone has this feeling that some people or someone else seem to be luckier than others. In life, things are not just rosy for these people but the coincidences seem to happen at the right place and right time for them.
For example, you are contemplating about moving to a new company and out of the blue, you happen to know someone from that company who can help ou to settle in. Isn't that luck or coincidences when it happens to someone else?

How do we explain this kind of situation in terms spirituality?

In Maria Duval's book, she explains that there are 3 common traits of a "lucky" person.

First, lucky person is positive in nature and they subconsciously believe and act based on their intuitions.

Second, a lucky person someone is adept at creating, grabbing and acting decisively at opportunities.

Third, a lucky person always think that the future is rosy and there is going to have lots of good breaks happening to them.

Of course, things do happen by chance and if you feel you are always unlucky, you may have to stop around and ask yourself why is this so?

In spirituality studies, a luck is just another form of energy and it depends on whether you can grasp this energy. Here are some tips from Maria Duval for you:

1. Always be positive and be acceptable to new positive experiences in life.

2. When you are facing failure, view this experience as part of the growing learning experience which is a precious part of your life journey.

3. Move away from unfortunate situations and don't dwell on it. Take control and move on!

4. Be clear of your intention and surround yourself in a conducive and inspiring environment

5. Find an experienced mentor who can help you in the tasks you are embarking on.

6. Improve your intuition by purging your mind of negative energy through meditating and journaling, meaning recording down your positive happenings in your life or even your dreams.

So, to be lucky, you may need to follow these tips that lucky people could be doing.


Maria Duval: How to create a constant flow of money in your life

Here is a story from Maria Duval about getting wealthier through our position thought process.

A few years ago, a young bank cashier said to me: “How can I get more money? How can I get to do the things I want to do?

I answered him with a simple explanation, telling him that his habitual thoughts were ingrained in his subconscious mind and that if he steered his thoughts and inner dialogue in the right direction, he could have all the money he needed.

I emphasised the fact that his dialogue with himself was responsible for everything happening in his life. And I asked him how he would think, speak and act if he already had the money he wanted. He replied that he would buy a beautiful home for his family and a boat, that he would travel round the world and then he would study political economy at university.

Maria Duval: How to create a constant flow of money in your life

I suggested that he should speak to himself in the following manner:

“I have a beautiful house. I am travelling around the world. I am studying political economy at University”.

This was the kind of inner discourse he regularly held as he went about his work during the day at the bank. He never contradicted these things he was telling himself inside.

And it all came true. Now he earns more money than the bank manager did. Money is circulating freely in his life and he has achieved all his ambitions.

The inner conversation of this bank employee was conducted as though he already had all these things. Each of them was real in the sense that it existed as a “thought-image” in his mind and this is the key. First you need to possess everything you want in your mind, because everything stems from that.

This man kept his sights on his aims and objectives, understanding that his inner dialogue was bound to become a reality.

You therefore need to establish the mental equivalent of whatever you want out of life. Think longingly of what you want; your thoughts generate an EMOTION, and when these thoughts are repeated over and over again, they become engraved on your subconscious and are certain to come true. Because this is the Law of
your Mind.


Julia Child 100th Anniversay

In 2004, I felt very sad that Julia Child has passed away. She has certainly influenced the cooking style of my mom who cooked delicious food for us when all of us were much younger, especially with the epic "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking" book. This week is her 100th anniverary of her birth and many foodies around the world are specially cooking up Child-inspired menus to commenorate her.

Here is her video teaching chef wannabes how to saute chick.


The magic about her recipes is that they are all very easy to follow. As long as you can do it step by step according to the instructions, anyone can make delicious French food, and there is no other secrets. It also teaches you how to select the ingredients and the easiest way to mix them together all right to the finishing touches. Even I am surprised I can be such a great cook!

Its no wonder she has influenced so many famous chefs today.


Maria Duval: We have a choice in life, learn to Appreciate it.

Dear all, it is nice to be back after so many months. Yes, hope you all enjoy the London Olympics as much as I do.

Finally.. I have managed to recover my account access. Lets get back on track and discuss about abundance and prosperity again. In this age, we really require a lot of these positive ideas and thinkings.

First of all, it is about the topic of appreciation. Certainly, not many in today's world feel appreciative of the good lifes they are living in as many of us just take things for granted. We through away wasteful food and draining away awful amount of precious energies thinking why not as I can afford it.

According to gurus, appreciating oneself and life is one of the most potent spiritual forces in the Universe and can amply us to the strongest vibrations, meaning you will get it easier to attract good things into your life. Literally it means that if you want a lot of prosperity in life and you just want to relax and enjoy more of your life, then starting to appreciate as many things in life as you can.

Now, the next question will surely be, how do we appreciate life? It is rather easy which is to search for anything in your life with the best thought about it and the next best thought about it and so on. In this way, you will learn how to appreciate the beauty of life.

Let me quote this paragrahy, source.

"For instance, let's say you're not too fond of your place of work and you feel so stressed there that you have a hard time being appreciative. A good thought you might have about your work is that it pays your bills so you have food, shelter and gainful employment. Next, you might reach for a thought about a co-worker who is your friend, who keeps you laughing. After that, a thought about a good laugh the two of you shared will probably pop into your head. After that, a thought about how much better your current job is than your last one will appear. Next, you might appreciate the amount of vacation time you get. And so on. "

The gist of it is to keep on persisting on the appreciate thought even though it may appear ludicruous at first. Yes, I can understand, most of us hate the work place with its torrid amount of senseless works done just to please the bosses. Yes, most of us have this thinking that work is forced upon us.

However, Maria Duval advises me that it is not the way life should be. We have a choice to be happy, relaxed and appreciative in order to attractive more positive energies into us. If we can follow through this appreciate thought pattern, sooner or later we will find that life will be more motivated, uplifted and happier! Just go to figure out how much vibrations you will have and how much prosperity/abundance will come your way.

Yes, this world desperately needs more appeciative thoughts, especially with all the negative stories coming out of many corners almost daily.

Best wishes and cheers to you!


Meditation - Away from the vagaries of life

According to Maria Duval, to achieve the required physical and psychic effects, your meditation session should last for at least 10 to 15 minutes, at the minimum, 5 minutes.

This is the amount of time you should set aside each day, to meditate, if you are not very used to staying still. But you will soon develop at taste for it, when you start enjoying the amazing benefits that these fews minutes can bring. You can then extend the session up to 25 or 30 minutes per day.

Find a really quiet place with least chances of being disturbed. Settle yourself in a comfortable chair or on a mat.

Sitting position is the best, because the aim of the exercise is not to become so relaxed as to go to sleep, but rather to achieve a state conducive to inspiration, illumination and intuition. It is important that you keep your back straight, but not too taut. Your feet ought to be steady on the ground. The best is that you can play some soothing and complementing meditation guide in the background.

There is no fixed definite time for meditation. Any time is a good time when you are used to it. With practice, you can bring yourself into a meditative state in a flash of your eye, at any time.

At this level, nothing 'outside' can have any effect on your anymore, because you have learned to 'escape' from vagaries of life, just through the simple power of your mind!


Maria Duval on Meditation

By controlling and observing your breathing, you will soon achieve a good state of physical relaxation. But your head will, in all likelihood, still be bothered by a mental discourse with an intermingling of words, thoughts and images, all snatching for the owner's keen focus.

Forbid your attention to be drawn to any of these words, thoughts or images by trying to 'clear' your mind. Maria Duval's suggestion to help you achieve this state of mind is that you focus your mind on one specific thing, a thing that is preferably pleasant of course, while disappearing everything else around this thing.

Meditation relaxes the body and the mind, relieving the stress or tension, soothing your nerves and permitting you to overcome your bad negative emotional attachments like fear, sadness, hatred, bitterness or anger.

Maria Duval says that by keeping your mind on something nice and calming, you will be freed immediately of any feelings of guilt, insecurity, or powerlessness.

Concentration on a symbol, a color, an object, the candle flame, an image or maybe an interesting question or pick something that best suits your state of mind that moment. The main aim is to achieve a state of mind where space and time just never already exist. This is what spiritualists called 'altered state of consciousness'.


Maria Duval - Pentacle, Amulet and Talisman

In many societies, religious objects are used as amulets and talismans. A religious amulet may be a statue of a particular god or simply a symbol representing divinity, such as a cross for Christians or the 'Eye of Horus' for the ancient Egyptians.

Egypt lies at the very core of pentacular and talismanic sciences. With symbols engraved in stone, its occult theology and sacertal organisation, the immense hidden wisdom of this country was at the epicentre of the evolution of the noblest traditions of humanity.

The ancient Egytians had many different amulets, to suit all occasions and needs, often figuring the scarab-headed god Khepri or The Ankh (the key of eternal life).

Talismans are also abound in Jewish tradition. Many museums have exhibits dating from the times of King Solomon, who was without doubt one of the greatest creators of pentacles and talismans.

Muslims, Buddhists and Chinese cultures are also known incorporate amulets, pentacles and talismans in their religious routines or for general spiritual well-being.

The summary is that you can see the important role these items play in the daily lives of different cultures and religions in different parts of the world.