Sixth sense

Intuition is just about the same as your sixth sense where a person seems to have that hunch or strong perception when something's about to happen, usually some events that are not good or harmful. A person who has a strong intuition is also called to have a third eye, a mysterious term that has fascinated many spiritual people.

Experts like Maria Duval have said intuition is closely linked to your subconscious mind which can be very active when certain situations and conditions, and that's why it is so difficult to explain this phenomenon rationally.

The reason why Maria Duval and other top psychics is more intuitive is because they have tuned their mind and subconscience to the level that their inner voice or intuition is very sensitive to the difference in psychic energy change. They have learnt to tap their unconscious mind in a more creative way. Or, it may be explained that they have learnt to keep their active mind relaxed and still to enable it to listen to the intuition emanating from the unconscious mind.


Beware the negative seed of thoughts

Maria Duval teaches that it is not advisable to allow yourself to be drawn along by the negative and pessimistic thoughts because sooner or later they will end up with harmful consequences. Some people are natural positive thinkers without realising the creative power of their constructive thought; these people to me, are clearly the privileged lot.

Remember, each of your thought is like a seed that will grow, develop into a fruit-bearing tree.

So you should be aware that when you plant a negative seed of thought, it will one day change to a big tree of negative thoughts and attitudes which will do you harm spiritually and mentally. This is a vital part of your life and everyone should be aware of its outcome.


Maria Duval - visualisations of healing

Some information about visualisation from Maria Duval.

Visualisations or working on images, is a very simple process. It involves finding, discovering and creating a mental form or image. These imagined but nonetheless real forms, have all the characteristics of the incidents, objects or situations that you encounter in every life. The difference is that, unlike the objects perceived while you are awake, the have no volume or mass.

However, they do have their own energy.

Thinking of these images as 'brainchildren', you create them so that they can act as healing agents on your behalf. Their energy stimulates the healing process.

They are as real as your emotions, and charged with as much meaning as your nocturnal dreams. Emotion is the life force that is expressed in inner feelings and external actions.


Maria Duval - treat it as your personal friend

All you have to do is to establish contact with it, ask it what you want, and then let it express itself in you, through you, and bring you the miraculous answers and solutions you are waiting for. This is the best thing to do when faced with a problem to be solved or a difficult situation to be overcome.

  • Shut yourself away in a place where you won't be disturbed for at least half an hour.

  • Disconnect the phone, breathe calmly and deeply for a few minutes in order to relax.

  • Think confidently and lovingly about your Inner Guide.

  • Tell yourself that, since your Inner Guide is linked to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, it always knows the answers to all questions and the perfect solution to all problems. The mental capacity of your Inner Guide is unlimited. It can therefore seek the answers to your problems throughout the entire Universe.
It is able to call directly and immediately upon the cosmic memory to help you solve all your problems which explains its formidable power. You can have a complete confidence in it and speak to it as if you were speaking to a friend. Remember that each problem in life is meant to be overcome, to teach you something and help you to progress in life.


Connecting to your Inner Guide

When you are connected to your Inner Guide via your thought processes, this connection enables it to inspire and protect you. It will guide your by sending external or internal signs. It is this that is known as having intuition.

Maria Duval said, your problems are mainly due to the fact that the your intuition has not been developed to its full potential. By not listening to your Inner Guide, you have lost contact with it.

It is therefore enough to re-establish this contact with your Inner Guide to be able to re-establish order in your life and affairs. It will answer you by sending signs (intuitions) to help and guide you.


Inner Guide

Maria Duval teaches that when you have realised that your Inner Guide can solve all your problems and when you have solved all these problems, you too will have a role to play in spreading this knowledge. The Inner Guide within you is at one with you and is also united with the Infinite Intelligence. You are therefore united with Infinite Intelligence.

Also, you must also believe that Infinite Intelligence of the Universe also lives within you, as if you were an extension of this Intelligence. Through this Infinite Intelligence within you, you are therefore connect to Infinite Intelligence of the universe. In this way you can connect to everything you want to appear in your life since, in the Universe, abundance is unlimited.


Imagine the Inner Guide within you

The simplest and most effective way is to imagine this Inner Guide as a form of Invisible Intelligence within you, in your body, as it is within each human being of any race, religion or beliefs.

All human beings come from the same source of Infinite Intelligence, or the Creator. The day when all human beings realises this fact, the world will turn into a much better place with the possibility of seeing the end of evils of wars, racisms and humanity poisons.