The Candle Exercise

Psychic Maria Duval says that the candle exercise is excellent for achieving the level of concentration conducive to good visualisation. Settle yourself down comfortably and steady your breathing so it is calm and relaxed. Close your eyes and, behind the ʻscreenʼ of your closed eyelids, at a point located between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of your nose (third eye), visualise a candle, with strength and determination.

Create a mental image of a candle, first the base in white or Maria Duval - The Candle Exercisecoloured wax, the wick, then the blue, gas-like flame and finally the yellow-orange flame, which flickers gently, as if in a light breeze. Keep the image of the object firmly in your mind, without losing your concentration…donʼt allow other thoughts to invade your mind… Once you can manage to maintain a clear image for several minutes, without losing yourself in parasitic thoughts that dissolve the image, you can consider the exercise complete. You have to be able to ʻseeʼ the candle, in as much detail as possible, with your eyes closed.

Maria Duval confirms that this exercise will teach you to create thought-forms and to develop your ʻpsychic visionʼ.

If necessary, you can go through a preliminary stage before you do the exercise. This involves lighting a candle and focusing all your attention on it (at a distance of around 40 centimetres from your face), keeping your eyes open, without blinking. Try to memorise every last detail faithfully. Then close your eyes (before they start watering!): youʼll notice how the image of the candle remains fixed for a moment on the retina of your eye, before gradually dissolving. Before the image totally disappears, recreate the thought-form of that candle using a mental image… In other words, from that point onwards, focus your concentration on the internalized image of the candle within you and visualise it. Imagine a beautiful halo of golden light completely surrounding this candle. Hold this perception for as long as possible.

Persevere with your training: after several attempts, youʼll find youʼre able to hold clearer, more detailed images, for longer and longer periods.


Invigorate the Aura through Creative Visualisation

Through the power of Creative Visualisation, you can purify and invigorate your Aura. This technique to self improve your conscious mind is an excellent method for making colours act ʻinternallyʼ.

The visualisation process at the same time mobilizes the energy of the imagination and the energy of thought, channelling this energy to harmonise the etheric, astral and mental auras within the auric egg.

Visualisation - which concerns mental images in the form of thought – is an invisible, yet highly powerful source of energy. With it we can open a clean, clear connection between the self and the subconscious, in a universal language: the language of images.

Visualising draws on imagination and inventiveness. It is a happy combination of self=suggestion and image: it is seeing in thought, seeing with the eyes of the mind. You already have everything you need to practice visualisation within you. You need no external assistance, just a little time. Visualising involves allowing an internal image to rise up within you, using your mental energy.

This requires some active participation on your part…but it really is worth the effort! Remember that the chakras and subtle bodies react swiftly to the internal images and to the visualisation of the colours.

The exercises youʼll need to do are simple, effective and will allow you to benefit from the full strength of visualisation.

At the start of your apprenticeship, to encourage the infl ux of mental images, promote intuition and increase your capacity for concentration, do this short exercise as a sort of ʻwarm-upʼ: place the fi ngers of your right hand on the top of your head (crown chakra) and the fi ngers of your left hand in the middle of your forehead (3rd eye).

Keep your fingers in this position until you feel a ʻpulseʼ, a tingling or a warming feeling in these two points.


Being Psychic

Yes, I remember when I was much younger, being psychic was like those scenes from the Hollywood supernatural movies like Final Destination. That was cool, I thought. And its so great to have such supernatural and spiritual power on hand so that you can forewarn your family or friends of the imminent disasters that were about to occur.

So now that I have been seeking from Maria Duval about psychic, clairvoyance, intuition and spiritual growth, I can see how I can be confused by this question, what if I am also psychic?

It is certainly rather misunderstood from what we are fed via mainstream media channels like movies. But since then, I have seen that the Hollywood version of psychic is extreme. The truth is that we are all capable of being psychic, as what Maria tells me.

She told me that to become psychic just means that I shall try to use more of my intuitive sense rather than the five physical senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight that give information about the physical world.

However, most of the universe is made up of energy. Energy is invisible. Your intuitive senses allow you to sense invisible things.

Many ancient cultures believe that we have intuitive senses, just as we have physical senses, and that we should use both as appropriate so that life will be much protected from dangers.

Be Psychic.