Maria Duval's simple ways to avoid making assumptions

Now that we know about the negative effects of making assumptions, here are some ways to avoid making assumptions. They are straightforward:

1. Ask questions.
2. Make sure you communicate clearly.
3. Have the courage to ask questions, until everything is as clear as possible.
4. Do not think you know everything that is to be known about any situation.

Do not be shy as you always have a divine right to ask and most people are always happy to tell you. Similarly, everyone has a right to ask you questions and you have the option to answer them.


We assume that everyone sees the world as we see it

Psychic Maria Duval says, there is a lot of times when we assume that everyone sees the world as we see it, that others think as we think, that they feel things in the same way we do and judge the way we judge - that's the most significant assumptions people make.

This is why people worry about being themselves with other people. We think they will judge us, treat us badly and criticise us, as we do ourselves. And, even before someone can reject us, we reject ourselves; that's how human minds work.

Think about how we also make assumptions about ourselves, we leads to too much inner conflicts:"I think I can do such or such a thing". You assume it, and then you discover that it's not that case.

If this sort of things happens to you, take time to ask yourself the right questions and answer them: Perhaps you need to reflect on what it is you really want? If you do this you will avoid overestimating and underestimating your potential.


Ask the right questions

If somebody tells us something, we make assumptions about their motivations for doing so.

But if they do not say anything to us, we make another set of assumptions to satisfy our need to know and to replace actual communication.

Even when we hear something we do not understand, we make assumptions about what it meant, and then go on to convince ourselves that it is the truth.

Most of the time we make these assumptions very quickly and subconsciously because our agreements impel us to communicate in the following manner: According to one of them it is dangerous to ask questions, while another states that if others love us, they should know what it is that we want.

Dreams that are dissociated from reality

Human beings often get into the habit of dreaming in a way that is dissociated from reality as what Maria Duval had said previously.

Let me give you examples of this.

One day, you are walking down the street and on the opposite direction, there is an attractive stranger walking towards you. You smile at that stranger and that stranger also smiles at you. And you and the stranger walks across one and another to carry on with the respective journeys.

How many different assumptions and suppositions could be running through the minds of both of you?

1. The stranger is expecting you to start a conversation.
2. The stranger could be smiling at someone behind you.
3. The stranger could be liking you at first sight.
4. The stranger thinks your physical appearance is charming and wants to seduce you.
5. You think that the stranger likes you that why he/she smiles back at you.
6. You think that the stranger looks like an old lost friend of yours.
7. You think that the stranger looks friendly.

And so the assumptions in you and the stranger's minds are running like a short inner "film". You have constructed an imaginary relationship in your mind but this is only existing as your personal dream.


False beliefs creates an illusion

Continuing on Maria Duval's guidances on making assumptions and suppositions, she says speaking unkindly is the way the "dream of society" is communicated; exchanging emotional poison with each other. Since we are afraid to ask for explanations, we attribute intentions to others, making suppositions that we believe to be true, then we defend them, declaring the other person to be in the wrong.

It's better to ask questions then to make suppositions, because it is suppositions that programme us to suffer. False beliefs create an illusion in which the human mind bathes. This means we see and hear just what we want to see and hear. We don't see things as they really are.

We get into the habit of dreaming in a way that is disassociated from reality, literally dreaming things in our imagination and, when the truth emerges, we discover things are not as we thought they were.


On making assumptions

Psychic Maria Duval says that people like to make assumptions about everything. The problem though is, we then to believe those assumptions to be true.

So what is the real consequences if people believe those assumptions?

Maria Duval explains that when we make suppositions and assumptions about the intentions and reasoning of others, misinterpreting them, taking things personally, poisoning them emotionally with our words and end up creating a drama out of nothing. That's how problems are created, aren't they?

So the majority of the torments and difficulties you face in your life are rooted in unreasonable behaviour resulting from assumptions.


Maria Duval: live without fear

When someone says things which you think are hurting you deeply, and you feel life is so unfair to you. But actually, this is not the case. It is not what other people may say to you that is hurtful, it's your own inner wounds that react when touched by these words. You are hurting yourself, as what Maria Duval states.

It's not a case of not having faith in others, not believing people, but rather of being aware that others see the world through different eyes.

When you practise true words, you stop using the opinions of others as a pretext for getting annoyed, irritated and angry, for preening yourself, boasting or convincing yourself that "all is well".

If you love yourself, if you live without fear, these emotions will have no place in you. And if you don't feel any of these negative emotions like anxiety, anger, hatred, envy, sadness, shame etc, you will feel good and those around you will see you for who you really are and you will feel at peace and fulfilled in your life.