We always assume

Today I will go more into details about assumptions.

False or untrue beliefs will create illusions in which human minds thrive on. This means we see and hear just what we want to see or here. We do not see things they really are.

We tend to get into the habit of dreaming in a way that is disassociated from reality, literally dreaming things in our imagination and, when the truth emerges, we discover things are not as thought as they were.

We generally suppose that our partner or spouse knows what we want, and so we think there's no need to tell them. We think they will do what we want, because they know us well. If they do not, we will get hurt. You get what I mean?


People always think assumptions are true

People always make assumptions all along in their lives so do I. I always like to begin sentences like "I think..", "I suppose..", or "I assume..". These are forms of supposition which are alright but the problem is people tend to believe that they are true.

When people believe they are true, that is where problems will appear because our psychic minds may misinterpret them, taking things too personally, getting affected emotionally or misunderstood the meanings.

Hence it is right to say that most of the problems facing us in life are the results of intense supposition which goes on in our life. That is also why we need to clarify things we are facing before we assume. You don't want to suffer spiritually, do you?


Never take it personally

According to clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval, there is another principle that we need to follow in order to reborn yourself into a new person to form "personal contracts" to break out from the old fears that are filling in your subconscious mind.

Her psychic advice to people are "No matter what happens, do not ever take it personally or the situation is against you."

A person who speaks and acts in true words is able to resist the wrong materials that are emitting from all corners everywhere. He is able to know whether the criticism is right or wrong with a discerning mind. The psychic advice is that if the person takes it personally, no matter what is spoken can be sensitively interpreted as intrusive and that could result in the person reacting unfavourably. This is what Maria Duval suggests to be avoided at all costs.


Healing with words

We interact with people everyday in our works, plays and studies. Clairvoyant and psychic reader Maria Duval teaches some simple rules when you interact with others.

First rule is do not use the words on yourself like putting yourself down, self critical words, blaming of others when you yourself is strong.

The structure of your spoken words should be as simple as you can. Be concise and specific as possible. Avoid using words that you are half sure of. Use words and expressions that you know its meaning as unsure words can give you less clarity of your thoughts.

Lastly, learn to be like a gentleman and don't be judgmental as it is the worse form of emotion posion and the sheer amount of negative energy generated back to yourself. You are in fact "casting on a spell" on yourself. Don't be, let there be healing.


Words spoken to cause damage

We should not be using words to insult or harm any person as much as we can although sometimes in the fit of anger we may do so unintentionally. Maria Duval says this also include speaking words of hatred or jealousy in order to create chaos among people. I guess not many people can do that because we all are emotional and are swayed depending on the circumstances around us. I do encourage people to exercise restraint while facing adversities and make good use of your personal energy as it will bring on more truth and self-respect among us.

No mortal is a saint but bring chaos with your words in my opinion is just not the way of harmony and balance. There are people who thrive on such behaviour and you can find such people everywhere especially in a competitive place such as the working office. I advise people to avoid making untrue statements about others or trying to speak badly of others whenever you are communicating.

If you are always engaging in such act, please do some serious thinking about the occasions where you have used negative tones or words to talk about someone you know with the sole intention to bring forth the idea strongly to the third party.


Don't use words against yourself

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says there is an old French adage "turn your tongue seven times in the mouth before speaking" which describes in perfect sense what I'm trying to post here today. That essentially means do not use your own words against yourself.

Sometimes you may unknowingly use that on other people too. People whom we dislike and we always pre-classify them as some freaks even before we really know them better. Even thought u do not voice our your comment, this action has essentially set the process of you using words against yourself.

On the contrary, if you do not dislike that person, that feeling will result in your words being true and helping yourself. If you love others, others will love you too. Similarly if you cast a spell on others, you are also casting it on yourself.


Words that become part of you

While you grow up, you face all sorts of comments and opinions from others like parents, siblings, friends, teachers and mentors about you. You never even think about it much and accept that silently most of the time. Hence you believe about what are said about you and these go into your mind and become part of your nature or personality or the way you act as a person. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says this is all a part of the domestication of you.

For example, my mother used to say I'm like her for not being deft with numbers and I'd face a lot of problems doing my maths exams. These had been going on since I was five and even till now, sometimes I tell my friends I am not good at numbers. I believe this thinking has already been so ingrained that its nearly impossible to change that.

Which is also why I've been very careful with words especially when I have kids around as I wish these children to grow up with their own natural ability and potential and not some false beliefs burnt into their mind.