Breaking down old habits

I think there is a real need to understand how our brain is "linked" so as to much more manifest and attract the kind of life that we all yearn for. Maria Duval says our traditional mindset imparted to us from our guardians literally hapmer our ability to attract and manifest the gifts of the universe and this is a very sad thing because we are all supposed to be prosperous.

As scientists have verified, our complex brains are made up of neurons that connect with and wire to other neurons. This is how the brain activates its processes, along these neuron groups from one to the next. This is also how habits are developed.

Over time, the neuron groups begin to connect to one another in very specific patterns in order to make that thing that you are doing easier over time. As those neurons wire together, they begin to develop a long term relationship with one another. This relationship is what creates habits.

So if you are always thinking and feeling negative thoughts and feelings, you are actually rearranging neurons together in a long term relationship with one another that sustains that negative way of thinking and feeling. Same thing happens if you are a positive thinker.

Hence to change to a negative thinker to a positive one, you are essentially breaking down those old long term relationships that the neurons in your brain have with one another. This is where the true power, and problem comes in.

If you are unwilling or able to break addictions and habits, you will never develop the positive habits necessary to use the law of attraction effectively. So new habits develop patterns and relationships within the grouping of the neurons of your brain. This is where the real power comes in, because once you develop the habit, it is with you to stay until you practice new habits to replace them.

So monitor your current habits and patterns. Stay disciplined enough to change those habits into positive habits that will serve you and your goals, and before long, you will begin to unleash your full potential and manifest the life that you want to live, because you want to live it.


Thoughts and Realities

Maria Duval has taught me about thoughts and realities. Today, I would like to share with you this great writing about "thoughts" and "attraction", a very popular topic that applies in each person's life in self improvement studies and spiritual learning.

"Scientists have estimated that we have over 25,000 thoughts every day. The problem is that those 25,000 thoughts tend to be the exact same thoughts repeating themselves over and over again!

We develop patterns of behavior over time and our lives become very predictable. We sleep on the same side of the bed each night, we eat the same breakfast, brush our teeth in the same direction and have a shower washing the same body parts in the same order! We then drive to work on the same roads, talk to the same people and do the same work. We get home and watch the same television shows, have the same dinners and talk about the same topics.

We spend our entire working week counting down the days to the weekend. We then spend the weekend going out, drinking, socialising and complaining about how bad work is. Sunday night comes around quickly and we start getting depressed at the thought of going back to work again on Monday. This robot like routine repeats itself over and over again! Do you know that there are more heart attacks on a Monday morning at 9am than any other time in the week?

The sad fact is that 95% of people tend to bitch, whine and complain about their current situation without attempting to do anything to change it. They don’t realise that they are creating this miserable life by the way that they think!

So, to change our lives we must change our habits and to change our habits we must change our thoughts! New thoughts lead to new feelings which lead to new actions which lead to new results!

THINK about this. We must learn to monitor our thoughts if we want to change our lives. How much time do you spend focusing on what you don’t want in life instead of focusing on what you do want?

The key to success is to spend more time focusing on what we want in life. We need to stop complaining about our current circumstances and accept the fact that we have created everything through our thoughts. We must accept full responsibility for our current reality. If we play a victim we are powerless. If we accept the fact that we have created everything in our lives then we now become powerful. We now have the ability to change our lives. All it takes is a decision! To change our current situation we must change our thoughts and refocus our energy.

Are you feeling the pinch of the heavy financial burden?

If you are currently in debt and you keep getting bills in the mail then the first step is to stop complaining about the bills. Every time you complain about your level of debt you attract more debt into your life. This effect is compounded if you add extreme emotion to the situation. The frequency that you are emitting out to the universe is ‘Debt’! You need to start focusing on wealth and abundance if you want to get out of debt.

Over the next few days start to monitor your thoughts.

Take note of how many times you focus on what you don’t want. Use your emotions as a guide. If you are feeling negative emotions then you must be focusing on something that you do not want. If you are feeling positive emotions then keep focusing on that!"


Maria Duval's 6 Simple Ways to Stay Happy

I hope each and everyone of us can stay happy and positive in this new year. Yes, make it a resolution to let go your miseries you been holding on and welcome happiness to your life with open arms.

It is a fact that if you want something too badly, it is likely to evade you. And this is truer for happiness than anything else. The reason why happiness seems to evade the millions of people searching for it is because they are looking in the wrong place.

Most people look for happiness "outside" themselves and not "inside". Some feel that they would be happy if they could afford a house of their own. Others feel that they just have to own all the latest gizmos to finally find happiness.

Have you ever wondered how most infants are extremely happy almost all the time? Physical discomfort can make them cry for a while but such aspects are transient and last for only a few minutes. The reason why infants are almost always in a state of natural happiness is because they are in constant awe of nature and the world around them. Unfortunately, it is the society, parents, friends, teachers and relatives that influence them with regards to what happiness should mean.

It may be difficult to undo all the layers of perception that have formed on the mind over time. However, it is never too late to try and address the issue and train your mind to be happy. There are some tips that can help you in shedding your inhibitions and breaking away from the shackles of predefined definitions of happiness.

Here's Maria Duval's advices to stay happy in life:

Accept yourself – One of the key reasons why people are unhappy is that they do not really like or love themselves enough. It is essential that you accept yourself as what you are without any caveats and conditions to attain happiness. Don't get too critical about yourself – your looks, your brains, your capabilities or your financial condition. Just learn how to love yourself as you are. You will realize that once you are comfortable with what you are, others will accept you more willingly.

Happiness is a state of mind – It is important that you understand and appreciate that your happiness lies within. Consider this – no one can make you unhappy if you have decided for sure that you will be happy in every situation. If you have made up your mind to be happy, you can always seek out the positive aspects of a situation and remain happy. Life may throw challenges at you but solutions will come faster and to you if you face them with a smile on your face.

Prioritize your life – As we grow older, the demands that various people and circumstances they lay on us increase. It is important that you learn how to balance the various responsibilities that you may have. If any one of these tasks becomes paramount, you are likely to ignore the others. For example, if you get extremely preoccupied with your work, you family life are likely to miss you. On the other hand, if you are too consumed with your plans for your various hobbies, your job and family are likely to suffer. You may achieve momentary happiness but neither of these situations can result in happiness in the long run.

Take care of your health – an unhealthy body cannot be the home of a happy mind. It is important that you understand the strong link between physical health and mental happiness. If you are fit and healthy, you are likely to exude positive energy.

Stay in the company of happy people – Ensure that you seek out people who are happy and cheerful all the time. Being in the company of people who have a habit of cribbing and criticizing is likely to divert your mind towards negative thoughts. Avoid getting into the sulk mode by choosing the company of happy people.

Be grateful – Saying a small "thank you" for what you have can make a lot of difference. When you make it a habit to be grateful, you seek out the things that you do have. This helps you divert your mind from negative thoughts of what you do not have. This does not mean that you give up trying. On the other hand it encourages you to think of future goals and achievements in a positive manner.

Take time off to enjoy nature, life and the small things that we take for granted on a daily basis. A beautiful sunset can bring you joy, if only you would take a few minutes out of your daily schedule and look at it.