Maria Duval - Seal of Jupiter

This is the magic formation when the square has 16 boxes, each containing one of the numbers from 1 to 16 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the planet Jupiter. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines produces number 34, or reduced 7.

These 2 numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers (and they may be among them, moreoever)

Maria Duval - Seal of JupiterMaria Duval points out that this seal is particularly recommended to those born in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. She advises those who born in these 2 zodiac signs to carry a Seal of Jupiter as soon as possible.

For Seal of Jupiter to be able to exercise its powers properly, it should be associated with a pewter object, and stored in an orange-coloured surroundings (like wrapped in a piece of orange cloth for example).

The Seal of Jupiter is particularly appropriate to achieve serenity and faith as well as to promote the abundance of worldly goods and ideas. It is also said to be able to solve legal and hierarchical problems.

Maria Duval closes by saying it is highly suitable for those who are obese or having weight problems.