Maria Duval - Seal of Saturn

This is a 3x3 magic square which is the simplest. Maria Duval says it is symbolically linked to planet Saturn.

The total of each of its horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines produces number 15, or reduced, 6. These 2 numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Seal of SaturnMaria Duval explains that this seal of particularly recommended to those born in the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius. Maria advises those born in these 2 signs to seriously consider looking into the power of this seal.

For the Seal of Saturn to be able to exercise its powers, it should be associated with an object made of lead and stored in dark surroundings (eg, wrapped in dark shaded papers)

On the back of this seal, the ancients used to draw an old man busy working the land. Gradually that figure was replaced by one or several signs symbolically attached to the planet Saturn. From this, it must be deduced this seal is specially suitable when it comes to obtaining benefits of a professional nature.

It is also inclined to have a beneficial effect on relations with the elderly. Maria Duval says it can also help to solve problems relating to inheritance. When it comes to health problems, you should now that it can relieve arthritic or rheumatic pains.