Maria Duval - letting go

Maria Duval states that one of the keys to having happiness and prosperity is a concept that can be summarised in just two words - letting go.

What does it mean exactly?

According to Maria Duval, 'letting go' means abandoning everything that persistently involves us in unsuccessful relationships and events, or, detaching ourselves from the painful thoughts and feelings which flood our minds with false and tiresome anxieties.

Well, it is commonly known that people tend to cling consciously or subconsciously to harmful circumstances and attitudes: the need to please, anger, vain desires, bad habits, negative judgments of other people, just to name a few. If you think you are not able to let go of these tough habits, it just means that you still have not learned how to let go.


Maria Duval - the effects of wrong judgment

A prejudice is a judgment made in advance, a ready-made and unjustified opinion about a particular person. It is like a sentence passed in the absence of evidence and which is harmful to others because it perpetuates unpleasant rumours. It could be said that for certain people embittered by life, prejudices provide an ideal opportunity for releasing their negativity into lives of other people.

If there is one situation in their lives that people find difficult to accept, it's when they are required to recognise their own shortcomings. For reasons of vanity, some people prefer to blame others by clinging to their prejudices, rather than assuming responsibility for their own mistakes.

Steadfast in the belief that theirs is the 'right opinion', some people do not realise that these false concepts not only harm others but also themselves!! Yes, the fact of unthinkingly adopting and perpetuating prejudices also brings problems into the lives of those who hold them.


Maria Duval - emotions influence your life

Your health, happiness and prosperity depend to a large extent on your control over your emotions. To enjoy life, it is important to have a healthy and constructive state of mind, but it is even more important to generate positive emotions, since they are the real fuels to lead a successful life.

Medical researches done over the years have come to a common conclusion that most illnesses are caused by negative and badly-controlled thoughts and emotions. It is agreeable that 80% of illnesses have a psychosomatic origin, meaning originate from the mind.

These illnesses are caused by negative thoughts. If you continually think about illness or harbour negative thoughts like anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, greed, regret, disappoint or revenge, your body will translate these thoughts into a physical form. Isn't this horrible when you consider this?

On the other hand, positive thoughts can bring you a great deal of fulfilment and that's how Maria Duval can help you to work on that.


How thoughts influence your life

All of us have experienced failure in certain stages of our life, be it during school days, working days or in relationships. If you say you don't have failure, that's a lie I think.

According to Maria Duval, there are three main causes of failure in life:

1. Incorrect thoughts,
2. Harmful emotions, and,
3. Erroneous judgement.

Let me write something about incorrect thoughts:

Thoughts are like the honey sensors in the bees. Bees will relentlessly home in on the nectars of the flowers when it senses there is honey in it. Thoughts are the same too. Thoughts look for targets to aim for.

Many sages understand the meaning of it and have written lines to tell the common people about it, for example,

"People become what they believe themselves to be."

"Success is above all a question of correct mental orientation."

Each thought is like a command in the form of a psychic vibration. The life span of thought, and the effects it has on your life, depends on the energy released at the moment it was emitted just like an intense emotional state emits very powerful thoughts

Psychic Maria Duval fully understands and she has the ability to help you change your thought patterns so that you may achieve success, happiness and abundance. I will write about the other two causes of failure soon.


Maria Duval - more about prayers

From the previous post......

Gradually, you will form a number of good habits that no longer require any effort at all.

Maria Duval says, as a result of the continual practice, you will be kinder to other people, you will get less tired, you will be more productive. In other words, your mental well-being, your health and your career will all benefit from the favourable effects of this step-by-step positive evolution.

You will acquire a calm and patient temperament, created consciously to begin with and them displayed automatically after a while. This is the way to mend your faults, and to acquire the good habits and the qualities you would love to have.


Maria Duval - about prayers

Continuing from the previous post about prayers from Maria Duval....

Then you make a conscious decision that you need to gain more control over some of your emotions. Just choose one emotion to begin with, let's say impatience for example. You decided you need to curb your impatience. When all day long, you are looking forward to the time when you can relax, do this patiently. As soon as the slightest thing happens to make your patience wear thin, say to yourself:

"I will remain patient and I will take advantage to observe the pattern of my impatience in detail, to help me to detach myself from it."

By the time evening comes, you will realise that instead of showing your impatience ten times during the day, you have only shown it three or four times.

With your conscious mind in charge in this way, you will gradually manage to check and master each of your emotions.

And you will finally reach the point where you are no longer impatient at all. After a few months' training, you will be calm, as subconsciously, you will have acquired the habit of being calm.

Once you have gotten a grip on this first emotion, you can teach yourself another new habit, like getting up early in the morning and so on...


Maria Duval - more about prayers

I shall continue on Maria Duval's views about prayers.

Maria says that as you concentrate regularly on a prayer, which reflects your thoughts and sincerely expresses your desires, you are creating a healthy habit which has an effect on your subconscious and therefore your destiny.

You also need to train your subconscious by constantly using auto-suggestions.

What does this mean?

In order to succeed, you need to be in good health, have good intentions, develop a strong will, train yourself to be disciplined, orderly and methodical. You may also like to improve your temperament.

Thus Maria Duval suggests, you need to implement a programme and stick to it faithfully. Example, you may like to decide to get into the habit of rising early in the morning or doing some physical exercise. Or you might train yourself to think positively, to concentrate, to pray, to consume less substance that are damaging to your health, like nicotine and alcohol. So basically, to behave in all circumstances like someone who is positive, disciplined and in control of themselves.