Think positively like a magnet

Maria Duval says, if you think optimistically: "I'm going to have enough money to buy a new car or live in a house of my dreams", the energy given off by your conscious thoughts will actually create the right environment for the realisation of your wish.

And like a magnet, you will attract the people, the circumstances and the opportunities that will allow you to make your wishes come true in the real world.

In other words, thanks for your thoughts and your words, you will gradually accumulate the ability to create the reality you want and become the designer of your own destiny.

Free your mind from harmful thoughts

Psychic Maria Duval advises that to improve oneself, there is a pressing need to get used to think in terms of ease, wealth and plenty. Most importantly do not discount yourself and do not say: "I don't deserve it... I don't have the right... It's good for other people but not for me... Money is a bad thing", etc.

Free your mind of these harmful thoughts which can only lead to failure and problems.

Mental attitude is important because it has a considerable impact on your lifestyle. When you say, for exmaple, "I'll never have enough money to do this or that..", your subconscious brain records your thought, which strengthens your belief in your ability to attract wealth.


Our Creative Thoughts

Like words, our human thoughts are creative source of energy, and both words and thoughts are linked. Thoughts are impulses of cosmic energy that have the power to manifest themselves in the material Universe, for good and for bad as psychic Maria Duval points out.

Even though our thoughts are invisible, it does not matter if the thoughts are kept in your head or being expressed in words because in both ways, they do have an impact in the physical world.

All our life experiences, lived through joy and pain, success and failure, wealth and poverty, all these events seem to have happened to us, but in truth, on a very basic level, there are things that we have caused to happen.

Psychic Maria Duval states clearly that our thoughts are like a "seed" that will grow, from being a plant, to a grown tree and will bear fruits which may be sweet or bitter depending on the type of "seed" being planted in your mind. Negative thought will bear bitter fruits while positive thought will bear sweet fruits.


Maria Duval: Open yourself up to Wealth

By opening your heart and your mind to wealth, you will construct from inside out a feeling of wealth that no one will be able to take away from you, advises psychic Maria Duval.

Tell yourself that achieving financial success is bring able to look in the mirror at any time and see a person of value. Never forget that life has shone its divine light on each and every human being.

Maria Duval adds that you can and should reconnect with this amazing heritage of unlimited creativity that exists within you and transform this inner spiritual wealth into external material benefits.

You are here on Earth to lead a full and gratifying existence. True wealth is achieved by a change in mindset that we all need and that we can all achieve without any particular effort, so that our desires can be fulfilled.

Wealth forms part of the "personal dream" that you should express.


We need to love Money

The title may state the obvious but how many of us are rejecting money and wealth subconsciously?

Psychic Maria Duval says, if you do not love money, it will evade you. Please do not ever make this mistake again if you wish to receive the abundance from the Universe. If you do that, it will be like rejecting a love relationship and complain that you are lonely. You should not push away the thing that you want or the person you love, or they will never come to you.

So regarding money are a harmful thing or having a wrong mindset about it will make you feel distanced from it. There's nothing wrong wanting to be rich and living in luxury. The only grave advice Maria Duval likes to give you is making money at the expense of other people.

So love money without any misguided sense of shame and it will love you back. Never criticise money, its power and nature. Money itself is not dirty but rather the perverse spirits that come out of it, which is a very different matter.


You create a better life spiritually when you are doing your best

By doing your best, the habits of misusing your words, taking everything that happens to you personally and making assumptions will weaken, occuring less and less often, and finally disappearing, as what psychic Maria Duval teaches.

You must understand that you do not need to judge or punish yourself or feel guilty. Just follow the laws of the universe as explained throughout and just do your best!

If you are doing your best in everything you do, you will feel good even if you are still making some assumptions, even if you sometimes still react to things personally, even if your word is not always true.

It is only through practice that you will master it. Everything you have learned is through repetition. You only learn to write, to speak your language because you exerted yourself. So the most important thing is not to become discouraged, but rather put Maria Duval's instructions into practice and that will make the difference in your life.


Detach yourself from the past

In order to make your personal dream come true, you need to detach yourself from the past: Abandon your belief system and the negative agreements, and live in the present moment. If you live in the past, you won't appreciate what is happening in the present because you will be thinking that the present is something it is not.

Maria Duval says you do not have any time to waste with regrets about this thing or that person because you are alive. Living in the past is being just half alive and leads to self-pity, suffering and tears.

You were born with the right to achieve happiness, love and wealth, and the right to share these good things. Do not hold back the life that is expressed in you, because if it is divine gift. Honour who you are and let each of your thoughts, your emotions and feelings become a ritual of love.