Keep Up Your Concentration

When you have identified and fixed on your objectives, divide them into short term, long term or even mid term. To convert your objectives into projects you will have planned a certain number of stages. You can picture the whole of your dream, clarified by your objectives and given shape by your projects.

Now you need to focus on your immediate objective. Do not allow your mind to wander on to the next few steps until you have achieved your initial aim.

The important ting is not to devote more time to a task, but to focus all your attention on the activity in questions

It's much more efficient to work with time than against it. For example, by putting in the most effort at the time of the day when you feel most alert. For people, this most efficient time varies, some in the morning while some in the afternoon or evening.

Maria Duval: How to Practise Feeling and Sensing

Relax closing your eyes, and breath deeply.
Breath slowly...Naturally...
Gradual relax...
Allow each muscle to slacken...

Remember something nice that happened to you recently, in the last few days. At this time you experience pleasurable physical feelings. This may be something delicious you have eaten. If so, think of the wonderful smell of this dish. Think what these smells evoked in you, even before you tasted the dish.

Next think of all the nice flavours that you tasted in your mouth when you ate this dish. Usually, if your evocation is sufficiently accurate, your mouth will water. This is the proof of the power of your evocations.

Now evoke another experience: A leisurely bath you have taken suddenly. You started by running the water in the bath. You added luxurious bath oil, a product that softened the water. Think about what went through your mind as you slipped gently into the tub, the gentle warmth of the water and the feeling of the bath oil on the skin.

Think about the feeling of laziness that came over you. Think about the feeling of deep relaxation and well-being that filled you. Try to spend several minutes reliving this experience.

Now evoke another experience of your choice, the most important thing being able to recall every single detail and feeling, as if you were back there.

You will see that visualising and feeling with emotion is much easier than you thought. It's a simple but vital part of each ritual.

This is one of the principle keys to success. It is this reality of your wish, your desire that will be transported to the Universe through the different vibrations used over the course of these power magic rituals.


Control your Emotions will lead you to progress

The emotions control the development and progress if the individual. However, like thoughts, the emotions must be channelled with circumspection, wisdom and intelligence, as what psychic Maria Duval teaches.

People who lack determination are usually ineffectual. They are always changing their mind and have no sense of initiative. Why? Very simply because they allow themselves ti be dominated and manipulated by their emotions.

Conversely people who control their emotions have a strong character and clear, intelligent ideas. They are dynamic and successful in everything they undertake. And this is exactly what you can become if you are prepared to place your trust in psychic Maria Duval.

You and Maria will work together, so that you will learn how to channel this emotional energy in an entirely constructive direction. This may require certain efforts in the beginning but Maria Duval assures you will taste the fruits of your own success.


Psychic Maria Duval: Spiritual body, Origin of all

Psychic and clairvoyant Maria Duval says, the spiritual body is the origin of all the other bodies. It is the substance of your being. It is what brings you nearer to the divine kingdom, in human form.

Your spiritual body is the body of light of the Buddhists or the body of glory of Christians. It is what remains of your lost divinity.

In a world where material is getting more and more high up in the priority of human objectives, the spiritual body is stifled and losses itself in the maze of modern life. Pushed by stress, the spiritual body withdraws into the physical body, from which it either detaches itself on earth on death, or separates itself to be reincarnated and take up a new body.

The spiritual body is the seat of the spirit, says psychic Maria Duval. It is the main body that we call God. In fact, the casual body is the principle behind all things in our life: without it we could not live. Then different layers are superimpose onto it: the psychological and physical layers. The word (the thought of God) having taken a body (taken form) through the intermediary of the physical body has given birth to other bodies.

Offer excellent product or service instead of just going for profits

Maria Duval would like to draw your attention to another prominent point that the success of your efforts to gain money and material prosperity will depend very much on on motive which incites you to make the effort in question.

This motive sometimes makes all the difference. They key to financial success is that you should be motivated by a desire to offer an excellent product or service rather than a thirst for profits or gains.

Have you noticed that people who really love their job and their work receive salary rises and promotions more often than those employees whose main aim in life is to obtain precisely those rises and promotions?

Jesus Christ, one of the great Initiates of all time, told us:

"Love thy neighbour as thyself."

Maria Duval says she understands some people may exclaim you will never get rich that way.

Many people confess to Maria that they cherish no ambition in life. They lack some kind of spiritual connection. Maria Duval simply suggests to these people that they start to search for their aim in life by learning as much as possible, by undergoing as many experiences as possible and above all by sharing as many assets as possible with other people.

This is called charity, sharing. Without charity or sharing, you will never have a million in your bank. Those who are successful and rich have one thing in common, they have a sense of service and what they do will result in the karmic returns of many folds in later part of their life. Anyone who complies by this law, will reap benefits in some stage of their life while those who abuse their powers to gain wealth will also experience karmic results, but in opposite way of course.


Negative Thoughts can bring misfortunes

There is a great spiritual law that says like energies attract each other. In other words, the negative thoughts will attract more negative events into a negative person's life. Worse, these negativities pose ask "spiritual blocks" to obstruct positive events from entering and benefiting you.

So you may ask where do the negative influence actually come from in the first place?

Well, the answer to that is, they are caused by the accumulation of harmful forces engendered by their own past negative thoughts.

Of course, Maria Duval does know that very well that, deep down, you are not one of these negative people who create their own misfortunes. In that case, you will say why are you telling me so much about them? Because Maria Duval knows from experience that it is very important for the new life full of happiness that we are beginning to construct for you. Without knowing it, you too have been innocent victim of a certain aspect of this negativity as from your childhood, you have been adversely affected by many negative remarks from your friends, family, and teachers. When you have realised this fact, there is no need to blame them for they themselves are the victims of the circumstances.


Choices in Life

Everything that happens in the universe has a reason and cause for that. For life, it is the same. Things happen for a reason. All you need to do is to look around you to see that at all times the Law of Cause and Effect is manifesting everywhere.

For example, you let go of an object and that object falls. The object does not fall for no reason because obviously you have let it go. Such example is the clear and simple law of cause and effect in motion.

Obviously, we are all free to nourish either negative or positive thoughts. The mental energy is required is the same. On the contrary, the consequences of personal choice are very different. You either obstruct or favour it.

Everyone has to make certain choices everyday in their life. Choices are something we have to choose in order to travel further in life. Often, we are faced with decisions to accept or refuse, to act or not to act, to speak up or remain silent, to spend or to save on certain items. In the process of making decisions, we may come across "blocks" which may hinder our smooth passage and make us doubtful of your own feelings before or after making the decisions. We worry that we will miss it if we don't decide a Yes or No, and we may regret after we say "Yes" to a certain decision.

As Maria Duval has explained, Maria's gifts as a medium, psychic and clairvoyant have enabled her to identify a "block" originating in an unfavourable astral influence which is having an impact on your life. Maria Duval has means to neutralise thise harmful influence in your life through her magic medium powers.