Maria Duval - Achieving concentration

The second point to note for achieving good concentration is Place.

Maria Duval says, the ideal thing would be to have a room specially reserved for these activities. If you haven't got one, use a corner of your bedroom, preferably positioning yourself so that you are facing a blank wall or a bare surface so that your eyes won't be drawn towards a mass of objects. At night time you can make do with a dimmer light like the flame of a candle.

Concentrating outdoors, for example, under the shelter of a tree, against the backdrop of a garden, a lake or a mountain - can give good results too, as long as you aren't bothered by the wind, insects or etc.

However for a beginner you can't beat the peaceful and neutral surroundings of a room at room, where you feel perfectly at ease.


Achieving good level of concentration

We shall continue from yesterday's post about concentration by Maria Duval.

Once you have started the practice, for a while, you will then condition yourself, but in the positive sense of the word, and you will look forward with pleasure, if not impatience, to the same time each day when you will be alone with yourself. You will be giving yourself a treat: some space and time that will be all yours for recharging your batteries.

You can regard this routine as a discipline if you want to, but one which nevertheless offers the pleasure of perpetual discovery.

It's a matter of getting into a habit, just like a musician doing piano practice every morning, or a gardener watering his vegetable patch, pr perhaps someone brushing their teeth after every meal.

Once this habit has become ingrained through practise, it will get easier and easier for you to concentrate at will.

The energy you need to concentrate will come to you automatically and concentrating will be just as natural and spontaneous a thing as a flower exhaling its perfume.

Tomorrow I will post about the next factor taught by Maria Duval for achieving good concentration.


How to achieve a good level of concentration

Maria Duval states that the first important thing to note in order to achieve good concentration is your most precious asset - Time.

You need to train yourself regularly and step by step so that you can learn to use your mind, your psychic power, like a tool that is wholly reliable and permanently available.

Any time is favourable, as long as you sure that you are not going to be disturbed for a quarter of an hour, half an hour, an hour, by any noise, visitors, telephone calls and so on.

Choose a time when you feel really fresh and alert to work on your concentration. This might be in the morning, the afternoon, the evening or the night, depending on your temperament. Once you have chosen your time, stick to it. At least for a while: a few weeks if you are a beginner.

To be continued....


Maria Duval - subconscious thoughts

Subconscious thoughts are dangerous. There is nothing to stop them from manifesting themselves in the material world and producing their impact. Many criminal acts in the world are the manifestations of the dangerous subconscious thoughts that have been indoctrinated by teachings or emotional instability.

Everything that is hidden will one day be revealed, the things you fear attract, as do the things you deny, because you already carry them inside you through your fears.

Your emotions are powerful magnets that attract their like. Hate attracts hate and love attracts love. That is why Maria Duval proposes to people to conquer the vicious cycle of negative influences, briefly, people ought to pay attention to their thoughts, words, actions, habits and characters and they result in the destiny of your life.


Thoughts are actions

We are influence greatly by the type of people we mix up. Our value and thought are immensely related to the way our parents brought us up and with the friends we have in our life. If our circle of influence is more negative, your outlook in life will be towards the negative spectrum and conversely positive if you are mixing with positive people. Life will be happier if you are with positive people.

Maria Duval regards thoughts as actions even though they are just in your mind. However, these thoughts will change to actions some day and the results will be your fruits of your thoughts. It is therefore very important to have positive and constructive thoughts.


Maria Duval - the secrets of health and longevity

Maria Duval says that in this world where everything is in a constant state of flux, nothing is permanent. Through a fear of losing or not having, man creates a multitude of problems and symptoms that gradually poison life.

Through his fears, man constantly projects himself into the past and the future and forgets to live, since life can only be lived in the present.

Maria Duval writes that if you are absorbed by the thoughts of the past, you will repeat your past and you will never be open to change and a new life. If you do nothing but think of your future, you will not be capable of feeling your needs, to see what is good for you.

To live happily and in good health, you must live in the present. When you thoughts of the past come back to you, don't worry about them, allow them to pass, allow them to dissolve of their own accord without you doing anything. Do this with all your thoughts.

Don't worry about your future. Find your way, what you were made of, the thing that is right for you and follow your course, day after day, taking pleasure in everything do you. By doing this, you will be vital and happy to be alive.