Our Dreams

Everyone dreams. Dreams are our mental illusions from the deepest subconsciousness and they are our windows to our mysterious mind. Dreams are more than strange images that come when we sleep but they are often accurate in reflecting what we are actually thinking and manifesting at the time. Dreams can often mean some meanings to our feelings, thoughts, behaviours, motives and values.

Dreams are a part of our heritage, the way our souls have spoken to us from the beginning of time. Dreams are stating the present condition (psychological, physical and metaphysical) of the dreamer, at the time of a particular dream.

Dreams are a multidimensional expression for integrating thoughts, feelings, memories, and images into patterns and sequences that help the consciousness to accept and understand them in relation to the various aspects of the whole consciousness.


Luck depends on your own Attitude and Deeds

Maria Duval noticed that when some people compare what they are getting out of life with the more favourable results obtained by other people, they come to the conclusion that they never have any luck in life. And it's true that this impression can be depressing, if the person in question starts to think that some people are blessed by fate and owe their success to some kind of mysterious influence which they themselves don't have.

But in fact, everyone has some luck in certain areas and none in other. The old proverb which says "lucky at cards, unlucky in love" us a true reflection of what actually happens in life.

What we call "pure luck" always results from having the correct, appropriate attitude in life (in your thoughts and deeds). It's a kind of "reward" for being in accord, in phase, in harmony with universal cosmic energy. In the occult and esoteric world, this is called "karmic recompense".


Objectives in Life

Many people dream of having a wonderful life, and this dream is often full of concrete details. However, they never move on to the net step which is to determine their objectives. There is one reason in particular for this: there have no real intention of converting their dream into a reality.

Having an aim, objective is a great spur in life. It's what gives life meaning and makes it sacred. If we have no aim, we toil away at our job without ever building a career. If we have no objective, the weekends become meaningless too, just like a break from the working days.

It's up to you to formulate your objective. You have to be capable of expressing it in a very simple terms. For example, :"My aim is to own my own home where I can live happily with those I love", or, "I want to enrich my mind by travelling around the world and discovering all kinds of people and cultures, or, "my aim is to bring happiness to all those I meet, to care for them and to promote more peace around."

Remember that an objective is not a caprice, but a sincere, lasting worthwhile dream taken on to the next step once you are ready to think in terms of details, facts, figures, places and etc. You must never lose the will to actually achieve the objective you have set of yourself.


About Prayers

There is a wonderful way to pardon yourself, to free yourself from the guilt which impedes the Principle of Life and Universal Energy - and this is prayer.

You see your thoughts are prayers.

Praying is thinking in accordance with the universal laws and principles, with eternal truth, just like an engineer thinks and works on the basis of established mathematical principles, or a chemist work on the basis of the laws governing chemical reactions.

Pardon is the magic result of prayer.

In essence, prayer is the act of thinking constructively and positively, in a spontaneous impulses which comes from the heart.

It doesn't matter what religious faith you belong to. The cosmic energy of the universe has no favourites, and suspends its laws for no one,


English Translation of Maria Duval's Swiss Interview

Yes, and do 3 suisses, la redoute or other mail order sale companies come under attack for mass advertising ? No, no one criticizes them. We have a company that is well-versed in astrology and, like other companies, we use resources to publicise that fact.

Q : The problem is that you give hope to thousands and thousands of people, who might perhaps be disappointed.

-Maria Duval : And is it a bad thing to give hope ? Let me ask you a question. In our society today, where there much unhappiness, desperation, family breakdowns, a lack of friends, there’s not even a family doctor any more, nor even a priest, do you think it’s bad to help people by giving them hope?

- Using commercial methods that are at least questionable, Maria Duval offers her clients a reading of their birth chart accompanied by their lucky numbers, all for 79 francs. She also sells stones with powers for achieving success in life. She does not herself deal directly with all the requests that arrive at her office in Lausanne.

-How do you expect me to be aware of all the problems and respond to them. This is the computer age, we manage this business in a very modern manner.

Q: In what way are these letters personalised ?

-Maria Duval : From the moment when your name, surname and date of birth are known, things will never be the same for you as they are for your neighbour, who may have the same date of birth as you, but who has a different name to you. We base ourselves on numerology, so perhaps there may be many people who are Virgos with a Capricorn ascendant, but there will be far fewer who have the same name as you.

- I am also a medium and I use dowsing to find missing people.

Maria Duval: You have the Power to Pardon yourself

The state of past guilt affecting your present life is, fortunately, not irreversible because you have the power to pardon yourself.

Yes, you have the power to pardon all your errors, faults and deficiencies, in your past and present life, by deciding to change your ideas and keep them changed.

As soon as you start to think constructively, harmoniously, peacefully and lovingly, in accordance with eternal and immutable cosmic laws, your subconscious will respond immediately to your constructive thoughts and mental images; the balance will be restored, the past will be forgotten.

In the universal mind there is neither time nor space; from the moment you decide to change your life by filling your subconscious with stimulating thoughts and images, universal cosmic energy cleanses your subconscious and you are free.


Maria Duval: Guilt from the past hinders your Progress

Maria Duval says in her experience which goes back a long way, she has discovered that the reason why so many people don't make any progress us because they feel guilty about events and experiences in their past life. This feeling of guilt freezes and dams the stream of universal cosmic energy, in their search for happiness.

The result is that they are robbed of their vitality, their enthusiasm, and the ability to spread their wings. Maria has also discovered that those who have decided to pardon themselves, and others, really flourish, and lead what you could call an "enchanted" life. All their sincere aspirations are realised in harmony with divine order and time.

So Maria Duval says self condemnation brings failure and impoverishment, whereas self-pardon beings joy, happiness, prosperity and a successful life.

This lack of self confidence (which may result from failures due to bad luck, fragile health, subconscious phobias arising from traumatic experiences in childhood etc) prevents universal energy from flowing into you free, and eventually generates negative feelings like fear, insecurity and guilt.