There is Power in Humour

Humor is excellent medicine when properly applied. It will possibly allow you to enhance your self-esteem by giving you the boldness of understanding easy methods to be funny. Social acceptance will probably be assured if you are the kind that is aware of tips on how to make interesting comments and the way to tell jokes that will make your viewers giggle with pleasure.

Humour will at all times help you crack the silence when nobody is aware of what to say in a communal gathering. It will be a tool that provides you with the power to always dominate your audience. You will be admired and at all times wanted in all groups. As a result, you may simply make many acquaintances.

Maria Duval believes that cracking jokes is superiorly optimistic in energy and spiritedness. There is nothing better than wanting to enhance your spiritual self-esteem by way of your daily positive affirmations.


Finally, she is released.

This is just a very short post about a great woman who has been fighting for freedom.

I am really very pleased and happy when I heard of the news from Myanmar (or Burma) regarding the news of the release from their pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

As for the reasons for the release, political ones or not, I guess most people don't really care as it is a wonderful moment for those that support human rights and democracy. Yes, she is a Nobel Prize Winner, a freedom fighter and shiny example of will and determination.

Sincerely wishing Suu Kyi and her country well and prosperous in future years.