Merry Christmas!

Time flies and in a flash, we find ourselves now in the penultimate week of 2010. What you done and achieved in this year? Have you met the goals you have set yourself at the start of the year? I hope you have and are now looking to the new year with great anticipation.

Merry ChristmasPersonally, I set myself a goal to start learning a new Asian language, and in the end, I chose Japanese because I have already been fascinated by the country ever since I went there about 5 years ago for a corporate trip. Finally I took the plunge and enrolled myself in an elementary Japanese course in a language school in the town area. I also downloaded a language application to my Android phone and right now, I am proud to say I am able to converse and read some passable Japanese.

Okay, last but not least, I will all of you a Merry Christmas and a very great New Year in 2011.

Be happy and cheers!


Maria Duval - Receive the Wealth and Riches of the Universe in Joy

To start with, you need to exploit the creative power of your thoughts and your imagination.

Firstly, remind yourself that your ‘mental attitude’ is important since to a significant cant extent it determines the conditions of your life. It is with your thoughts that you will gradually create the life you dream of and truly become the master of your own destiny.

When for example you say to yourself: I’ll never have enough money to do this or that, your subconscious mind will record your thought and this will reinforce your belief in your inability to attract wealth.

If, on the contrary, you think optimistically: I am going to have enough money to buy a new car or afford the house of my dreams, the energy given off by your conscious thoughts will create an environment favorable to the realisation of your wish. The universal cosmic energy will then respond to your needs.

Like a magnet, you will attract the right people and the right circumstances for it to become a reality in the material world. This positive thinking can be applied successfully to all spheres of life: love, money, health, luck, work, etc.

Then, using the repetition of positive affirmations, you are going to generate energy that is incredibly positive and will immediately start to ‘work for you’.

On a practical level, what you have to do is repeat affirmations that articulate constructive ideas and are basically ‘charged’ with positive energy. This repetition has the effect of ‘materialising’ the invisible universal energy in a tangible form, which is why these affirmations really become creative affirmations.

What do you need to do? All you need to do is repeat these creative affirmations on a daily basis, as often as possible, out loud or in your head. Be very mindful of their meaning: speak them with all your heart, your determination, your emotion, your attention and your awareness. At the same time, imagine, visualise that the desired outcome is already in the process of manifesting itself in your life. You can do this at any time of the day: in the morning when you wake up, while you’re going about your business, in the shower, while travelling, in the evening before you go to sleep, etc.

Lastly, Maria Duval recommends me to start of with the following affirmation: I (first name), open myself up to the wealth and riches of the Universe and I receive them in joy.

Wish you lucky :)


Maria Duval - Cultivation Of Your Mind For Wealth And Prosperity

According to Maria Duval, assets such as physical beauty, luck and even the use of magic can of course favor the arrival of fortune. But you can be sure that without the right frame of mind, without the appropriate attitude – that some call the "millionaire mentality" – it’s almost not possible to draw in money into your life.

So the first stage on your path to prosperity, wealth and material comfort concerns your state of mind, as you cultivate and develop your attitude towards money.

Properly channeled and in harmony with the creative laws of the Universe, the power of your thoughts really can "trigger" success, giving you access to everything you want out of life.

You will no doubt already have noticed how positive, determined people are always the ones that achieve the most brilliant success. One thing they have in common is strength of character, engendered and maintained by the formidable power of their mind, which they have learned to maximise.

What others can do, you can do too.

Whatever your personal circumstances, your life is no more and no less than the fruits of your ‘thought-seeds’, planted in the garden of your past. Everyone who has ever become rich has done so because they firmly believed in the constructive powers of their positive thought.

It is this principle that contains the first of the great positive thoughts for attracting and keeping money, success and prosperity.

So start seeing money for what it really is: life energy, a symbol of change representing freedom from need, prosperity, comfort and beauty. As soon as you are no longer harbouring false ideas about money (money is neither dirty nor bad, nor dangerous in itself; although spiritually maladjusted human beings are a danger to themselves), it will be easy to develop positive and constructive thoughts that have the power to attract money.

Be sure of one thing: you were born to succeed, to triumph over adversity, to develop all the divine talents and resources that lie dormant deep within you. And know that you can find a simple solution to all your money problems, by starting to apply, from now onwards, the rules for wealth.


The Discourse of Poverty and Wealth

Most common folks live within their framework of their own discourse on money.

Our discourse is all our thoughts, words and actions with regard to money, the value we give to it, what it represents in our eyes. So, if your thoughts and beliefs about money are focused on negative emotions, then money will tend to escape you, perhaps even abandon you entirely.

For example, if your discourse is centered around a disdain for money (like, money is dirty/evil… money can’t make you any happier, money makes the world evil etc), the denial of your own self worth (I don’t have luck/fate in this life to live in prosperity, I’ll never be rich), the fear of not having enough money (I’ll go without this or that so I don’t go over my budget), or jealousy towards friends who have more money than you (luck is for other people, but not for me), etc.

Maria Duval tells me that if any or more of the above describe myself, then I am living in a world where money, wealth and prosperity clearly have no place in my life.

Your internal discourse and your discourse with others (those thoughts that capture your attention) have a substantial influence on the material reality of the life you lead!

The discourse of poverty uses the following type of terms: never enough, empty, fear, distrust, envy, greed, hoarding, competition, judgment, comparison, external displays of wealth, effort, survival, poverty, etc. With this type of discourse, you pass judgment, compare, criticize, label winners and losers, focusing on dissatisfaction. You accept that money defines you, rather than identifying yourself with money in a less superficial way and expressing your qualities through money.

The discourse of material wealth, for its part, uses terms such as the following: gratitude, contentment, love, confidence, respect, faith, commitment, acceptances, sharing, internal wealth, etc. This discourse acknowledges money for what it is, appreciates its value and envisages ways of using it to good end. You focus on the potential for improving life quality and the spirit of initiative; your money is marked by your energy and positive mindset.


Psychic Readings - Recognizing Genuine Psychic Insights

One of the most popular ways of getting your future occasions learned is through psychic readings. The downside is that there are quite a lot of false psychics who will just take your cash and probably not provide any accurate insights.

On the contrary, receiving a psychic reading from a real psychic like Maria Duval can give you true insights that can assist you with any aspect of your life; it can really be a life altering experience. Now, allow us to talk about how are you going to determine a real psychic and a fake psychic.

Firstly, a authentic psychic will be able to tell you things concerning yourself and your life that there's definitely no way an individual could know unless they have been very near you. Issues like, where you lived as a toddler, where your loved ones is from, what number of youngsters you might have, etc.

Psychic's positively have the power; to let you "really feel" that they're real. You'll swiftly know when you have got found a psychic you can trust. In case you are not comfortable with a selected psychic, or they fail to swiftly persuade you that they're for actual, then continuing with them turns into only a waste of time.

Psychics have a present that permits them to determine the accurate meaning of previous events and to vision future events. When you obtain a psychic reading, their insight is introduced directly to you on a private level.

Through a great psychic, you pick up helpful info in regards to the way of your life with the intention to better decide in the future, or provide perception concerning future life events and guidance concerning tips on how to deal with these occasions when they occur. A psychic may even assist you to understand the meaning or purpose of previous occasions in your life.

Lastly, follow your instincts. Psychics are really amazing human beings, and because of their particular skills you need to feel comfortable with them straight away. If you don't, then the person you're talking to might be not likely a psychic.


There is Power in Humour

Humor is excellent medicine when properly applied. It will possibly allow you to enhance your self-esteem by giving you the boldness of understanding easy methods to be funny. Social acceptance will probably be assured if you are the kind that is aware of tips on how to make interesting comments and the way to tell jokes that will make your viewers giggle with pleasure.

Humour will at all times help you crack the silence when nobody is aware of what to say in a communal gathering. It will be a tool that provides you with the power to always dominate your audience. You will be admired and at all times wanted in all groups. As a result, you may simply make many acquaintances.

Maria Duval believes that cracking jokes is superiorly optimistic in energy and spiritedness. There is nothing better than wanting to enhance your spiritual self-esteem by way of your daily positive affirmations.


Finally, she is released.

This is just a very short post about a great woman who has been fighting for freedom.

I am really very pleased and happy when I heard of the news from Myanmar (or Burma) regarding the news of the release from their pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

As for the reasons for the release, political ones or not, I guess most people don't really care as it is a wonderful moment for those that support human rights and democracy. Yes, she is a Nobel Prize Winner, a freedom fighter and shiny example of will and determination.

Sincerely wishing Suu Kyi and her country well and prosperous in future years.


Maria Duval - Money Affirmations And Staying Positive

Money affirmations are a wonderful approach to maintain your thoughts in a positive mindset and not worry about whereabouts the money is coming from. Maria Duval's been asked a lot regarding the way to write these affirmations, particularly to incorporate money coming in and on a seamless basis. A number of friends appear to get worried on the wording and suppose that if it is not "exactly" right that it won't work.

Let Maria be right here to tell you it's not the "exact" phrasing that's going to being within the money for you. It is the vitality and meaning behind the assertion and how you perceive this that is going to attract this in for you.

Right, Maria Duval has found a great money affirmation that she's applied personally with wonderful achievement. Now once more it is a money affirmation, not a goal or an achievement statement for manifestation purposes. There's a difference in these, but for those of you searching for a good money affirmation, this is among the greatest.

"I am so happy and thankful now that money approaches to me in growing quantities by multiple sources on a continual degree."

This affirmation contains all the most vital points to an affirmation for wealth. It consists of your emotions of being comfortable and thankful, that money is impending to you, that it's increasing, it comes from multiple sources so you are not limited to only one source of earning, and last that it comes continuously!

Affirmations are to be repeated a number of times a day to keep you targeted on the positive, and to draw into your life the issues that you want to draw into your life. When working with your money affirmation bear in mind to think of positive states of mind that deal with your finances. Do not consider your debt or payments which can be due or even how you will make the money for them. Money will come, but you need to stay centered and positive.

I feel the largest piece of advice I learn from Maria is that when it comes to money affirmation, apart from being focused and optimistic, is to be persistent. For those who lack patience to be persistent than you're solely going to get frustrated and overwhelmed with money problems clouding your conscious mind. Have faith that what should happen should happen, and in the best time, will happen.


Maria Duval - Think in terms of Prosperity and Riches

Maria Duval again reiterates to me to get into the habit of thinking in terms of material wealth, prosperity and riches. At every moment of your life, apply this golden rule.

Most people operate on the principle of "not enough". Whether it is true or not, this concept of "not enough" comes up automatically, before anyone can think of questioning or analyzing it.

And this, from the moment we awake till the time we go to sleep: I haven’t had enough sleep… I don’t have enough time … I don’t have enough influence… I’m not slim enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough, not educated enough, etc. – and of course: I don’t have enough money.

This "not enough" shouldn’t be allowed to become a sort of default definition that defines the way you see things, whether it concerns the amount of your bank balance, the people you love or your personal value… Believe me, thinking in terms of "not enough" is at the root of all failure!

In other words, for money to fl ow into your life, you need to develop a state of mind called wealth consciousness. Or, if you prefer, convince your mind that money will run freely and forever in your life, and that there will always be a divine surplus (the Abundance Principle). For example, if war were to break out tomorrow, you would continue to attract wealth, in whatever form the new currency took.

In truth, wealth is the product of a mind that expects to see the benefits of Providence run freely forever.


There is an Inner Psychic Self in everyone of us - find it!

We're all born with the ability for psychic perception. For most folks, these psychic skills will almost definitely stay dormant throughout our lives. There are, in fact, many individuals who arrive into this world intrinsically aware of their very own internal telepathic nous. Psychics that have such psychic skills usually depict this marvel as experiences that began in childhood.

For the rest of us, discovering the psychic inside us may be a burgeoning path. Although all of us have the capacity for psychic intuition, it takes plenty of time of observation and patience to learn how to access psychic intuition on a daily foundation. The extra that you commit your self to exploring and discovering your personal psychic self, the more you'll be able to be taught to trust your personal psychic intuition. In time, your instinct will assist guide you in your path. Facing your problems and hurdles will not be a frightening progression. You'll intuitively know the right way to deal with life on life's terms.

The first and most essential component to discovering your psychic self is learning tips on how to sit in silence. It looks simple enough, however you may be surprised to discover how troublesome it actually is. Probably the most tough facet is learning the way to settle down the psyche. The mind is of course active. Taking time to learn how to quietness it can be a lifetime procedure.

The rationale why quietness is so crucial for psychic development is because of the truth that psychic instinct typically comes from the deep or unconscious components of the psyche. Once you take time to gradual your thinking processes and permit the deeper parts of the thoughts or soul to express ourselves without binding, you can begin to know the life pressure of your individual psychic intuition and psychic self.

The best instrument for quieting the mind is meditation. Meditation is an exercise that shows you how to be present and receptive. It is a instrument that helps you grow to be extra attentive to your body and breathing. It allows you to free the thoughts, and depending on the kind of mediation you are drawn to, it may additionally educate you easy methods to concentrate. There are countless textbooks and web sites devoted to meditation ways. Finding the fitting meditation observe is a private alternative and crucial thing to remember is to discover a apply that works particularly for you.

From Maria Duval.


Moving Ahead With Courage and Perseverance

Somehow, even though life seems constant here, we ought to learn to expect some surprises, life doesn't always turn out the way we envision it. Many times we think our life will be like our parents and grandparents. Good Luck on that one, we all live in a different time and era and have different life journey's than they could have ever imagined.

On this aspect, that does not mean we have to lead a life without planning and goals. If there is no plan when you are young, you will become even more directionless as you age.

There are really lots of pit holes through the life journey, you need to be brave. If you are not brave enough, you could be led off the road with heavy bleeding, but if you keep moving on, new unexpected positive surprised will act as a "speed pass" that bring you to the next junction fast. Sometimes, we may even think too much and as a result, the opportunities are lost. As doe

When your life changes direction, there is a reason for it, even though the changes could be cruel and unforgiving, but it will be essential as part of your life learning experience. Go for it bravely and if need be, swerve to avoid the hurdles with a fast reactive movement, and in the end, you will gain some useful experience that will be good use to you in the future.

The most difficult part is to walk your path one step at a time, it seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. For this, Maria Duval says don't be distracted, do focus intently on your selected path, and do not get distracted and be strayed away before reaching your destined land, . Also, maintain your heads up and be prepared to allow God to determine your ultimate success. Believe in yourself and begin the journey, it will be incredible, magnificent,and when the path leads to a gate, the grass will be greener, far beyond your wildest dreams.

Lastly, if you lack the conviction to move on, you can create spiritual affirmations to reaffirm your own faith and ability to move on.


Money Is The Material Realization Of Spiritual Force

There is something very fundamental about prosperity, wealth and abundance. Maria Duval said she was taught by great spiritual masters who told her that money is the material realization of a spiritual force.

What does this mean? First of, it refers to the fact that when you have the correct state of mentality, you 'emit' special vibrations that pull in money. This is also to say that only right correct veil of mind can churn up the kind of energy that attracts prosperity in your direction. Hence it is important to read into the significance of the channeling of cosmic current that happens right before the manifestation of the wealth. Hence, to become truly wealthy or leading a simple contented life, there is a need to assimilate this fundamentally spiritual truth as a basic notion in your life.

Now, what really consist of the correct "state of mind" and how can it be further sharpened?

Do you have your personal set of belief about money?

If you bear some negative thoughts about money, then that will be one of the worse spiritual mistakes you can make in life. Money is simply energy; it is neither good nor bad. It is the person who is handling the money that is making it bad. Whether we like it or not, money is part of our life and we cannot survive solely on love!

In closing, Maria Duval wants us to remember one thing: In a life, it is important to think we deserve even though we don't always get what we think we deserve! Wealth is not a question of birth, of where you live, of what you do, of the colour of your eyes or your skin or even of the number of diplomas you have on the wall, even less so the money behind you.

But, in any case, you have none. What is it then? Above all, it is a way of thinking through spiritual affirmations.

If you do not change your thoughts about money, you will never have enough. Contrary to what you may have been told, poverty is not a virtue. If you really want to become rich, you will. But, to do it, you must think like a rich person, act like one, feel like one. Don’t be a slave to money, but instead think of it as your servant.


Maria Duval - Attracting Money in Life

Wealth is a state in which we have something in abundance. The word 'abundance' is commonly used in reference to money but it can also be used for other equally important things – for example: love, free time, health, etc. These are other 'forms' of wealth (moral, emotional, intellectual) without which financial affluence would be just a cold and empty state governed solely by greed and the desire to possess more and more money.

Each of us possesses qualities, skills, gifts and talents with the potential to generate real financial prosperity – these are commonly called inner riches. Most people are unaware of the immense unexploited potential that lies dormant within them, which can actually be used to generate external wealth.

This inner wealth consists in the talents given to us by the Creator to allow us to achieve our destiny. It is also our hopes and dreams, the passions that drive us and give us the energy we need to pursue our goals and make our dreams a reality. If we are to exploit this individual potential there is one, essential rule that we must obey: we must have the appropriate “inner attitude” to money or, in other words, we must see money as something positive, as a useful tool for allowing us to satisfy our needs, to transform our dreams into reality.


Maria Duval - Put All Your Problems in Perspective

Maria Duval tells me that if you are having problems balancing your budget or if you are short of financial resources, above all don’t despair! Put your problems in perspective. Tell yourself that a “failure” is never definitive, it’s only a temporary setback and not a defeat, a short detour not an impasse.

Regard it as a short-term thing. Learn the obvious lessons from your difficulties and then use them as “fertiliser” to help you to cultivate success. Farmers use compost made from rotting plants, leaf mould, etc., to boost their harvest.

In just the same way, your failures, difficulties, problems, obstacles, can help to enrich the earth of your mind in which you are planting the seeds of success.

Some people maintain that you should avoid problems and failures at all costs. But if you think about it this is non-productive because the only way to avoid making a mistake is to do nothing. Any “failure” contains in it the beginnings of success and achievement. Our failures are merely adjustments in the creative process, which bring us ever closer to our aims.

In reality, there’s no such thing as failure. What we call failure is simply a mechanism through which we learn to do things correctly. To convert your financial (or other) worries into fertiliser, you must first learn from your mistakes and then banish them from your mind. Just regard your failures and disappointments as signposts that will set you back on the right track, that of positive and constructive thinking.

The adversity, which everyone meets in their existence, poses only one danger: that of associating failure with yourself instead of circumstances. Modern psychologists all agree that failures, big or small, mean nothing in themselves.

In conclusion, Maria Duval states that the harvest ravaged by frost or storms does not reflect on the merit of the farmer; neither does it mean that the earth will never be fruitful again!


Maria Duval - Impact of Amethyst on the Body

Endowed with great curative powers, the amethyst is particularly useful for pain relief. Placed over the troubled area, it gently dissipates the pain. During the process, it releases the blocked energy, making it ideal for headaches and migraines, particularly ones caused by tension or stress.

It harmonizes the different energies of the Chakras and the endocrine (hormone) and immune systems. It is a calming, soothing stone that is excellent for purifying the Aura. By fine-tuning the endocrine and metabolic systems, it governs hormone production. Itʼs particularly indicated for calming the hot flushes brought on by excess oestrogen in menopausal women.Maria Duval - AmethystAn amethyst placed over a bruise or wound will rapidly reduce swelling. It calms inflammations and burns, soothes skin infections and can also reduce problems in the lungs and the respiratory system (bronchitis). Thanks to its ability to promote ʻgoodʼ intestinal fl ora and eliminate parasites, it is beneficial for the digestive system, particularly favouring the re-absorption of water.

The amethyst has long been known for its ability to conquer dependencies of all types, so itʼs very useful for treating addictions that have a harmful impact on the body (alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.).


Maria Duval - Recharging Your Weak Chakra

If your material situation is affected by money problems,caused your career, home, budget, children, etc.… (salary too low, badly paid job, a promotion or pay rise that never seems to happen, rent too high, poor money management, expenses higher than income, hefty loans, expensive educational fees, etc.), the colour bright red is very likely to be missing or diminished in your aura. Use a sample of this colour, placing your hand on the root chakra.

If you canʼt understand why luck consistently evades you, if you always get the feeling youʼre the victim of unfortunate circumstances, that you never seem able to seize lucky opportunities, etc. (no luck on the lottery, youʼre always ʻjustʼ missing one lucky number, juicy business deals pass by right under your nose, a moment too late and youʼre relegated to second place, you choose the duff option among many other good ones, too much gossiping undermines your interests, etc., itʼs more the colour turquoise blue that youʼre lacking, and your hand should be placed on the throat chakra.

If youʼre battling against problems in your love life, if your partner does not respond to your advances, if you want to meet the person whoʼs right for you, if youʼre lacking affection, a victim of solitude or of your own shyness, if you donʼt know how to behave with members of the opposite sex, if the atmosphere at home is getting you down, etc., itʼs probably that the colour green is lacking intensity and brilliance in your aura. You should use an emerald green sample while placing your right hand on your chest.

... And so on, depending on the colour that needs recharging to rebalance your aura.


Maria Duval - Crown Chakra

Located at the top of your head, this chakra is associated with the colour violet, and represents our awareness of the divine part existing within each of us, our own ʻtruthʼ.

It corresponds to the belief system, the perception of spirituality, to wisdom (knowledge of the Universe), to the spiritual path and pure and magical intuition. Beyond space and time, this is what links us to the Holy Spirit.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You have trouble ʻinternalisingʼ and balancing your inner life and external life.

You have a structured or dogmatic belief system (you need to believe blindly rather than experimenting to find what best suits you).

You feel separated from the Creator Universe, you have the idea that your life is pointless, you experience a confusing emptiness.

You have a tendency to think that spirituality is boring, or even useless.


Maria Duval - Brow Chakra

Located just above the nose, between the eyebrows, this chakra is associated with the colour indigo. The third eye is the seat of all the processes involved in gaining awareness. It has the potential to create new situations, new realities in the physical and material world, as well as ʻdissolvingʼ former realities that have become obsolete.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You lack judgement, seeming unable to make the right choices.

Your inability to use your intuition makes you vulnerable to delusion.

When your perception of life is negative, you are incapable of ʻvisualisingʼ
circumstances or drawing on your creative imagination.

You arenʼt aware of your own resources or true character.

You are ʻfull of yourselfʼ, using solely your intellect and reason. You are unable to see the bigger picture.


Maria Duval - Throat Chakra

Located at the level of the throat, below the Adamʼs apple, this chakra is associated with the colour turquoise blue and facilitates awareness of mental and intellectual processes, distinct from emotional feelings. This means that our thoughts are not dominated by the feelings or physical sensations that prevent us from achieving objective knowledge. Thanks to this chakra, we can capture creative inspiration through the higher mind that drives us.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You have communication problems or difficulty expressing yourself clearly (fear of talking about your ideas, feelings, profound beliefs, showing weakness or strength…).

Guilt, excess of rationalism or untimely gossiping, preventing you from being seen for who you are.

You do not express your individuality enough, you donʼt feel like the ʻcreatorʼ of your own life, you donʼt hold the reins of your destiny. Youʼre afraid of change.

You compete with bad luck or you fail to spot the lucky opportunities it conceals (money, in particular, will be in short supply: you are not aware of your personal worth, which can be ʻconvertedʼ into money).


Maria Duval - Living Spiritually On A Higher Level

We are essentially unhappy because we confuse the totality and the part. When we don't see a scenario in its whole, we simply embrace self-destructive propensity.

Take example, take that irritating sinking feel; when, after getting angry, we discover, all too late, that things weren't quite as bad as imagined and it was we who misjudged or misunderstood a particular person or situation. Once we see the situation as a whole, we can assume we were incorrect to be angry, upset, anxious or afraid.

How often have we jumped to conclusion without thinking and then remorsed over our actions after what have happened, when we fully understood the circumstance? So it is crucial to fully dicipher the matter in question. Believe Maria Duval, there is an answer for everything. Nothing that occurs to you, and nothing that you cause to occur, is inexplainable.

Allow light to shot through you rather than worry. It's your decision. Isn't it extraordinary to realise you can always choose what is advantageous for you? All you need to realise that nothing can be modified until you understand that your bad luck is not dependent on events, but creates them.

We tend to think that events which are either favored or inauspicious, good or bad occur. In other words, our feelings reflect what happens from one moment to the next. That is why, at this level, when we are unhappy, our first reflex is to want to change the circumstances we believe to be responsible for our sorrowfulness. We believe that modifying the context in which we are suffering will put an end to that suffering.

This has never been and never will be the case, since it is not the event that makes us unhappy, it is our reaction to the event. What is more, you can free yourself from this unsufferable task, this incredible self-punishment which consists of believing that you are responsible for the destiny of the entire universe.

Lastly, Maria Duval reiterates that the only universe for which you are responsible is your personal inner universe which is the universe of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. Your spiritual development depends on your ability to vision succintly inside this universe. And it is this brand new vision that carries the key to your security. It is the foundation of your future successes since when you are aware of the potholes, your travel through life will be easy and cheerful.


How Psychics Can Contribute To Humanity.

If you think of it in a particular way, psychics could play vital role in transforming humanness to grow their complete potential and quality of life they are destined to. It is impossible to enjoy the works of the psychics if you don't communicate to him or her. Clients have to talk to the psychic for many unresolved issues in their lives. There are several existing problems which one needs to overcome and which will make him talk to psychic regarding it. As the days arrive and appear, so do human problems continue to multiply. The problems may have something to do with spiritual need, it may have to do with psychic need, it may be problems that concern love or even luck, successfulness, and innumerable other needs, for one to have solutions to these problems there is the need for the client to speak to the psychic.

In speaking to the psychic like Maria Duval, you have to cater the basic information that will guide the reader to command your route very well. You will speak to the psychic about the basic necessities she needs to know about you to establish the psychic link with your deeper self. When speaking to the psychic you have to be conservative about the type of info you divulge to him or her. A good psychic does not need to know all the information about you before he conducts psychic councils. A good psychic could tell you about the hidden past or your most shared secret once he has the basic knowledge about the client. Through such revelation you will be able to know how accurate and authentic the psychic service is. The secret of deciding you have a good psychic is by not telling all about your life; he needs only the basic information to tell you about yourself. A psychic who would require you to tell all about yourself is not a good psychic reader but one of those who engage in trial and error services. Such readers only rely on intuition not on pragmatic readings that will lead to a practical outcome. The client therefore does not need to speak to psychic all about he or she but only prelim information that will enable the psychic to establish a link.

The basic method adopted in speaking to a psychic is using the great opportunity offered by the Internet. The Internet offers the quickest means of getting across to the psychic. Through the Internet people from other countries and from different background can actually speak to psychics. Speaking to the psychic through the Internet occurs mostly by email messages, by chat and by sms messages. Apart from the Internet the phone psychic services offer a very good opportunity of speaking to the psychic. Through the telephone call one can speak to a psychic at that material point in time. The age long method of visiting the mediums and psychics in their abodes remains a choice of getting in touch with the psychic. For those who have the time they can have one on one and face to face interaction with the psychic in his office and place of residency.

Through the chance presented by the online and phone services the cost of a client having the choice to speak to psychics is much decreased. Some readers do even offer free services. Psychic readings have been presented to the front step of many people. The perennial obstacles of distance and even cost are no longer the issue in the present day. Anyone who sincerely hopes to can actually speak to psychic and have his or her life problem advised.


Do You Know Why We Must Have a Positive Attitude For Abundance and Prosperity?

In the last few months, I heed spiritual guidance from Maria Duval about having a positive outlook towards the awareness of wealthiness. Yes, I am not a affluent individual, but that lack of it does not forbid me from doing my best to think and act like a wealthy one, all within own means of course.
Maria Duval - Prosperity Coins
One good example is that now I pay my credit card bills as fast as I can, usually within three days of receiving them. Yes, it feels wonderful to do that I can assure you. You feel like you have more dominance of your financial ability rather than trying to hold it for as long as you can until the repayment period is nearly due. This way, you know how much you have in your wallet for the remainder~rest} of the month and you know you are safe with the remaining.

It is also beneficial to yourself if you buy something delightful for you to wear periodically. This is distinctly a signal to yourself that you are feeling "rich". Of course always get something within your means. By doing so, you are telling the Cosmos that here is a soul that is ready to receive even more riches from the Providence. Remember, if you spend money and still feeling reluctant, it tells the Providence that you have a block to this cosmic abundance. What you need to do now is to relax, visualise and confirm yourself positively.

It is said that the significance of this is that your individual energetic field will be purified; the flow of vitality can pass around freely between you and the cells of your body, between you and others, between you and other forms of energy, such as money.

Once the money that you have wished for comes in, you must understand that in order for money to continue to flow towards you, you also have to spend it and hoarding the money is a no-no. Yes, it is right to save a part of it, and this is extremely encouraged, but, remember that the riches of the Divine should always remain in movement. You will only have the power to have your wishes fulfilled if you respect this Universal law.

You are a channel for the flow of this wealth and if you are able to profit from it on an in progress basis, that channel must not be blocked. Spiritual expert Maria Duval also say that money really comes from a spiritual energy which is condensed into matter. Money is like blood; if it does not circulate continually, it will clot. So you must redistribute a part of what comes to you, unconditionally.

When you donate, a vacuum is created that itself attracts more money back than you have given. When you share, donate to charity or come to the aid of others, your kind deeds will come back to you in many folds.


Maria Duval - Heart Chakra

Maria Duval explains that Heart Chakra is located at the centre of the chest. This chakra is associated with the colour emerald green. It represents unconditional love and provides access to the soul.

It is through this chakra that we perceive the beauty of nature, the harmony of music, the arts, etc. It is here that sensitive images, words and impressions are transformed into feelings.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:
Maria   Duval - Heart Chakra
You have problems in the area of your feelings and emotions and your relationships.

You are too dependent on the love and affection of others, or you are incapable of receiving the love of others, or you feel you donʼt need the love of others.

You feel embarrassed by anything to do with tenderness or gentleness.

You often repress your feelings, you lack compassion.

You are closed to your intuition.

When conflict arises, you fail to stay calm and keep your distance, intellectually or emotionally.

Thanks Maria Duval for this explanation.


Maria Duval on Solar Plexus Chakra

Located three finger-widths above the belly button, this Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the colour yellow-gold. This is the seat of the personality, the chakra of self-image.

This energetic centre ʻdrivesʼ, for the greater part, our social relationships, our likes and our dislikes.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You have a poor self-image or you hide behind a mask.

You are easily angered.

You have a need to dominate or exercise power over others (or otherwise to be totally submissive).

You donʼt believe what your brain tells you to be true.

In your daily life, you never manage to reconcile the perpetual conflict between your own desires and inevitable social limitations.

You develop an intense need for activity, to cover up for a feeling of inadequacy. In the absence of inner peace, you find it difficult to relax.


The Mystic Powers of the Moon

Yes, it's true that lunar energy represents a source of fantastic powers! Irregardless of that we think or experience , the Moon exerts substantial pullover our environment, over ourselves and over the major events in our lives.

Indeed, whoever we are, it is nearly improbable to dissociate the Moon from our everyday lives. Certain categories of professions (psychic, like Maria Duval, clairvoyant, historian, farmer, physician, writer, painter, astrologer, etc) really place much high emphasis to it than the ordinary run of human beings.

But which of us can claim never to have tried to penetrate the secrets and mysteries of the Moon, even if only superficially? Since time immemorial, human beings have attempted to grasp and use the energy of the Moon.

Why is that so ? Because it is obvious that the Moon has a substantial pull over our behaviour more than other planets. It guides our actions, has an impact on our likes, our intuitions, our feelings, and because of this perceptibly affects the development of our lives. For example, it has been recorded that traffic accident rate is higher historically during the full Moon period.

There are different examples pointing out that influence objectively: women's menstrual cycles, the high birth rate when the Moon is complete , the growth of plants and plantatation , the movement of the tides, variations in weather and many others .

However, it goes on. Modern science is telling us new effects of lunar cycle on all living things on Earth every day.

Again, few examples are, why do certain tribes in Madagascar make mothers who are ready to give birth shield themselves fro the new Moon by hiding away at the back of the their homes? Why is it that the blue butterflies of Latin America are the dullest brown, and only due to the minuscule scales covering their wings which acts as a prism do they reflect the blue radiation emitted by the Moon? Why do Australian koalas eat almost twice as many eucalyptus leaves immediately after the full Moon? And why has it been discovered that lunar attraction causes bamboos in Southeast Asia to grow 50 centimetres taller a day?

Indeed we could extend this list of "whys" indefinitely. Lunar energy is really a mystic force ever since the past till now. It is a source of energy psychics and spiritualists wants to tap on as it is such a force that can help them in their rites. So never just appreciate the beauty of the full Moon again but understand its awesome influence it has on us.


Sacral Chakra

Maria Duval says that located three finger-widths below the belly button, this chakra is associated with the colour orange, and the world of emotions and feelings (it governs relationships with the opposite sex).

It control the principle of ʻgivingʼ and ʻreceivingʼ, on a physical level: digestion and metabolism, on the emotional level: giving of yourself and accepting from others, on the mental level: the assimilation and sharing of knowledge.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You are not sufficiently ʻawakeʼ in your daily life (lack of interest, volatility of temperament, emotional lethargy, mood swings).

You are overly possessive about those around you.

You are easily influence by the opinion of others.

You bury your emotions. Sensuality and the idea of ʻletting goʼ, of ʻtrusting lifeʼ fill you with fear.

You distrust innovation in all its forms.


Root Chakra

Maria Duval talks about root chakra and its base colour.

Located at the level of the perineum (between the anus and the genitals), this chakra is associated with the colour bright red and the capacity to control the purely material aspects of daily life.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

Your physical and mental stamina is low.

You suffer from feelings of insecurity and lack of self-confi dence (life seems a heavy burden rather than a joy).

You tend to ignore the needs of your body (diet, health, rest).

You donʼt fully express your sexuality.

You live within a material structure that is not in keeping with your personality (work, home).

You have money problems and difficulties setting up and completing projects.

You donʼt pay attention to the needs of others.


Maria Duval - Rainbow Meditation

This is a very complete visualisation session from Maria Duval that can profoundly purify, invigorates and ʻrechargesʼ your Aura with the colours it is lacking. First follow steps 1 to 3 of ʻThe Tree of Fruits of Lightʼ.

– Once you are receptive, calm and relaxed, visualise the colours of a rainbow, starting with the colour red. Imagine a little red glimmer that grows and grows, to finally burst into a ball of sparkling light. Then say to yourself: “Through the colour red, I am charging every cell with energy and vigour. I am well-anchored in my life, which I organise with imagination and love”. Imagine yourself bathed in a beautiful red light then internalise it with the help of a deep intake of breath.

This development will take a minute or two, at the most, but time is not the important thing, itʼs the image that counts; the longer you manage to hold the image, the stronger the impact of your visualisation and the more effective the exercise. Do this willingly and without forcing things, as if it were a ʻgameʼ. It is in fact a game with the primordial forces of the cosmos, with the laws of Attraction.

– Then allow a ball of orange light to appear on your mental screen, saying to yourself, in your head: “Through the colour orange, I am mastering my emotions and guiding my desires. By being in harmony with my environment I have new potential for change every day”. Imagine yourself bathed in a sparkling orange light, then ʻabsorbʼ it by breathing in.

– Then allow a ball of golden-yellow light appear on your mental screen, while saying to yourself, in your head: “Through the colour yellow, I am becoming aware of my thoughts and turning them in the right direction. I express my ideas fully and I show good judgement”. Imagine yourself bathed in a brilliant yellow light, then internalise it with an intake of breath.

– Do the same with the colour green, saying to yourself: “Through the colour green, peace fills every cell in my body and radiates outwards to those around me. I am finding the source of Love within me and am aware that I am the creator of my life”. Imagine yourself bathing in a splendid emerald green light, then breath in to internalise it into your being.

– Visualise a ball of sparkling turquoise light on the inner screen of your third eye (brow chakra) while saying to yourself, in your mind: “Thanks to the colour turquoise, I feel filled with love and radiate that love around me constantly. My words are pure, I am open to others, I express myself clearly and directly”. Imagine yourself in a crystalline blue sea, then breathe in this inspiring light, to incorporate it deep within you.

– On your mental screen, visualise a ball of shimmering, indigo light, while saying to yourself, in your head: “The colour indigo gives me an intense desire to know myself, to commune with my inner being”. Imagine yourself bathed in a beautiful indigo light, then as you breathe in, assimilate this revitalising light.

– Allow a magnificent ball of luminous violet light appear on your mental screen while saying to yourself: “The colour violet gives me access to all the treasures of my inner being and allows me to express my intuitive, inspired and creative potential”. Now feel the magic of this violet light envelope you. Then imagine yourself breathing it in through the root chakra, located at the base of your spine, and breathing it out through the crown chakra. See this breath be transformed into pure, crystalline water,and visualise a flower on this water, with ever more numerous petals that slowly take on the colours of the rainbow. Place yourself in the middle of this flower.

– These iridescent colours you are bathing in, from head to toe, now fade into a beautiful white light, pure and invigorating energy. Feel how all the layers of your bodies are revitalised by this restorative energy that unites all the colours. Feel how the aura around you is ʻpurifiedʼ and is now more luminous and recharged in vital energy of a supreme quality. Enjoy this moment to the full.

– Thank the creator universe for this holy ʻBath of Youthʼ and Maria Duval.


Maria Duval - The ʻTree of the Fruits of Lightʼ

Another technique to hone your creative visualisation from Maria Duval.

1. Find a quiet, well-ventilated place where you wonʼt be disturbed, with suitable lighting that is not too bright. You might want to burn some incense or light a candle. Slip into some loose clothing, ideally in natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool). Settle yourself down comfortably, back nice and straight, legs and arms uncrossed (this promotes energetic circulation). Use a visual aid (card or material) to help you identify more clearly with the colour youʼre going to be working with – in this case, lemon yellow.

2. Close your eyes and start to relax, to release your tension… free yourself of all cares, all stress. To do this, use your conscious breathing. As you breathe in, slowly and deeply, you are accessing the subtler energies contained in the air… then hold your breath as this air invigorates and purifies all the cells in your body. Now, as you breathe out, expel all your tension onto the purifying flame of the candle… all your fears, your anxieties and all the negativity that is holding you back.

Maria Duval - Peaceful Shore3. Now visualise-imagine a sphere of white light above your head… see it enter you through the crown of your head, purify you and re-energise your whole body… it illuminates your face, then the nape of your neck, your back, your chest, purifying every one of your organs, relaxing your arms, descending down to your legs, then back up your spine, instantly eliminating all tension. Continue breathing slowly and deeply… allow this light-energy to regenerate, harmonize, purify and illuminate your aura. You are now in a receptive state.

4. Visualise the colour lemon-yellow… like a bright ray, the colour lemon penetrates you.. you are sitting down, at the foot of a tree with fruits of light, a lemon tree. You lift your head… its fruits shine above you among the leaves… a cool, aromatic breeze caresses you in the light… the air around the lemons is luminous. Let this lemon colour enter you through the pores of your skin and lift you up, purify you… the energy of the lemon colour runs through you like a breath of freshness… everywhere it passes, it fills you, spilling out from your body into your aura. Your aura fills with joy, with cheer and with light.

5. Take some time to assimilate this light properly… the lemon colour gives you mastery over your self, making you more communicative, inspired and optimistic and promotes the expansion of your consciousness… you have absorbed all the virtues and powers associated with this colour. Then thank the Inner Source that has given you this experience. When you are ready, gradually regain awareness of your body, open your eyes… you feel full of energy, purified and in harmony with life.

Contine to feel blessed :)


The Candle Exercise

Psychic Maria Duval says that the candle exercise is excellent for achieving the level of concentration conducive to good visualisation. Settle yourself down comfortably and steady your breathing so it is calm and relaxed. Close your eyes and, behind the ʻscreenʼ of your closed eyelids, at a point located between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of your nose (third eye), visualise a candle, with strength and determination.

Create a mental image of a candle, first the base in white or Maria Duval - The Candle Exercisecoloured wax, the wick, then the blue, gas-like flame and finally the yellow-orange flame, which flickers gently, as if in a light breeze. Keep the image of the object firmly in your mind, without losing your concentration…donʼt allow other thoughts to invade your mind… Once you can manage to maintain a clear image for several minutes, without losing yourself in parasitic thoughts that dissolve the image, you can consider the exercise complete. You have to be able to ʻseeʼ the candle, in as much detail as possible, with your eyes closed.

Maria Duval confirms that this exercise will teach you to create thought-forms and to develop your ʻpsychic visionʼ.

If necessary, you can go through a preliminary stage before you do the exercise. This involves lighting a candle and focusing all your attention on it (at a distance of around 40 centimetres from your face), keeping your eyes open, without blinking. Try to memorise every last detail faithfully. Then close your eyes (before they start watering!): youʼll notice how the image of the candle remains fixed for a moment on the retina of your eye, before gradually dissolving. Before the image totally disappears, recreate the thought-form of that candle using a mental image… In other words, from that point onwards, focus your concentration on the internalized image of the candle within you and visualise it. Imagine a beautiful halo of golden light completely surrounding this candle. Hold this perception for as long as possible.

Persevere with your training: after several attempts, youʼll find youʼre able to hold clearer, more detailed images, for longer and longer periods.


Invigorate the Aura through Creative Visualisation

Through the power of Creative Visualisation, you can purify and invigorate your Aura. This technique to self improve your conscious mind is an excellent method for making colours act ʻinternallyʼ.

The visualisation process at the same time mobilizes the energy of the imagination and the energy of thought, channelling this energy to harmonise the etheric, astral and mental auras within the auric egg.

Visualisation - which concerns mental images in the form of thought – is an invisible, yet highly powerful source of energy. With it we can open a clean, clear connection between the self and the subconscious, in a universal language: the language of images.

Visualising draws on imagination and inventiveness. It is a happy combination of self=suggestion and image: it is seeing in thought, seeing with the eyes of the mind. You already have everything you need to practice visualisation within you. You need no external assistance, just a little time. Visualising involves allowing an internal image to rise up within you, using your mental energy.

This requires some active participation on your part…but it really is worth the effort! Remember that the chakras and subtle bodies react swiftly to the internal images and to the visualisation of the colours.

The exercises youʼll need to do are simple, effective and will allow you to benefit from the full strength of visualisation.

At the start of your apprenticeship, to encourage the infl ux of mental images, promote intuition and increase your capacity for concentration, do this short exercise as a sort of ʻwarm-upʼ: place the fi ngers of your right hand on the top of your head (crown chakra) and the fi ngers of your left hand in the middle of your forehead (3rd eye).

Keep your fingers in this position until you feel a ʻpulseʼ, a tingling or a warming feeling in these two points.


Being Psychic

Yes, I remember when I was much younger, being psychic was like those scenes from the Hollywood supernatural movies like Final Destination. That was cool, I thought. And its so great to have such supernatural and spiritual power on hand so that you can forewarn your family or friends of the imminent disasters that were about to occur.

So now that I have been seeking from Maria Duval about psychic, clairvoyance, intuition and spiritual growth, I can see how I can be confused by this question, what if I am also psychic?

It is certainly rather misunderstood from what we are fed via mainstream media channels like movies. But since then, I have seen that the Hollywood version of psychic is extreme. The truth is that we are all capable of being psychic, as what Maria tells me.

She told me that to become psychic just means that I shall try to use more of my intuitive sense rather than the five physical senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight that give information about the physical world.

However, most of the universe is made up of energy. Energy is invisible. Your intuitive senses allow you to sense invisible things.

Many ancient cultures believe that we have intuitive senses, just as we have physical senses, and that we should use both as appropriate so that life will be much protected from dangers.

Be Psychic.


Repetition of Positive Affirmations

Maria Duval teaches that there is a very useful technique that allows you to use the creative power of thoughts and cancel out the harmful effects of ʻdarkʼ thoughts. It consists in the repetition of positive affirmations.

Throughout history, Masters and Initiates with an understanding of the spiritual and astral planes have used this type of affirmation (sometimes called a mantra), either recited or chanted, to purify their Aura and protect their charisma.

This exercise of repetition is simple and the benef ts are quite impressive and well worth you dedicating some time out of your day. Itʼs an opportunity to better exploit the creative potential of thought, to channel your mental energy effectively, gain greater psychic power, activate your chakras and purify your aura.

Here are a few examples of some creative affirmations you could use. You can create your own, adapted to your own personal objectives. The most important thing is that as you repeat them
you remain focused on the meaning of the words spoken, with all your consciousness, determination and love.

– I … (your name), am open to accept the riches and good things the Universe has to offer, and I receive them in joy.

– Repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis opens up an ever wider to happiness and success.

– A positive mental attitude is an unlimited source of well-being, happiness, success and health.

– A source of Universal Cosmic Energy lies dormant within me, all I need to do is become aware of it, and it will awaken and come to my aid.

– With my positive mental attitude, I will invite the creative forces of the universe into my life to help me. They will regenerate my psyche, harmonising my chakras and purifying my Aura.

Maria Duval stresses that always formulate your affi rmations in the present tense. Speak your formula (or formulas) throughout the day, as often as possible.

The best times for repeating your positive affirmations are in the morning, when you wake up, and in the evening, before you go to sleep. Itʼs better to say them out loud, but you can also rehearse them mentally.


A Powerfully Conditioning Effect

Maria Duval - http://www.commack.k12.ny.us/chs/courant05/CourantSiteNEW/CourantSite/February/images/thought.jpgBasically, our thoughts have a powerfully conditioning effect on the quality of our personal environment, in the material, relational and spiritual spheres.

Let Maria Duval give you a piece of advice thatʼs worth its weight in gold: never forget that you are creating your own reality with your thoughts! This is because the external reality in which you live is nothing more than the reflection, or the natural prolongation, of your ʻinternal worldʼ, coloured by your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Maria Duval says believe in her with a little concentration and rigor, ʻcontrollingʼ your thoughts is totally achievable…easy even, when you get into the habit. Paying attention to your thoughts is a very effective way of maintaining a luminous, radiant aura filled with vital energy.

Additionally, if you want to purify and energise your Aura, reactivating its colours and therefore your personal luck in the areas associated with these colours, you can use Creative Formulas.


I Tweet, I Follow

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Twitter is really great as it allows lazy people like me to concisely share my thoughts to the world, in a snap and fast way. I admit it is more appealing than mainstream blogging like this one. However, i will still spend time to blog here properly as time allows. You can tweet from anywhere, from your iPhone, or any 3G connected phone. It's really simple. I wish Maria Duval tweets too, so that i can follow her. I wonder if this is possible for her to do...

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Many thanks!


Maria Duval - Positive Thought and Spiritual Aura

ʻPositive thoughtʼ comes down to refusing to entertain dark, pessimistic, defeatist thoughts – in other words, displaying a minimum of determination and self-discipline as a means of channelling your own mental energy in the right direction.

To give you a better understanding of this type of thought, Maria Duval would like to tell you some facts about the reality of the invisible world.

Every thought that crosses our mind is doubled by the emission of a quantity of energy that is recorded in the universal ether (or astral light). This mental energy, which is coloured by the various refl ections, thoughts, emotions and feelings that drive us, is also ʻprintedʼ on the bio-magnetic fi eld that surrounds the human body, principally in the astral and mental auras.

The intrinsic nature of thought has specifi c impacts: every time we ʻemitʼ a thought, the brain releases a tiny quantity of energy that travels through the atmosphere. This energy is like radio waves, it journeys through the universe and is unhindered by distance or material objects.

One of the functions of the aura is to ʻfilterʼ the energy from the sky (cosmic energy, electrical in nature) and the earth (telluric energy, magnetic in nature).

This energy is ʻconvertedʼ into a force that the body is capable of assimilating, through the chakras, which serve as nerve centres. The aura, then, acts as both an energy deposit and a ʻprotective bubbleʼ.

Our ʻmindsetʼ – our mental attitude or state of mind – conditions our life in many different ways, but the guiding principle is quite simple:

– ʻdarkʼ thoughts, in other words, thoughts fed by negative emotions or feelings, such as fear, jealousy, anger, sadness, disappointment, doubt, etc. generate a build-up of negative energy in the auric egg.

This upsets the smooth functioning of the chakras and blocks the circulation of the universal cosmic energy. The person, who has lost the ʻconnectionʼ with universal love, light and wisdom, fi nds it very diffi cult to feel the divine part that exists within them. The result is that, without even being aware of it, they attract unfavourable situations, problems and trials of all

– ʻluminousʼ thoughts on the other hand, rooted in positive feelings or emotions such as love, compassion, loyalty, devotion, joy, enthusiasm, etc. saturate the auric egg with positive, creative, nourishing energy. The chakras then produce energy that is highly conducive to spiritual evolution, because the individual is in communion with their surroundings and the whole universe.

The result is that the person will be at peace with themselves and enjoy harmonious relationships with others; luck will become their loyal ally and every problem will find its solution.

Success, achievement and prosperity will be part of their life.


Maria Duval - Colours of Aura WHITE & GRAY

I believe many of you have tried the prism experiment in schools. A beam of white light is shone at one side of a prism and a beautiful band of rainbow coloured light emanates from the other side. From this simple physics experience, we know that WHITE is the fusion of 7 colours.

Maria Duval says that, similarly in spiritual terms, white indicates total integration and the capacity for harmonious union. Itʼs the colour of Christian consciousness, of spiritual fulfillment; it is found among those who have achieved enlightenment.

This colour marks the desire for brotherhood amongst men, and expresses the link that builds between souls. Acquisition of this colour can make it possible to overcome immense difficulties and periods of great solitude, to avoid suicide and equip the person with great powers of recovery. It values the virtues of silence and prayer.

Creamy-white as a colour indicates a strong interest in spiritual research (religious and/or occult information obtained over the course of previous lives). When the colours of the luminous spectrum appear at the top of the head, they correspond to qualities that have already been acquired and are available.

As for GREY, Maria Duval thinks this is a very important colour for those who are involved in the therapeutic or psychological aspect of aura. Grey denotes a dysfunction or disease of an organ. It may indicate intense fatigue (exhaustion) or alternatively deception. Mixed with brown, it can mean the presence of a serious illness or a significant energy blockage.


Clairvoyant 6th Sense

Have you ever wondered why people like to use "6th sense" to explain a very strong feeling a person has about something that may about to happen?

Maria Duval explains that this kind of psychic talent, to "see" Maria duval - 6th sensethings not associated with the five senses, is called clairvoyance. A person like her who is psychic naturally possesses this clairvoyant ability. Psychics can adjust their "frequency" knob higher and can therefore discern more spiritual signals than normal beings can. But anybody who is open to the idea of opening his 6th sense, can rightfully develop it too.

Clairvoyance is a kind of psychic power that we possess. Do you know that all of us are psychic, just that you may not be aware of this fact. Yes, we all have the hidden capability to see the future, know things beyond our imagination. Maria Duval says this is a gift from Nature that allows us to fend off natural dangers for us to survival in the wild conditions during early human era.

The sad thing is that as we are more technologically advanced through the years, the way society has conditioned all of us, to this day, most people only utilize a small portion of their brain, mostly for intellectual purpose. Science has proof of this. But if you are patient enough to practice consistent meditation, you can boost your brain power, and bring out the psychic in you

But through meditation and other psychic exercises, you can bring out the psychic powers that are latent in you. You can have the chance of discovering clairvoyance too.


Maria Duval - Colors of Aura VIOLET

VIOLET, which is formed from a mixture of red and blue, indicates power and, discerned spiritual ideas. Those who have violet in their aura are the most progressed in their spiritual evolution and growth. Maria Duval also believes that violet is the colour of royalty and indicates nobility of character. In the aura, violet is an agent of isolation and purification. It is rather rare to be seen in auric glow. It emanates from higher kingdoms and is usually only seen among spiritual masters and some disciples.

A vivid and bright violet tone denotes growing spiritual development, hence you can understand why it is not commonly seen in our auras as perhaps, most of us are not spiritual enough in certain sense. Mixed with yellow, it means an attraction to occultism. When pale it points to an interest in religion and a personal spiritual journey.

Maria Duval: "When it is more mauve or lavender, it is linked to a high spirituality and vitality. When it approaches lilac, it expresses an altruistic, compassionate character. Violet appears first above the head, in an ovoid form that surrounds the crown chakra. In enlightened individuals, it radiates outward from that point, filling the entire aura with its light."


Maria Duval - Colors of Aura BLUE

BLUE is one of the most favourite colours of many people out there. It seems to be able to give out a soothing and calm feeling when you just look at it, for example, the deep blue sea.

Psychic Maria Duval says that the auric colour of Blue is linked to our intuitive understanding, the ability to judge, fortune and luck. In the same way as green, in its highest form, is linked to healing and the heart, blue is linked to the third eye, to inspiration and higher levels of intellect. It is one of the first colours the clairvoyant sees.

One thing thing to note is that a bright shade of blue means the frankness of a person who is honestly spiritual. Pale shade of blue would mean being shy and very vulnerable to external influences. Dark blue corresponds to determination, the desire to move forward and a passion for work.

When it gets deeper and becomes more indigo, it is associated with a devout character and a profoundly religious mind. In its negative aspect, mixed with brown or black, it marks a perversion of religious feelings and a fascination for the darker side of spirituality.


Colors of Aura - Orange, Yellow and Green

Today we will discuss about Maria Duval's view about the auric colours of orange, yellow and green.

ORANGE: In its lightest hue, orange indicates energy and vitality. When it tends towards red, it seems to point to egocentricity. When it is bright, it indicates loyalty and good will, joyousness and a healthy openness of mind. A ʻrustyʼ colour denotes laziness and lack of initiative whereas a darker hue points to a tendency towards rancour.

YELLOW: This is common in the mental aura; yellow is the colour of the mind and intellect. When dark, it indicates the mind of a socialite. More brilliant, verging on gold, it indicates an elevation of an intellect purified by the mind. A yellow approaching saffron is the mark of a highly developed spirituality. A dirty or muddied yellow indicates cunning, greed and selfishness whereas a dark yellow denotes a weak will and an overly casual approach.

GREEN: Green is the colour of balance, the colour of the heart. Emerald green, clear and brilliant, is the colour that depicts healing power. A high proportion of emerald green, seen in the aura of an individual, indicates their interest or involvement in the art of healing. The presence in a personʼs aura of green, as the central colour on the luminous spectrum, halfway between the extremes, red and violet, also indicates balance, harmony and love. Light green denotes harmony, peace and an affinity with nature and the outdoors. In its negative form, it depicts a profound egotism. When dirty or blurred, it expresses trickery and greed. A yellow with brownish stripes is indicative of jealousy.

We will talk about some other common auric colors from Maria Duval another time.


Colors of Aura - Red

In the human aura spectrum, RED has the lowest visible vibratory frequency.

It has a double nature which can mean two extremes of emotion. In its positive aspect, when it is clear and glowing, it represents energy, warmth and vitality. Its negative aspects range from rebellion to quarrelsomeness, anger, malice, a destructive mentality and hatred.

When very dark, red indicates selfishness and a lack of generosity. A deep red is generally a sign of passion. When it becomes ʻhazyʼ, that passion has become unhealthy and damaging. Red tinged with brown indicates fear and, when the brown darkens to black, spite.

With yellow tinges, red denotes a nervous temperament and, when lighter and more brilliant, it expresses vitality, generosity and material well being. Pink tinges indicate a love of children and
the home, while a red verging on pink is a sign of happiness and tenderness. A faded red denotes a tendency towards overwork and insomnia.


Maria Duval - Colors of Aura

Psychic clairvoyant Maria Dvual uses the variations in the colours and forms at the level of the aura to make a “diagnosis” of the vital energetic system of the individual, and to discern the level - causal, mental, astral and/or etheric - at which the universal cosmic energy is ʻblockedʼ.
Itʼs not easy to define a ʻconstantʼ meaning to the colours of the Aura, because they have many different shades, each one of which may be darker or more luminous. And, the same colour will have a different spiritual meaning depending on its degree of intensity.

Maria Duval - Colors of AuraThe perception of colours is a subtle art, as they merge and transform constantly, particularly at the level of the astral aura, linked to the emotional body.

The psychic vision developed by an authentic clairvoyant will perceive numerous ranges of energy and colour, similar to musical ranges, the resonances of which will depend on their degree of light they radiate.

Maria Duval says that books have been written about how these expressions, incorporate into the language as sayings, actually pertain to the auric colours of the states of mind of the person. The aura takes on the colour black when you are angry, and pink, emanating from the heart, when you are in love.

We shall discuss more on psychic auric colors next week then. :)


Maria Duval - Our Spiritual Aura

According to psychic Maria Duval, our subtle bodies can become ʻjammedʼ with unsuitable energetic vibrations usually due to negative thoughts and emotions such as: obsession, deeply-rooted anxieties, set ideas, mania, anger, hatred, jealously, envy, concupiscence, fear, stress, etc.

When the vital energetic system of an individual is ʻupsetʼ, upsets and Maria Duval - Our Spiritual Auradisturbances can be observed in their aura and chakras, it could affect the clarity of thought and reasoning, and hosts of negative problems in life.

A strong and powerful bio-energetic field, on the contrary, will not only protect the individual from external invasions (disease, upsets, etc.) but also attract ʻgood vibrationsʼ into that personʼs vicinity: in this way we are ʻin stepʼ with Providence; and luck, love, prosperity and health and all on the cards!

For a person with the gift of clairvoyance like Maria Duval, the human aura is made up of a thousand varieties of coloured light; each intensity of light, each coloration of energy, corresponds to a specific vibration and a state of consciousness or a physical state.


Maria Duval - Chakras are Energy Centers

Maria Duval believes that the chakras are the centres for the transformation and distribution of cosmic and telluric forces which are the energies from the Heavens and the Earth.

We can better understand their basic function by imagining how, if we didnʼt have them in our body, in other words, if human beings received cosmic energy directly, without any transformation process, the body would go into an immediate “meltdown”, obliterated by this incredibly powerful force which would shoot right through them.

Maria Duval compares the chakras to that of an electric Maria Duval - Chakras are Energy Centerstransformer that converts a high-voltage current (10,000 volts for example)running along power cables, into a 220 volt current, usable by domestic electronic equipment (TV, washing machine, lights, etc). Without this transformer, all these devices would quite simply ʻburn-outʼ.

Chakras, then, have the task of preventing any energy we cannot absorb from entering our bodies. This quantity of energy is the same as our level of consciousness. The more the chakras open up and allow the universal cosmic energy to enter us, the more we evolve, increasing our field of consciousness, thus promoting our personal development.

The energies absorbed are transformed and distributed throughout the physical body via the endocrine glands, which secrete chemical substances called hormones. These hormones are transported in the bloodstream, thus regulating the action of the organs and the cells.

We might think of our chakras as highly subtle sensory organs. Our physical body, with its five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) is a vehicle adapted to the vital laws of our planet; it is our body that allows us to find our way in daily life.

Lastly, Maria Duval states that chakras, in turn, serve as receivers for all the energy vibrations and all the information existing ʻaboveʼ the physical level: they also serve as ʻgatewaysʼ, linking us to the magical and unlimited world of more subtle energies.


Chakras - Our Vital Energy System

Let's recap about what is a chakra again from Maria Duval. Chakra is a centre of vital energy located at the level of the etheric aura surrounding the individual. It is invisible to the naked eye, unless the person has clairvoyant powers, because it is not really of a physical nature.

Basically, the chakra is etheric; in other words, it is made up of ethereal matter, more subtle than the substance of the physical body, because its atoms vibrate at a higher frequency than this latter. Thatʼs the reason why it is invisible.

You can imagine the chakras as coloured wheels of light, whirls of energy in the form of funnels, turning on itself. They are equipped with ʻbladesʼ, like a fan, or ʻpetalsʼ, like a fl ower, which turn, creating the funnel shape. It is through the rotation of these wheels that the cosmic universal energy is absorbed into the interior of the chakras and then distributed around the body.

The 7 Major Chakras are, from the 1st to the 7th: the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, the sacral chakra, just below the belly button, the solar plexus chakra, just above the belly button, the heart chakra, in the centre of the chest, at breast-height, the throat chakra, located at the height of the throat, below the Adamʼs apple, the brow chakra (the famous 3rd eye), right in the middle of the forehead and the crown chakra, on the top of the head.

Our spiritual body is such an mystery and wonder, don't you think so?


Maria Duval - The Vibrating Universe

Our Universe is always vibrating and is endless. From physics, we learn that atoms and molecules are always vibrating, even into sub atomic level, like electrons and protons. Scientists learn that each atom - the building block of the Universe, has immense energy, hence everything in the Universe is part of an immensely expansive unified field of energy and intelligence. These basic building blocks are what made us.

Maria Duval refers it as the only unique source of energy Maria Duval - The Vibrating Universeand it is the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe which is the beginning of all things existing and every creation of the Universe.

As mentioned, we human beings, are bits of pieces of this huge and unregulated intelligence field. This intelligence and the energy that goes round inside us are similar to the power that rules the Universe.

Everything results in an unique whole to which we are all connected. This means in terms of divine spiritual magic we repeat that "everything is one".

Matters like money or luxurious material things and humans are just energies that takes another form and this is determined by the rate of the vibrations. And this is exactly the reason why we can attract money, as due to these vibrations, we are in fact inter-connected!

Also, modern scientific studies have revealed that each particle is a form of energy vibration called "wave function". This is what ancient sages have been knowing all these passed centuries. It is this that makes our physical bodies tick, our hearts beat, bloods circulate, all without us having to know how it works.

Mere T is a spiritual researcher, blogger, conservationist and freelance writer. She has benefited a lot from the guidance of psychic Maria Duval in the topic of spirituality. She lives in New Zealand with her family and she enjoys the serenity of her country as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the environment. Her Maria Duval blog is Maria Duval.

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Maria Duval - Power of Chakras

First of all, itʼs important to remember that the Universe is pure energy: everything in the universe is made of energy and it is this energy that creates the shapes and essence of what we call ʻrealityʼ.

This energy, which consists in a single, immense ocean of vibrations, is embodied in a myriad of forms of existence and links them together: a rock, a wave, a flower, an ant, a shirt in your wardrobe, or you yourself.

Life, then, is made of one, single ʻraw materialʼ, in a constant state of flux, which comes into being to flourish and transform. Everything is, in fact, interconnected and forms one single thing. By using the chakras, this omnipresent and inexhaustible universal cosmic energy can be used to fulfil our needs.

Mankindʼs vital energy system was designed to allow us to express the divine part we all possess. Because Man, made in the image of his Creator, inherited the power to himself and become the creator of his own destiny!

The term chakra refers to an esoteric tradition that dates back several thousand years: that of the Rishis, the sages of Ancient India. Through strict asceticism and the unfailingly rigorous practice of meditation and Yoga, these great Initiates succeeded in penetrating the “veil of appearance” and the great mysteries of the Universe.

Their extraordinary psychic powers granted them access to the secrets of the Cosmos. In particular, they were able to influence the universal cosmic energy according to their desire, and this meant that they could perform a number of amazing feats, such as travelling mentally through time and space, commanding natural forces (wind, rain, storms, harvests, etc.), attracting luck and fortune, future divination and mastering the arcane secrets of destiny.

Highly versed in the occult sciences, the source of the greater part of their magic powers was their knowledge of the chakras, the seven vital energy centres present in every human being.


Maria Duval - Our Aura and Luck

The Law of Destiny states that human beings are ʻlinkedʼ naturally to Providence and all its benefits, at the exact level of the Aura.

That means when one's aura is weak, luck will tend to remain beyond one's reach, regardless of the means to achieve it. Maria Duval states clearly that for those of us who have little or no luck it is simply the case that their Aura, which regulates and governs the major centres of Life and, more specifically, their personal luck, is ʻimbalancedʼ or not functioning properly.

Itʼs important to remember it is possible to have a balanced aura that radiates vitality.

Maria Duval writes that our aura is certainly a deeply enigmatic concept Maria Duval - Our Aura and Luckwhich has always had an impact on mankindʼs consciousness. Depicted symbolically as a golden ring around the head of Christ, the Saints and sometimes the Angels in classical art.

Even those who have an interest in esotericism in general tend to know little about auras. There is a lot of misinformation and trivialisation of the phenomenon, to the point of the simplification and distortion of the facts.

The aura is all too often explained in a misleading, generalised fashion, merely mentioning the meaning of the colours, while it is, in fact, a complex phenomenon and as unique as the individual that is its source.

In fact, it is only through gaining insight into subtle anatomy that human beings can understand the phenomenon of the aura in sufficient detail.

The Aura in fact forms part of our vital energetic system, which also includes the Chakras, the Nadis and the Subtle Bodies. All these elements are interdependent, and closely linked to each other.


Maria Duval - Luck and Chance

It's a fact that people often compare their lot in life to that of someone more successful and come to the conclusion that “they have no luck”. I wonder why is this so? Is it in our human nature?

I feel this is a particularly depressing thought, and all the more so, since thisMaria Duval - Luck and Chance
person will believe some people are more "favourable" to luck, and succeed in life thanks to some influence from external "forces" that are mysterious...

Not to be disheartened, Maria Duval believes that everyone has luck in one area or other: that's the: Law of Destiny.

Unfortunately, many people, not understanding how this Law works, allow their lucky star to pass them by, without making the most of it. Luck is the opposite of random chance, the other side of the coin.

Maria Duval says all you have to do to have luck is to want luck, because by virtue of an infallible Cosmic Law, as soon as you ardently desire something, from the moment you start to take action to obtain it, luck will smile on you.

From that moment on, luck will conspire to surround you with the situations and elements you need to obtain the result you desire. Chance, on the other hand, is about waiting with your arms folded, for things to work their own way out; that may happen, or it may not. But, if you want to make a project happen, whatever its nature, you should remember that as soon as you set to work on it, luck will necessarily and inevitably provide you with the conditions, the opportunities and the elements you need for it to be successful.

Luck is Providence at the services of the Divine Work of Creation, of all

Maria Duval states that there are many different ways of approaching the problem of luck. She advises to turn to Astrology or Magic (wearing a Talisman, for example) and practising spiritual self improvement. Yes, there is indeed room
for many remedies and methods, some more powerful and efficient than others,
depending on the situation.

All this is perfectly appropriate and correct.

Be lucky always!


Maria Duva - Manifesting Wealth

Yes, Maria Duval says that wealth can be manifested. What is needed is the right kind of attitude and mentality. A physical drive is needed so that impetus will be there to push us towards the vision we have conceived in our mind.

I know it is easier said than done. It is not easy to focus and think about wealth if you find yourself faced with some

Yes, it is easier said than done because it is difficult to focus and think about wealth if you are overwhelmed with bills and debts you have to pay.

Manifesting wealth requires deeper understanding of the process. It is not as easy lying on your bed day dreaming about your desires.

Many times I experience a great deal of excitement after attending some motivational course like Tony Robins'. Yeah, he was great motivator, and I am sure most of you agree with that.

We get so excited to start our journey to acquiring wealth after that. But for some reasons or so, the excitement to progress tapers off and the eagerness subsides...Next, we find ourselves going back to the same mindset again.

Maria teaches that if we really want to manifest wealth in our lives, our "mind" and "body" should be in sync with what we fervently desire. Everything starts with the right mental condition.

Successful business owners before they made it big in the business world started by creating ideas in their minds then they decided to pursue and work it out.

There is no shortcut really. Manifest wealth is just to condition your mindset to welcome future successes.


Psychic Reading of the Future

People all over the world and through the passage of times have always wanted to find out about their own futures and through a clairvoyant psychic, they are able to seek out what could be happening down the road. Ancient Heads of state particularly like to do that and psychic astrologers risked being executed if they were serving a tyrant king who had no qualms killing them if the readings were not accurate.

Celebrities like to consult psychics too. For example, the flamboyant French diva Brigitte Bardot consulted psychic Maria Duval years ago which was recorded by the media.

Maria Duval says that in the act of divination, the psychic reader can only see where you are at now in your life. Any new choices or changes in life will alter your future. Fortune tellers or those who practice divination use different methods to read what the future may hold, like Astrology, Palmistry or Dream Interpretation.

These areas of study and expertise can be daunting for those who are not experienced. I would suggest people to seek guidance from people with the spiritual gifts like Maria, who can act as an experienced guide in the matters of psychic predictions.


Reflection of Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings

Maria Duval in her own words reveals that all positive affirmations consist of a formula worded in a positive way. The syllables that constitute it generate beneficial energy because that affirmation is expressed through constructive thought. Creative thoughts - luminous thoughts - are the results of positive emotions and feelings such as love, brotherhood, compassion, loyalty, devotion, joy and enthusiasm.

The mantras using the repetition of this type of affirmation bring the individuals who recite them in communion with their surroundings and with the universe as a whole. The result is that they are at peace with themselves and can live in harmony with others. Luck is on their side, every problem finds its solutions, success and prosperity enter their lives.

Maria Duval - Reflection of Thoughts, Emotions and FeelingsPessimistic attitudes, well, are thoughts fed by negative emotions, like fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, despair or doubt. In such a case, people who are not connected to love, light and universal wisdom experience considerably difficulty when it comes to perceiving the divine part of themselves. Consequently, such people will attract unfortunate circumstances, problems and trials. Generally, success and money do are blocked from entering lives of such group of people.

Maria Duval reminds us of the Universal Law according to which everyone creates their own reality with their thoughts. In fact, our thoughts have a powerful impact on the quality of our personal environment, both on a material, relational and spiritual level. External reality is the reflection of our inner world coloured by our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings.