Maria Duval - Crown Chakra

Located at the top of your head, this chakra is associated with the colour violet, and represents our awareness of the divine part existing within each of us, our own ʻtruthʼ.

It corresponds to the belief system, the perception of spirituality, to wisdom (knowledge of the Universe), to the spiritual path and pure and magical intuition. Beyond space and time, this is what links us to the Holy Spirit.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You have trouble ʻinternalisingʼ and balancing your inner life and external life.

You have a structured or dogmatic belief system (you need to believe blindly rather than experimenting to find what best suits you).

You feel separated from the Creator Universe, you have the idea that your life is pointless, you experience a confusing emptiness.

You have a tendency to think that spirituality is boring, or even useless.