Maria Duval's Seven Rules Of Wealth Creation

Wealth and prosperity are the keys to a happy life and there is no doubt about that. Money may not buy you extra years of life or health or more happiness, but money plays an important role in the society and money itself is a powerful energy that moves the world.

Psychic Maria Duval says that in spirituality studies, there is a Law of Wealth and Success and anyone who knows and applies these seven laws of wealth creation will become prosperous. Not many people know about these seven laws because they are hidden from our eyes which see only the tangible objects and beyond generic understanding.

Maria Duval adds that the seven laws of wealth creation have been known by ancient sages of diverse cultures and religions. They are universal thus any person of any belief can apply and use them in their lives to spectacular success. They are briefly explained as here below:

1. Everything that you need to become rich is already within you.

All you have to do is to externalize it. Everyone has it in their mind. But you need to make it "show" up. That is, develop that "millionaire mentality", if not, it is impossible to attract any wealth into your life. It is also important to view money as sacred source of energy. Do not despise money. If this energy is properly channeled, together with the creative harmony of the Universe, your powerful positive thoughts can bring you anything you want into your life.

2. Love money if you want it to love you back

This law may sound laughable, because who does not like money? Everyone likes money, isn't it? Subconsciously, people may reject money due to some religious teachings although consciously they may be welcoming it. You need to love money totally and devotedly just like you devotedly love your lover. Love money without false pride and it will love you back. Do not view it as evil nor doubt its nature. Money is not dirty but only minds that own it dirty it. You condemn, you lose.

3. Being aware of money leads to having money

Achieving financial security is a process. It means this process will accompany you in your life and by opening up your heart and mind to prosperity, you will build yourself a feeling of wealth that nobody can take it away from you. Thoughts are energy impulses with the power to materialize therefore one must know the destiny of one's life is all contained in his or her thoughts. So get used to thinking in terms of comfort, wealth and prosperity and the best will come to you. Do not despise yourself!

4. Money comes into your life for a specific reason

When money comes into your life, it is subordinate to an aim, an objective or a wish. Having an aim in life is the force that drives life on; it is what gives existence a meaning and makes it sacred. It is up to you to discover this aim in your life. Wealth takes on different aspects so you need to define it clearly how you want wealth to show up in your life. From now on, define your life objective as specific as possible and stick to it until you have achieved it.

5. Money must circulate freely

Money is an energy, and all energies needs to circulate, so money needs to be circulated just like blood in your body. When blood circulates freely in you, your health is excellent. So keep your money circulating. This does not mean do not save. You need to save it based on the emotion of optimism in life. People think that having a savings is to prevent you against "raining days" and this is based on the emotion of pessimism, not something which is encouraged when it comes to money circulation. Do not live under constant fear. So saving money as long as it is born of healthy positive thoughts will not block the circulation of money or universe cosmic energy.

6. You have to give to receive

This is the universal principle of wealth and prosperity! You reap what you sow. Acquiring money without giving back builds up negative karma which will manifest at some stage. If you are generous, altruistic, sincere and modest, not proud or hypocritical, the Universe will, in return, gives you more. Giving and receiving are not just limited to material things. It can be about respect, compliments or admirations of others. So open your heart wider to give and receive more. Once you receive anything, also remember to give gratitude and thanks to the Universe for the gift and be grateful for what you already have.

7. Trust your intuition

Everyone has a "little voice" in us that speaks up when we are in doubts. The problem is, we have completely shut ourselves off from the "little voice". The voice is actually your life's best buddy and it can be can be found at the right side of your brain. To consult your buddy, formulate a wish or question in your heart and then allow whatever comes to flow, preferably during a meditation process. So whenever you encounter a situation that is doubtful, ask your intuition and it will inspire and guide you through. So apply your intuition to your money making processes!

These are the seven powerful rules of wealth creation from Maria Duval. They are the undisputed ways to generate wealth in your life so always have full faith in them for they have already been tested over and over again over the course of the history. Put them into practice now and your efforts will be richly rewarded. Do consult your spiritual guidance if you are not sure. Apply them everyday with confidence and perseverance and soon you will start to see wonders.


Spreading love, peace and joy without reservation

Recently I read in an overseas forum about the case of a Chinese student who is studying in the university of the country whose government offers him very generous package to get his degree there, much "at the expense" of the locals. Obviously there are many overseas student who are offered such terms and naturally, the locals are unhappy about it as they feel their own children have been deprived at their own country.

The story goes to say that this particular Chinese student contracts leukemia in his adopted country and with the help of the university, his family is now looking for donations from fellow students and public there as a lot of money is needed for chemotherapy.

I'm not very sure about the social and political situation in that country but I can tell that there is a lot of displeasure over the huge number of "foreigners" being imported by the government, hence the locals there are actually telling each other in the forum that to donate to this leukemia patient is a "dumb" thing to do, because once he recovers, he will not appreciate their kindness and even snatch a job away from the locals and go back to his own country telling how easy it is to get money in that country! So, many kind locals there are now at a predicament. On one hand, they are kind people but on the other hand, they do not wish to be taken advantage again and again by "pitiful foreigners".

This story gets me thinking. No matter what is the conclusion, I'll still urge the locals there to set aside differences and do something good to a fellow human. This is actually building up good karma for themselves, for their family and for their country. This is the greatest universal love one human can have for another.

Psychic Maria Duval says if we devote time and energy to spreading love, peace, joy and confidence, our lives will actually be happier and radically transformed to a life that is harmonious, magnetic and positive. Most importantly, we will earn that Inner Peace, and, also we may look physically better as we are attracting positive energy!


Why do people pray?

Everything in this world and universe vibrates constanly. Hence every object is made up of energy. When object vibrates, it gives out energy. So since living things like us are also made up of molecules, we are also giving out energy and vibrating constantly. The energy we give out is spreading out and into the universe, usually within the terrestrial sphere.

These vibrations are transmitted by our thoughts, words and actions. They influence our immediate surroundings. That is why Maria Duval says the more negative thoughts we have about a person, the more that person will be influenced by our negative thoughts, and causing them problems as a result.

Actually, it is better than we emit more positive thought energy to other people so that it may improve and nurture them. But as you know, people are quick to discredit and slow to give compliments and this is the case in any culture. This quick negative judgment of people tends to give out the effect if making their lives more difficult. The same applies to our words and action.

However, since the entire Universe is governed by the law of action and reaction, meaning each action exerted will receive an equal amount of reaction in certain form, we are sooner or later affected by everything we think, say and do.

That's the reason why we people pray. Maria Duval says it is to suppress negative thoughts and attract positive energy that helps us develop positively and lead a peaceful and harmonious existence.


How To Use The Positive Energy Of Crystals

Dynamic crystals enables you to heighten your awareness and feel at one with the Universe. Crystals can capture positive energy waves and amplify mental projection so that your need thoughts are broadcast widely to the Universe. Well, in order to experience this psychic feel, there is a must to purify and synchronise your crystals with your own psychic energy waves. Maria Duval teaches next is to transfer your own psychic fingerprint to your crystal so hat it is filled with your energy and hence remains in permanent contact with you. Therefore, once energised, this crystal now belongs to you and is part of you. It cannot be loaned to another person, even your closest person.

Briefly, Maria Duval advises first of all you need to "programme" this crystal with your own ambition or wish you have and you do this through powerful mental images and positive energy. Next this crystal will amplify this energy and transmit it back to you so that it works to your advantage.

I hope to give more details on that soon.

Have a great time :)


Wonders of nature - Crystals

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says dynamic crystals played a major role in the history of one of the world's greatest civilisations - the Atlantis. The people of Atlantis lived about 10,000 years ago on a continent that disappeared due to natural catastrophe. Reseachers said it was volcano eruption and tsunami who destroyed this civilisation.

However, the survivors of the disaster managed to reappear in other parts of the world like Europe, Africa and Mexico and these were intelligent ancient minds who understood the great secrets of the forces of nature. They also knew the power of crystals and hence they were able to control power and success through the crystals.

Making use of dynamic crystals to achieve success is one of few ways the Atlantis were able to develop psychic powers, knowledge and improve their civilisation. That is why psychic Maria Duval advises you to treat the crystals she had sent to you with respect. It is a talisman that receives, condenses, amplifies and emits positive energy. It is an unique natural object with amazing powers. Be blessed that you are one of the people who have a dynamic crystal in your care.

Why is crystal so effective and talismanic? This is because crytal was formed by the forces of Nature in thousands of eons and thus structurally, it is supremely regular and hence energy can be amplified through it and it has absorbed a lot of the earthly energy during the process of formation.

Psychic Maria Duval writes that ancient people used crytal to transmit knowledge and predict future. Some used it to fight wars and get protection. Science has proved that crystals are emitting dynamic waves that oscillates and vibrates. So that is how crystals can attract luck, love and even riches if you used it well.

Cool crystals!


Mystically charming crystals

Crystals have that natural mystical charm. I remember when I was young, I loved to stand outside the shops that sold crystals and gems for minutes to marvel at them before my mother tugged me and said it was time to go home. So crystals do made people imagine and fascinate about their beauty and psychic potentials. Even Maria Duval says crystals is important for her work as a clairvoyant psychic.

Over the ages, crystal has been used to create many precious objects and works of art as its appearance inspires mankind and boost the level of creativity as can be seen from the relics of history of some great ancient civilisations.

The hidden energy and emitted vibration of crystals also mean there is research being done to unravel its mystery and how crystals can be better used in high tech modern equipment.

In short, crystals give people hope and imagination because it emits pulses of positive energy!


Maria Duval's introduction to crystals

Crystals are formed deep beneath the surface of the earth over millions of years and the formation is the result of the slow transformation of minerals and the huge amount of energy used to transform these minerals from one state to another.
maria duval crystalCrystals like gem stones have regular atomic structure and it comes in smooth geometrically shaped surfaces. If a piece of crystal is not regular geometrically, it cannot be called a crystal but just an ordinary piece of rock.

During volcanic eruptions, crystals could be purged from its underground and washed into the mountains and surrounding elements. Crystals are therefore well sought after for its pure beauty and scientific research purposes.

In terms of colours, crystals can be transparent or it could come with a variety of colours and each type has its own particular powers which are a function of the vibrations that have charged them with positive energy.