The Discourse of Poverty and Wealth

Most common folks live within their framework of their own discourse on money.

Our discourse is all our thoughts, words and actions with regard to money, the value we give to it, what it represents in our eyes. So, if your thoughts and beliefs about money are focused on negative emotions, then money will tend to escape you, perhaps even abandon you entirely.

For example, if your discourse is centered around a disdain for money (like, money is dirty/evil… money can’t make you any happier, money makes the world evil etc), the denial of your own self worth (I don’t have luck/fate in this life to live in prosperity, I’ll never be rich), the fear of not having enough money (I’ll go without this or that so I don’t go over my budget), or jealousy towards friends who have more money than you (luck is for other people, but not for me), etc.

Maria Duval tells me that if any or more of the above describe myself, then I am living in a world where money, wealth and prosperity clearly have no place in my life.

Your internal discourse and your discourse with others (those thoughts that capture your attention) have a substantial influence on the material reality of the life you lead!

The discourse of poverty uses the following type of terms: never enough, empty, fear, distrust, envy, greed, hoarding, competition, judgment, comparison, external displays of wealth, effort, survival, poverty, etc. With this type of discourse, you pass judgment, compare, criticize, label winners and losers, focusing on dissatisfaction. You accept that money defines you, rather than identifying yourself with money in a less superficial way and expressing your qualities through money.

The discourse of material wealth, for its part, uses terms such as the following: gratitude, contentment, love, confidence, respect, faith, commitment, acceptances, sharing, internal wealth, etc. This discourse acknowledges money for what it is, appreciates its value and envisages ways of using it to good end. You focus on the potential for improving life quality and the spirit of initiative; your money is marked by your energy and positive mindset.