Maria Duval - Impact of Amethyst on the Body

Endowed with great curative powers, the amethyst is particularly useful for pain relief. Placed over the troubled area, it gently dissipates the pain. During the process, it releases the blocked energy, making it ideal for headaches and migraines, particularly ones caused by tension or stress.

It harmonizes the different energies of the Chakras and the endocrine (hormone) and immune systems. It is a calming, soothing stone that is excellent for purifying the Aura. By fine-tuning the endocrine and metabolic systems, it governs hormone production. Itʼs particularly indicated for calming the hot flushes brought on by excess oestrogen in menopausal women.Maria Duval - AmethystAn amethyst placed over a bruise or wound will rapidly reduce swelling. It calms inflammations and burns, soothes skin infections and can also reduce problems in the lungs and the respiratory system (bronchitis). Thanks to its ability to promote ʻgoodʼ intestinal fl ora and eliminate parasites, it is beneficial for the digestive system, particularly favouring the re-absorption of water.

The amethyst has long been known for its ability to conquer dependencies of all types, so itʼs very useful for treating addictions that have a harmful impact on the body (alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.).