Do you wish to have psychic ability?

I am sure this is an old topic that has been discussed over and over again.

Do you wish to have the psychic ability of Maria Duval or some other famous psychics? Well, the good news is that everyone is borne with certain such ability.

Ok now, I am right to say every person has that psychic ability. It's just how developed or intuitive you are only. Do you agree or disagree?


Please guard after your soul - it is precious to everyone: Maria Duval

Meditation is a divine way to exercise your spiritual health. I just started meditation a couple of weeks ago and I usually do it at night time before I sleep. The best is, it makes my sleep a better one.

I have just meditated tonight and I feel refreshed and cognitive. Our soul is our most precious gift we can have for ourselves. It is a highly value possession that is always sorted after by devilish forces when you are faced with demonic signs. There is this phrase I think, "never sell your soul to the Devil." This sums up the importance of guarding our souls. Maria Duval has said this before too.

In this life it is important to be grounded in your beliefs, and sure of your faith. There are some people who will try to shake your faith for the expressed purpose of exploitation or pure undiluted meanness, all just for the possession of your soul as it is the last frontier of your spiritual health. Once it is possessed, your spirit is no longer with you. That would be a tragedy for anyone and Maria Duval would not be too excited to know that.

I am so glad I have learned so much as a result of Maria Duval's books and guidances. Now I am happily absorbing many precious divine lessons in life that will have a profound effect in many things I do in the future.

Have a great rest tonight.....
Mere T.


Maria Duval: Importance of positive and constructive thought

mariaduval positiveHope you people are feeling great! Do you like these 2 cute little puppies? They are soooo lovely.... and it brings me smiles everytime I look at this picture. It is a grrrrrreat but simple way to experience beauty of lives.

Right, I just back from a friend gathering where I heard some sad stories about some of my old friends. The main point here is, I can't repeat and stress enough the importance of having a positive and constructive mindset in our lives. I have seen many people wasted their precious times wallowing in self despair and depression that I feel so sorry for them. One of my friends was even contemplating suicide to get away from her agony! And I felt so helpless! Luckily she is beginning to look on a brighter side so life is getting back on track for her gradually.

Let me further reiterate, if someone thinks that he or she is not made for happiness, is not worthy to be loved or does not deserve to be paid attention to, then that person is cutting himself or herself off from the energy of love.

Therefore the consequence will be the doubts and fears will be realized in such a way that she or he will in fact have great hardship in finding a life partner, or even worse, he or she will attract someone with the same negative beliefs, thereby promoting even more potentially disastrous recipe in relationship.

It is highly important and desirable for all of us to make a point of charging our conscious mind with positive and creative thoughts. This belief will cleanse us of the negative beliefs that have plagued many adults and thus leading us to the light of happiness.

Okay, let's be nice to each other as what Maria Duval likes us, yea? :)


Maria Duval: Love your neighbor as yourself

As what I have read from Maria Duval's book, in the Bible, there is a commandment regarded as summing up all the Laws and Prophecies: "Love your neighbor as yourself". This commandment really is the golden rule of the Mystic Law of Wealth and Success. Serving's one neighbor, allowing one's heart and compassion to speak, attracts unexpected, unhoped-for rewards return.

Do we not sometimes speak of "insolent" luck or gifts from heaven, ask Maria Duval? The karmic laws will return to our lives and we will know full well that these gifts are from Providence which is a result from an open and generous attitude towards our fellow human being.

Whether it is a pay rise, promotion, an inheritance, a win in a game of chance or etc, all these events obey universal principles governed by the invisible, says Maria Duval. Consequently it is possible, thanks to Magic, to attract good luck and successes into one's life. But for these rewards to be able to increase and prosper, it is then necessary to nurture the gift of oneself and love of one's neighbor.


Our minds

It certainly feels awesome when you know your brain is a creation of the highest order. It has been known that we utilize not more than 10% of its amazing capacity. It has immense power and it is also said that top psychics like Maria Duval has been using this power to influence good things to happen to them on a day to day basis.

From what I understand, most psychics believe in the theory that each human being is borne with a fixed pattern that roughly translates directly to how your life will be. This pattern is like a blueprint of your life. You will either bring good or bad things in your life. It's a very basic fact that everyone needs to acknowledge.

Well, this is easier said than done. Look back at your life and ponder how many times have you failed to achieve the promise of changing for the better through those yearly resolutions?


More about tarot card readings

It's weekend now and I hope everyone who happens to come here has an enjoyable time with your family and your friends.

In my last post, I talked briefly about the tarot cards and now I shall explain what is the rationale behind each major tarot card. This is all based on what I have read from tarot card books. It's good to blog it down as this will help to get my memory a better workout. Tarot's an interesting subject, if you know more about it, feel free to comment :)

Emperor. This card symbolizes someone who is impatient, demanding, direct, domineering, and treacherous. The card also signifies esteemed leadership.

The Fool. This card symbolizes infinite possibilities and brand new beginnings, but it also carries a warning and reminder to be cautious about decisions.

Empress. This card is a symbol of creation and new ideas, and it means either pregnancy, a new love, or new venture.

Magician. This card symbolizes creativity, determination, and desire. It suggests that a vision, an idea, or a solution to a problem is impending.

High Priestess. This card means knowledge that is supernatural, out of this world, irrational, and may mean obscurity. So you are to learn some very strange things in the near future.

High Priest. The reason of the high priest is to symbolize harmony, calm and peace although some dilemmas are in the midst.

Moon. This card symbolizes visions, illusions, intuitions, and anything connected to sleep, dreams and nightmares. It warns of hidden enemies or tricks. It also warns of emotional and mental trials.

Lovers. This card symbolizes growth, development and maturity. It also could mean a surrendering control to a higher power such as love and lust, a career, or longing for a brand new challenge

Hanged Man. This card does not mean death, but reminds the reader to meditate, to be more selfless, compassionate and make sacrifices. It means that matters will continue to go on but a delay may be best at this moment.

Right, I shall stop for now and continue at the next earliest moment. Thanks for reading.
Mere T.