how much do you want to be really prosperous and rich?

Up till now, most of the things I mentioned as advised by psychic Maria Duval are extremely vital for creating the wealth in your life. It is a path filled with tests and transformation, without it, it will be nearly impossible to bring about any positive changes in your environment that you have dearly desired.

Everything in this world comes from the spirit and all things will lead to the spirits.

So the question is, how much do you want to be really prosperous and rich? If the your desire is so strong, it will remove the obstacles in your path no matter how challenging the situation will be.

One of the main points about discovering the material wealth in your life is to find out what you are made of, what are your talents or what are your passion.

Maria Duval says it's a common sense state that you cannot succeed in an area that is unsuitable, as you will find it uninvigorating, uninspiring and lack of that vital element called passion, hence no success will be achieved.

So you need to discover that in your life.


Spend time with people who think the way you like to think

So psychic Maria Duval says that by transforming your thoughts, you will really transform your view and perception of things and events and change your beliefs at the same time.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Through the events, you can learn something and you should learn as much as you can. If it is something that fails you, do not despair. Failures happen in life and these are tests for you to pass. Once you have passed these tests, successes will come to you. All you need to do is to persevere in the right way and acknowledge that your past has nothing to do with your future. You should not let your past pull you down.

So remind yourself that your experience will follow your new beliefs, so follow the example set by others to realise your aim. Spend time with people who think the way you like to think, who act in the way you would like to act, who are how you would like to be.


Actions and beliefs

As mentioned previously, your personal beliefs are formed from the events which you had gone through and experienced gradually over the course of your life. Then you learn something from what you have gone through and concluded the experience by forming your set of personal beliefs.

That's why every person is unique in thoughts and humans are such complicated lifeforms to understand.

For example, if you have an unhappy working stint with a particular company, you may look at that in a different way by declaring to yourself, "maybe I have made a wrong decision" or by thinking "why am I not appreciated there?"

If these thoughts are repeated and consolidated in your mind, feelings or emotions related to these will form, and you will action from the beliefs that result from it.

Your beliefs have been created by the events that you have experienced over the course of your life and above all by the conclusions that you have drawn from them, in t


Beliefs are foundations of your Thoughts

More on psychic Maria Duval's advices on personal beliefs.

Thoughts are actions while your beliefs are the foundations on which you build your thoughts. In other words, your beliefs will attract in the emotional or material world the counterpart of what they radiate. Your beliefs are in fact an assortments of thoughts, materalised and very powerful thoughts with the ability to create your reality.

Do you know that your beliefs will lead to what kind of decisions you made. Your beliefs direct the way of your thinking. How you feeling emotionally is also due to your own beliefs. Actions you have taken also come from your beliefs and personal values. Of course, how you interpret the world and the happenings around you are linked to your personal beliefs.

Therefore, if you always wish to make a breakthrough in life, you have to change your existing beliefs, if not, no matter what you do, you will achieve the same result!

Maria Duval suggests that to change your beliefs, one way to do it is to meditate. Learn from Maria more about it if you are considering how to change your thoughts to change your beliefs


Your own Beliefs

Psychic Maria Duval advises we should choose your own set of positive beliefs and follow it. Soon you will become the person you have always dreamed to be, filled with love, success and prosperity. Your firm beliefs will be the rock and foundation of your personality.

When your beliefs are supportive and appropriate for your life destiny, they will create a never ending stream of wealth for you. However, if they are not, you may encounter a lot of obstacles in your path.

Your beliefs are like what gold is to a currency, for they attract as well as radiate wealth into your life.

So what you believe to be true is true or will become so.

A person with self-esteem

Every person should have self-esteem as it is one of the most important personality trait. Self-esteem means the way you see or act yourself in a righteous way without any fear of being mislabelled inappropriately by others.

Do you know that the way in which you speak to yourself, look at yourself, the messages and the words with which you identify will determine the way you see yourself.

A person which a lot of negative thoughts about himself is likely not to feel good personally and thus there is a lack of self-esteem in that person. Very unfortunately, when you regard yourself with little self-esteem, that view will come back to you through the eyes of others, usually in the form of criticisms, or unsavoury remarks about you.

Therefore psychic Maria Duval states that it is important for you to love yourself if you want to be loved by other people. So discard away bad negative thought patterns from your mind and adopt positive mindset. Then you will endow yourself with dynamic energy that will attract the positives, and at the same time, you will project a positive image of yourself.


Changing times

There is nothing is this world that is permanent. Events and things change all the time, so do not ever cling on to them. Everyday every year, you are experiencing a lot of changes in the tides of time. The past events serve just as a lasting memory, whether good or bad.

So advice from psychic Maria Duval is to allow things to happen to you in this evolving world and allow life to flow through you.

So from now on, thrive yourself well, give 100% of your effort to things you are doing. In times to come, you will receive 100% or more of what you put in in return.

There is always a solution to every problem

Now, Maria Duval highlights that you can always bring your attention to solutions and never to problems. Give yourself gentle reminders that for every problem, there lies a solution and if you refuse to entertain what happens to be a problem, it will go away all by itself.

If at one time or another a negative thought comes to your mind, be calm and allow them to pass and do not resist them as they will go away by themselves through your meditated mind.

The negative is superimposed on man by separating consciousness of the good and bad of which it is formed, but its profound nature is divine.

Behind every negative, there is always a hidden positive thought and joy. Why is that so you may ask?

Because human nature is basically kind as man is guilt in the image of God.

Therefore, why make yourself feel bad by hanging on to things which make you feel bad, ask Maria Duval. In conclusion, never forget that they are nothing but illusions along your path and that your true nature is divine and filled with intelligence.