Maria Duval - Ignorance of man

Man is blind. We have the illusion that the word we see is real, but we see only the reflection of our mind; that's why all the sacred texts claim that man lives in ignorance, and that ignorance is the most serious of our illnesses.

The illusion burns with a thousand tempting fires, which hypnotise man, cut us off from our powers and plunge us day after day deeper within the mental, thus separating us from our true source, which is our soul, which is just another name for God in man. The soul, within the heart of all of us, is God and the spirit of God in man.

To find God, you must get out of your mind and your dual thoughts, to access your heart; allow yourself to be carried by your intuition and the love that resides deep within you.


Maria Duval: Muladhara Chakra - the Root Centre

As mentioned before by Psychic Maria Duval, there are seven chakras in the human body. The chakras are the energy centres that capture that cosmic energy and distribute it throughout the body.

When one of the seven chakras, the Muladhara Chakra, which is situated at the base of the spine, is not sufficiently activated, the circulation of the energy will be affected and consequently, a person will suffer from a lack of self-confidence and a feeling of insecurity, as what Maria Duval points out.

The Muladhara Chakra is sometimes known as the Root Centre which means it is a resting place of the dormant spiritual potential. Its activation restores the free circulation of the vital energy within the human body. If you are keen to find out more, Psychic Maria Duval can teach you on the activation of the Muladhara Chakra.

When the Root Centre is functioning harmoniously, a person will benefit from umlimited vital energy which favours creative activity and enables a person to assert over himself. As a result, goals can be easily achieved due to the unwavering confidence, stability and perseverance.


Maria Duval - Your inner child

In Maria Duval's secrets of well-being and happiness, it is written do not be afraid to express your true self. The Universe needs you, just as you are, with all your qualities and faults. Love yourself, respect yourself and be genuine. Then you will be in harmony with yourself and with the Universe. If you show yourself as you are, others will trust you more readily and will in turn be more honest with you.

Moreover, if you are being yourself, you increase your ability to concentrate and to master your emotions. Because you are intuitively linked to your 'inner friend', that part of you , full of love and wisdom, that knows what is good for you and communicates this to you through your tiny inner voice. Maria Duval suggests all of us to learn to listen to it.

It's as though you were offering your help to a child - your inner child - the being in your that remains pure, innocent and genuine. Full of spontaneity, freshness and creativity. Just give it your love and your inner child will protect you.


Maria Duval - more on leading a balanced life

Continuing from yesterday's post about balanced life, you can't be well-balanced in life if you are torn between two different aims. The aim of improving yourself encompasses all your interests. This suggestion brings your calmness and helps helps you to remain poised.

And begin by getting into the habit of putting some thought into your actions. Once you have decided to do something, think about it before you go ahead. If you always establish a plan before you take action, you won't get bogged down with unforseen tasks. And if the unexpected happens, you will be able to cope with it without losing sight of your initial plan, by using the power of your concentration.

Maria Duval repeats that do not allow yourself to get easily ruffled. Remain calm and indifferent to the things that happen to annoy you and to the reasons for them. If something bad happens, if a vexing situation arises, say to yourself, "everything will be fine, everything will work out". And most importantly, do not ever let panic taking over the control when you are faced with a stronger adversary or else you won't have lost the balance you have been practising all the time. Remain calm and steady and your oppenents who want to see you dejected will be defeated.


Maria Duval - achieving balance in life

If you are a balanced person, you use up energy in an even and level manner. You will rarely have any ups and downs emotionally or one minute of high spirits while the sagging spirits in the next minute. Through balance or level-headedness, you are protected from temperamental swings.

Maria Duval adds that people who are level-headed are calm and they can face up to any adverse situations calmly, confidently and successfully. This is a virtue as it brings self-confidence and self-control. Level headed person is not dominated by his peers but he governs and controls it.

Maria Duval suggests to train to be level-headed by repeating "I have a single aim in my life. This is to improve myself - intellectually, socially or morally." Say it as often as you can so that you can absorb its positive energy.


Turning negative into positive energy

I find the follow paragraphs from Maria Duval highly relevant to our spiritual growth. Haven't we are faced by anger many times in our life?

Sometimes, it is very easy to lose the temper when you might be blinded by the anger and do things that you may regret when your anger has died down. That means you have experienced the negative side of anger, one that drains your energy, deprives your free will and causing regret later. In fact, negative emotions will lead to guilt, remorse, shame, sadness and others. It is a continual vicious cycle, says Maria Duval.

However, if you are intelligent enough not to allow this anger to take over you, but by just observing it, you can then become capable of tracing your anger back to its source so that you can use its inherent energy positively and constructively.

Maria Duval asks rather than blowing your top off which really leads you to nowhere thus causing more detriment to you and people around, why not use this energy positively to find solutions for your problem?

In the end, by accepting your emotion instead of forcing it back into your subconscious, by observing it and unleashing it by using your powers of concentration, you will convert this emotion into a positive force. Isn't what Maria says here truly represents words of wisdom?


Maria Duval - controlling our emotions

Continuing from yesterday's article about emotions, Maria Duval says that mastering our emotions does not mean suppressing them. People who claim they are devoid of emotions or have conquered them are really deluding themselves because they are just suppressing them. They are in fact denying them because they are afraid of being overwhelmed by them. However, neither can we allow our emotions to drag you off course, or give them full rein so that we are totally at their mercy.

In a society where it is seen as cool to be strong and insensitive, people stifle their emotions so much that even when they do surface, they are no longer conscious of them. The first thing to learn is to be aware of our emotions by recognising their patterns, ie, the way in which they manifest themselves.