Let go and experience new world of peace

Maria Duval says that once you have connected with your intuition you need never fear, because there is a great sense of strength outpouring from within you, supporting you, guiding you and giving you whatever is best for you.

To make contact with your intuition at any time, you need to let go and give yourself up to it, rather than giving in to your pride and ego that dominates many people's inner self. Once you have prepared to let you, you will find that there is great deal of peace and transquility inside you rather than constant in-fighting with your thoughts and ego about worldly needs.


Let me continue the previous day's post for doing right for you.

By acting in a way that is right for you, you are actually accumulating merits and you will be flooded with a multitude of favours and benefits. According to psychic Maria Duval, the great thing about this type of attitude is that if you act in a way that is right for you, it will also be right for those around you.

Rightly so, you are not secluded from others as long as you are in tune with your intuition. You are still in line with the world without this being in any way a burden. Most importantly, do not think that this is a selfish way of acting as this is not the case.


Maria Duval says because actually you will not be acting from your selfish center that brings everything back to you, which takes and forgets and focuses on its wound and what is not right. By acting on the basis of your intuition you will be connected to the spiritual dimension and that will bring you a great deal of security and peace.

Your intuition is the word of God within you.


Listen to your intuition

Psychic Maria Duval adds that when you give yourself up or something away, you will create a new space for yourself. A new space will come in to take over what you have just given.

When you live in truth, you attract what is right for you. That means simply what is right for you is what is best for you. I know it sounds too easy. What I actually mean is that what is right for you is specific to you and does not have anything to do with what is right for your neighbour. That's also why Maria Duval keeps saying we must listen to our own intuition as it is the best voice specific to us.

Of course that does not stop you from asking for advices, but then, once you have all the necessary information, do what is right for you.


Find the right frequency

Psychic Maria Duval suggests that a simple way and practice of living in truth is to connect to your intuition which is the vehicle for your communications with the spiritual dimension.

Find the right frequency to your heart and deep most feeling. Tune in to this frequency and listen to it intently. And you'll discover what is right for you. You are your own master and no one knows that better than yourself as others can only point you in the right direction as the actions and decisions still depend on yourself.

To be fair to yourself, seek help from anointed masters like Maria Duval if your intuition is not yet sufficiently developed. This can help you reap the benefits of for your continual spiritual developments.

Be at ease wth ourselves

We should always thrive to be ourselves, at ease to ourselves and most importantly, to be true to ourselves. Being accountable to your soul makes you a peaceful person and it is living in truth and telling the truth, as Maria Duval says.

There's really no point forcing yourself to do things which do not make you feel comfortable or doing against your conscience. You'll never feel at ease and you'll hate yourself one day when the truth has arrived.

Moreover, by going against yourself and your personal guide, you will live in the dimension of the mind and will be confronted constantly by the dual world of evil and good. Of course, that feeling of fear of losing or not having.


Spiritual places

We need to go back to our spiritual root to discover that the source of all healing comes from there. The spiritual mind that heals you is all powerful over the psychological body and over the physical body, according to psychic Maria Duval.

When miraculous healings take place, the changes are taken place at the spiritual dimensions and that's why spiritual body encompasses all bodies. Whenever there is very strong spiritual presence, for example, at the presence of the master or at holy place, spiritual healings can take place.

Places like Lourdes, San Giovanni, Assise, Meljorge are strong spiritual places for Christians charged with the presence of the divine and the saints. Earthly beings can make contact with divine dimensions in these places too.


True happiness is found in your heart

Materialism is the word in today's society. People just want to buy more and more of the latest stuff like fashion, cars, tech toys, or food. I guess that's just a part of the modern life and no one can accuse anyone of being too materialistic.

What I'm trying to say here is everything we do or act should have a limit to it. By being over indulgently materialistic is just giving you a false illusion of satisfaction and security. Life may not be better if a person keeps in buying and splashing the money on the luxuries. This in fact just creates a vicious cycle that may lead to more sadness and unhappiness in some extreme cases.

Psychic Maria Duval teaches that happiness is not found in the objects you possessed but rather, in your heart, which is the place you keep your true wealth. But how many people out there really grasp the subtle meaning of this?

To be truly happy, act selflessly by giving away generously within your might and this is a selfless heart at work and you'll bring more happiness to people around you.

Maria Duval also says this act of love will dissolve the hardest of stones and proud ego, which in actual fact, a source of problems in your life. Remember well that you are on earth to be happy and it makes your body grows stronger and wiser. If materialism gives you happiness, I guess that's only a transient illusion of temporary happiness.

So look for true happiness instead.


To live happily and heathily in the present

So to live happily and heathily everyone must live in the present. What does this mean?

Sometimes when your thoughts of the past come back to you, just shrug them off with no worries, allow them to come and go, and dissolve in their own accord without you pressurised to do anything. Do this with all your thoughts as Maria Duval suggests.

Just to take a simple example, now you think your life is not going great. You are facing strains in life everywhere and you suddenly think that five years ago everything was in its prime. You tell yourself how good things are then and you wish time bring you back.

As for the future, psychic Maria Duval says not to worry about it. Find your way, what you are made for, the thing that is right for you and follow your course, day after day, taking pleasure in everything you do. By doing this, you will be vital and happy to be alive.