Overcoming Fears

We all have fears. They are dead weights inside us and we have to learn to overcome them if we want to get on with life. For example, many people are fearful over taking heavy responsibilities or fearful of meeting people. There are also all kinds of fears that may trigger a person into a fearful convulsion at any time.

If any life situation arouse any feelings of anxiety, stress or fears, take a moment to reflect what might be causing this mental discomfort or preying on your mind.

Maria Duval explains that there are three main origins of fear:

  • An unpleasant experience you have been through;

  • An unpleasant experience someone else has been through;

  • An unpleasant experience you fear is going to happen to you.

Here are Maria's simple steps that may help to overcome such fears:

  • 1. Sit yourself down comfortably, close your eyes, take three deep breaths and visualise some pleasant scenes.

  • 2. Imagine you are in your basement, or in a dark cupboard and you are sweeping. Visualise the rubbish. Visualise it labelled with the fear you have just identified. See other rubbish labelled as other more general fears. Sweep the whole area.

  • 3. When you have finished, admire the result. How good you feel to be rid of all the dead weight!

  • 4. Translate our positive feelings into words and pronounce the following in your head: "I am now less and less afraid. Every day I am more and more capable of facing any situation with serenity and courage. I have total confidence in myself. May this be so."

  • 5. Open your eyes and feel wide awake. Feel that you have less fear and that you are surer of yourself.

Life is now more beautiful and peaceful; you feel more clear-headed than you have ever felt. Maria Duval says try to practise this ritual whenever you feel the need, so you can gradually flush out your various fears!


Positive Affirmations

It is always good and beneficial to repeat a positive affirmation at least three times per day, but many people still do not understand what's the meaning of positive affirmation. Affirmation mainly refers to first and foremost something that must be spoken with strength, confidence and determination. Affirmation can be positive, or negative.

Maria Duval gives some examples of positive affirmations:

Every day and in every way, I am becoming more and more positive.

Whatever happens today, I will face it with courage and I will expect a positive outcome.

I respect the person I am. I am capable of creating and resolving problems. I excel.

These are, of course, some positive affirmations.

Maria Duval says negative programming works just as well. But you wouldn't want to be negative, would you? Who would want to seek failure or accumulate problems?

You can certainly use the above examples from Maria Duval as your personal affirmation. However, it is better you can customise your own to your own situation and what you want out of life. It is better to select affirmations about positive thinking, self esteem and success. As you can see, affirmations are like programming your mental computer to change a particular habit you have so as to self improve your life.

Everytime you use a positive affirmation, repeat it at least 3 times a day continuously for 1 week. Do it relaxedly but seriously. As time goes by, you find that your mind has been programmed. From now on, your thoughts will be more positive, and life somehow transformed.

Maria Duval says positive affirmation process works because of a very basic Universal Law, which is "Energy Follows Thoughts", meaning, positive energy will flow in the direction of your attention.


Maria Duval - How to markedly improve your happiness, finances and luck

The amazing power of self-conditioning

Researchers have shown that we love in an energy aura that fills through the space. This is the source of all life and can be found within every atom - the building block - of the matter. The name given by the scientists to this energy is not important. What matters is that it works as an intelligence field. This is the nearest thing we have to a conception of the Creator. It is this intelligence that makes the world turn, and it is also this intelligence that lies behind our own functioning, us, the human race.

Maria Duval says this intelligence bonds with our personal intelligence to give us our instinct, ideas, intuition and inspirations. Those of us who are in greater harmony, with a universal vision, attract this intelligence field more strongly than those whose thought is more limited. This could imply that those who dare to think and dream find it easier to achieve happiness in life. Why, asks Maria Duval.

This is because they realise that the source of life does not lie in the material world we live in, but it is instead a gift bestowed by the Creator - a spiritual source. You can bring yourself to be in harmony with this intelligence field to benefit from it, is through "self conditioning", which us about changing from negative to positive attitude. To do this, relax your body and mind, AND, suggest t yourself and condition yourself to be positive and creative in both in your attitude and mood and in your behaviour.

Read the following worlds, then close your eyes and repeat them:

"Every day, in every way, I am becoming more and more POSITIVE."

Now breath in deeply and close your eyes and repeat it three times. You have just completed an important phase in re-programming your mind to be positive.

Maria Duval adds that it is an proven fact that your thoughts help to create the reality. Another fact: your thought comes from a well programmed computer, which is synonymously to the functioning of our complex brain. When you relax your body and mind, you switch on the computer that is your brain, and when you instruct it, you are programming your "computer". To completely master this seemingly normal process, you need to relax even more and give it even more specific messages.

Finally, Maria Duval states both right and left brains need to work harmoniously that when you relax and allow your mind to drift. This is when your "computer" is now activated.