Fears of the unknown

For many years I was locked in my own private prison because of fears of unknown. I had missed grasping an understanding of my identity when my strongest mentor, my mom, died of cancer when I was young. I hid my pain, confusion, and doubts, locking myself in a prison of pain. No one sought me out, and I concluded that I was disqualified for life. I was like a ship that had lost its anchor, and I just drifted through life for many years, doing well on the surface, but wrapped in a cloak of confusion within.

Gradually I learn and I understand.

Mind can only survive in the past and the future. There are no thoughts in the present moment. Heart is capable of being in the present. The way to live a heart centered life is to be totally in the present moment. There's clarity. In clarity, the clutter and clouds of thoughts fade away.


Maria Duval: what is Tantra

Tantra originated from India and is a form of yoga. Tantra is a form of spiritual tradition and a way of life too for several thousands of years. It celebrates and strives for the union of bodies, minds, hearts and souls.

The ultimate purpose of Tantra is the union of lovers, and ultimately union with the Divine. In the Tantric tradition, sexuality and spirituality are joined. Lovers actually invite God into their bed and with sacred sexuality, they share the intentional cultivation and use of sexual energy for spiritual growth, healing, creativity and enhanced pleasure.

Tantra wants you to be living. As living as the trees, as living as the rivers, as living as the sun and the moon. That is your birthright. It's about freedom; you lose nothing by trying it. But if you gain only one moment of total freedom, that is more than sufficient to compensate yourself. A long life as a slave under your present mind is worthless.


Maria Duval - More about I Ching, the Book of Changes

Maria Duval states that since modern intelligent Man first appeared on Earth, their have always tried to predict what about the future. This is the reason why every human civilisation has historical records about divinatory practices, located at every part of the world. From China, there is this book called 'The Book of Changes' or I Ching. The basic principle of this book is based on the Chinese view of the world being in constant and perpetual changes and transformation revolving around the idea of harmony between Man and the environment around him.

According to the view of Chinese, there are two elementary energies, Ying and Yang. Yang means light. It is associated with the active male principle with creativity, movement, heavens and Sun. It represents the positive energy.

Yin (dark), on the contrary, means female principle of passivity, receptivity, the Earth and the Moon. It means negative energy.

Yin and Yang therefore forms the fundamentals of every state of existence in the Universe, male/female, hot/cold, bright/dark, dry/wet, love/hate,  order/chaos, and others. Human and nature activities are just the manifestation of the actions of Yin and Yang forces.

For more Maria Duval teachings about I Ching, please refer to Maria's book about the powerful secrets of I Ching.


Maria Duval: Fasting, a source of power

Well, all the while I thought fasting will make you weak! I guess I'm wrong.

About fasting, Maria Duval said in her book that many traditions advocate fasting as a form of purification and meditation. Fasting is the simplest, most natural and oldest known way of renewing old reserves of energy, burning waste and stimulating the unsuspected power of new energy. Maria says the most important thing is to fast intelligently and in moderation.

Maria Duval adds that if you fast regularly, your body will be cleansed of its toxins and your mind of its pollution. It is like drinking the Fountain of Youth.

So practise fastings when you are able to. With controlled fasting, you will gain a new source of energy through your body.


Everyone has natural psychic ability

Do you know you everyone has some psychic abilities and that includes you?

Well, the fact is, most of us don't even know that. Take an example, did you ever meet someone in a social function and just knew you met that person before, although the person denies knowing you? That's really psychic.

Another example is sometimes you strongly feel that something was just not right and your gut told you not to do this task and you found out later your instincts were right. This is a common phenomenon and I have this experience over and over again with certain proven degree of accuracy. That's really psychic awareness. Renowned psychic Maria Duval is really a real life psychic who has helped me gain a lot of knowledge in this area and my spirituality has grown tremendously through Maria's teachings. To know more about Maria Duval, just visit Maria Duval site.


We should meditate regularly

If you practice meditation regularly, then you are probably aware of its benefits to your spiritual well-being. Mediation can help people stay calm, focused and relaxed. Relaxation is one of the most outstanding and well known benefits of meditation. It has been proven through studies that health problems are often a result of stress and anxiety. An individual can relieve his or her body from stress and anxiety through regular practice of meditation.

Meditative practices can also help people cope with their distress when they are experiencing great periods of stress. The negative effects of life changing episodes like the loss of a loved one or a divorce can be reduced through meditation. There is also evidence suggesting that meditative practices can slow a person's heart rate while increasing blood flow. A person can bring his blood pressure rate back to normal with repeated practice of meditation.


Living from your heart

Living from your heart means really sharing yourself with others. Not wearing the mask that people often hide behind, or putting up barriers to the possibilities of connection with each other. And it means letting go of those destructive feelings that get in the way. Like pride, and jealousy, envy and suspicion.

You can live from your heart every single day. You can accept people for who they are without making judgments or finding fault, or taking offence. Having an open heart means acting out of kindness, compassion and understanding rather than seeing yourself as separate and unconnected. You really can make a difference in other people's lives as well as your own.