Maria Duval - Seal of Moon

When the magic square has 81 boxes, each containing one of the numbes from 1 to 81 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the Moon. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical or diagonally lines produces number 369, reduced, 45 or, reduced again, 9. These numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Maria Duval says the Seal of the Moon is specially recomended to those born in the sign of Maria Duval - Seal of MoonCancer, which is why Maria advises Cancerians to carry a moon seal with them as much as possible.

For the Seal of the Moon to be able to exercise its power properly, it should be associated with an object made of silver and stored in white surroundings by wrapping it with white silky clothes or woollen material.

The Seal of the Moon is particularly suitable when it comes to favoring motherhood, safe-guarding a child, having a good relationship with mother or a woman or increasing popularity, eg, during an election. Health benefits that this seal may bring include improving sterility and bringing solace to person who are under depression.