Maria Duval on Law of Affinity

Every man is linked to the Universal Cosmic Energy, by means of his Will, Heart, Soul, and Mind, which are the five elements at work within the Cosmos.

Maria Duval DodecahedronMaria Duval explains that this comes about because man, or "little world", was created in the image of God that possesses the elements and the materials that exists in the "big world", all the divine qualities and virtues.

Despite this universal concept, most people do not enjoy all the benefits of Providence, if they find they face many tests in their lives, it is because they do not know how to adjust themselves to the divine model.

To overcome this as much as possible, Maria Duval says you have to find your spiritual resonance and allow this resonance to vibrate at the same wavelength as cosmic vibration. When this happens, the Universe will answer you in the form of benefits, luck, prosperity, happiness and love...

The information I posted previously - dodecahedron - can help you to achieve this resonance much easier and faster, all thanks to its unique geometrical shape and form.

When that happens, your judgment will improve significantly. The consequences of your actions will be clear to you. You will also form a shield that will protect you from the external and internal enemies that threaten you.

So now, never be a victim if lies and deceit, solitude and isolation, broken hearts or lucks that are not coming by as you now have known the elements that will allow you to gain a better understanding of how the law of affinity work.

Think of Dodecahedron.