Maria Duval - Choice of Words

Maria Duval says that since ancient times it has been known that your word is a cause set in motion. In fact, the universe itself is claimed to have emanated from a single primordial sound. In the science of yoga, it is believed that certain Sanskrit words, known as mantras, can bring about magical results, thus you can secure abundance with a certain mantra, peace with another, and so on.Maria Duval on WordsOn a more practical level, your word still remains highly potent.

With your words, you can wound someone, sending them into spirals of defeat, and with your words you can heal someone, raising them up from a dismal place to soaring hope and motivation. In fact, the entire field of self-improvement is the transmission of words that will assist others to get a firm perspective and move forward with their lives, fulfilling their dreams and desires.

On a personal level, too, your words affect you. What you say to yourself about anyone or anything affects you, too. If you speak well of someone or something, you bring more of that harmony into your life. And if you speak ill of someone or something, you bring more of that frustration and anger and conflict into your life.

Don't you ever realise that a parent's casual words of remarks can affect the destiny of a child. And the most potent words that a parent can use to affect a child are those spoken at the time of dying...since these are the last words, and the moment is so highly-charged and the awareness so acute, these words become an imperative that the child now feels obligated to never disown.

Words are further charged with the emotion behind them. The stronger the emotion, the more highly charged the words. Many a love affair has fallen by the wayside because of emotionally charged words, which are later regretted.

Despite all this, people use words with the utmost casualness. People wreck their own lives and that of others through the careless use of words. They also accept the words of others as a given truth, when, in fact, all comments by others are merely opinion.

Maria Duval also states that a person can rise from poverty to wealth, from sickness to health, and from loneliness to loving companionship simply through exposing themselves to the most beneficial stream of words.

Words not only steal hearts, but shape reality as well. The earth can be a better place because of your choice of words. You can fill lives with the miracles of your words. You can be an agent for positive change and bring out the best in yourself and others simply by how you use words. Words are psychic shape-shifters...use them wisely.


Learn from mistakes and change the Mindset

Internal defeat is a mindset, where you begin to believe that most new ideas will fail. You might think -"After all, what I tried in last week's Yoga class, failed."

learn from mistakesou will always learn from mistakes. When you see them clearly as a test, examine the results, and study them closely for the reason why they went wrong.

Whether it is a lesson plan, trying mantras, Hot Yoga, Gentle Yoga, a pro shop, or trying anything new, it is better to make mistakes than do nothing at all.

Some of the most successful Yoga teachers, I know, deal with mistakes as part of the learning curve. They turn all of their defeats into learning experiences. This is extremely powerful when you consider the cost of learning anything of value.

After all, what did you spend on your education, so far? Did you think you would stop learning at a certain point in life? Did you learn from your past mistakes? Of course you did, and now you are stronger due to the corrective adjustments, you have made.

When a child learns to ride a bicycle, there are plenty of falls along the way, and then the falling stops. However, even skilled adults fall off bicycles, sometimes.

So, don't take past failures personally. Put them behind you and learn from each one.

Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers had failures, but nobody seems to remember that. Just like them, you are not a failure, but you may have failed in the past, just like they did. When you get down on yourself, look back at what you have accomplished.

When you take on your next project, do the research first, assemble a team, make a full commitment to succeed, and never mentally quit before you start.

Lastly, whenever it is possible, learn from the mistakes of others. This is why Yoga businesses approach me for consulting services: To save money by avoiding known mistakes, pitfalls, and traps.


Maria Duval - Friendship

We are social creatures and all of us cannot live alone, or elsewhere live would be very miserable. We all need a family and friends to socialise with. Friendship is one area which affects how your life will be, the quality of life you lead. Having a group of buddies and friends brightens our lives, especially when there is a common interest being shared. In this friendship circle, you give and you receive in return to maintain a balance.

Maria Duval Friendship
Some people find new friends easily when some find it tough. A person with powerful personal magnetism can certainly help you attract more friends and contacts. But to create a fruitful friendship, one needs to do more to maintain this harmony. Certain attitude needs to be adopted.

Maria Duval points out that firstly, you need to forgo a tinge of egocentricity that makes you want to impose your own ways and views without respecting others around you. Trying to force your own ideas on your group of friends and think that you are the leader of the group is a deadly sin when it comes to friendship.

Every person has a value and belief and wants it to be recognised. Similarly, you also have your own belief system hence to force your own beliefs on others will create disharmony. Therefore you must be prepared to accept other people who have different values from you. Respect is very important as you can see. If you are a true friend, you will offer advices, not imposing on others to adopt your mindset.

Someone being a friend to you does not mean you can have the approved authority to impose your ideologies on the friend. Also always remember that all negative feelings will weaken your magnetic power and could end up getting it destroyed forever.

Remember, in a friendship, do not try to get all the limelight, do not embarrass friends purposely, do not spread rumours, and have respect for each of your buddies.


Maria Duval - Money as Energy

The more you develop your sense of personal worth, the higher and greater evolution on the spiritual level, and the more prosperity will smile and take care of you. When this happens, you will be inside a magic cycle where your money will attract even more money.

Maria Duval points out that the proof of this is that all the Initiates and spiritual Masters lead a bountiful life and existences. They have a particular attitude towards money, which is a mindset and it is a spiritual mindset. In this mindset, money is not earned by working, but money gets attracted to you naturally!

For as long as you see money purely as a material thing, you will always be afraid that you won't have enough of it! You can't think of money as a gift from the heaven as this makes you too anxious to receive it!

Money is an energy and it must circulate. It is there to be shared and a manifestation of love. It is also a form of universal cosmic energy "condensed" into matter.

Maria Duval says that to understand how money can flow to you easily, you have to understand that it is actually a reward for a service given. Hence the word service is used in its broadest sense.

It also concerns both service you do to yourself by honouring your divine nature, by valuing and respecting yourself, and the services you render to others, in terms of help, sharing and compassion.


Maria Duval - Money is Spiritually Divine

It is essential that we need to identify the right kind of attitude towards money and regard it as an energy force that we have to learn to master it here in this world. Remember that it is closely related with personal worth and self image.

Using money correctly doesn't mean rejecting it but rather using it differently, in line with your personal worth.

Money is Spiritually Divine - Maria DuvalMoney influences us in every stage of our life. During younger days, we use money to satisfy our needs for more materialistic items. As we grow up, we start to plan for milestones in life like study, marriage, career, and family. Money is needed for each of these stages in life. While we get more stable in life, we pursue more idealisitc goal like political, religious, ecological or other. And we spend more time working towards those goal.

Maria Duval says that during the first phases of use, we spend money on purely material aims, the majority of people stay at this level of awareness of money energy; they "stagnate" in their evolution and this is why they are incapable of developing a wealthy and prosperous mindset.

When you understand the fact that money by its very own nature is "divine" and the owner is the one who gives it the life, the precious power of spiritual awakening will be automatically activated. Through this activation, other inert aspirations in us will be aroused and we will start looking at money with a new angle.