Gaining trusted friends

Speaking about imposing ideas on another friend, I think everyone has own sense of value and ideas and of course, it yearns to be recognised. If a person is not able to accept other people have their own opinions which are different from his own, then it is very difficult to have a fruitful friendship. Do not be too critical of others and be disapproving of what others are expressing without trying to put yourself in the other person's place. Just imagine for seconds what would you do if you are in his position?

A little bit of empathy would be great and well-appreciated I guess. Would you do things any better, worse or different? Respect their opinion. If you are a true friend, you won't impose, you won't judge!

Clairvoyant Maria Duval teaches that the fact that you are someone's friend does not authorise you to give advice when you haven't been asked for it, to ask awkward questions or to commit discretions. And you yourself must think twice before you share confidences that you might regret later.

If you do this, you will gain true, sincere and devoted friends on whom you can rely and whom you'll be glad to meet during good times and bad. Remember that friendship is a balance! Make sure you do not spoil this wonderful balance by being over imposing and critical.


A friendship needs mutual balance

A friend is someone who you have something in common with and you like to spend your social and leisure time with. In a friendship, you give and you hope to receive, so in a great friendship, it is a two way process in exchanging of ideas, and mutual trust for each other. There has to be a balance in a friendship to be created.

Maria Duval says having a powerful personal magnetism helps a person to attract sympathy and influence opinions, however, to create a harmonious friendship, something more is needed. Certain kind of attitude needs to be adopted in order to achieve this.

Thinking through this, I feel that first of all, a person must not impose his or her view strongly on another party and expect everyone must agree. I'm sure if I have such kind of person as a friend, I'll not be willing to spend some of my time to be with this friend as it is very stressing, isn't it?


Practise for success in love and relationships

I think one of the most important aspect of a fruitful human life is to have a soul mate to accompany you through life. Someone who stays by your side no matter what happens, who trusts and believes you, and who supports you irregardless of who you are.

That's why I'm very sad to have people around me who are not able to find love, or are being played out in the game of love and relationship.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says this is an art which you can learn and improve if you find yourself short. She has the rituals to help you if you need to improve it through the spiritual point of view.

Well, today I'll briefly write about succeeding in love i had been applying in my life. It does have some success in me because I really got to set up a dinner date with a guy I like. It's still early though and I hoping for the best!

What Maria Duval teaches me is that, make yourself comfortable in a dark and peaceful room. Totally peaceful and calm. No disturbance of senses at all. Next choose a time when you know (hopefully) that the person you love is also calm, relaxed and receptive. If you do not know, I think it is safe to say it is around sleeping time if that person works in the day time.

Now, in the quiet room, imagine this person, how you like he or her to be towards you, whether leaning towards you, clasp in your arms, strolling blissfully together, or even imagine some intimate times together!

Think hard.. until you see them or sense them near you. Talk to them very softly while thinking about the words you say to them and the replies you hear, replies which of course imagined and invented by you as you wish.

At this intense psychic moment, Maria Duval says a kind of telepathy will occur and with more practise, patience, confidence and persistence, you find that this person gradually develops a kind of warmer attitude towards you. And if that happen,s follow it up from here and your wish will be fulfilled.

I wish all of you who are looking for love of your life successful and blissful.


Clairvoyant Maria Duval - a guide to a restful sleep

To relax yourself before dinner, have a warm nice shower. After a day of tough work, you just want to forget all the worries of your workplace if possible and focus your attention on your wellbeing and family bliss. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says do not bring such issues to your sleep as they drain you off your magnetism. Clear your mind, fully relax and avoid any subject that can cause arguments.

There are ways to cheer yourself up, suggestions which I'm sure you know too, like watching a comedy show, interact with your bubbling kids, play with pets, read books, chit chat with friends or an intimate time with your partner. Involve in activities that enrich your mind rather than loading it further.

Such activities make you loose up and put you in frame to sleep. Maria Duval strongly suggests to align your bed from North to South magnetic lines of the Earth, and you sleep with your head facing North.

Soon you'll be sleepy and if not, focus your mind on peaceful and monotonous image. Or you can turn on some very serene and peaceful music. Relax, and put your left hand flat on your stomach (solar plexus). Now do not move a bit, keep still. Very soon, you will sink into a very sleep sleep and will wake up refreshed in the morning.


Maria Duval - you need to balance work and rest

All of us are very hardworking earning and making money for a good living as you most probably are, but as the competition gets more intensive, I feel that more people are sacrificing their personal time for work. As a result, fatigue sets in and worse still, under great pressure to do well, negative symptoms like depressions and illnesses invade the life. This is really sympathetic. My point is, there has to be a balance.

Maria Duval, my psychic advisor, speaks about fatigue in life when she writes, we got to understand the signals our bodies are giving out. All too often, these signals are ignored as we assume we are still able physically. Stop for a rest if you are tired. If you are tired easily, it could be a grave signal too your well being.

Just take my example, a couple of weeks ago, a stream of low energy hits me and for a while, I just couldn't concentrate on my work and in the end, i made an rather serious error of sending the wrong product to wrong client! My job requires me to be attentive all the time hence such mistake is unforgivable if happens for the second time. I was just too tired. I needed a rest and I really rested well. With the help of the Maria Duval harmoniser, the bad energies were dispersed, so I recovered over the weekend and I felt like recharged again.

So my friends, if you are constantly on the toes and over-working, this could lead to psychological issues and they could block the flow of positive energies in your body and life. So, slow down, friends!


Maria Duval - powering your mind

Clairvoyant Maria Duval states that there is a need to accept and make the most of the present. You must strive to make it as great as possible of every immediate task, purely for the satisfaction of a job well done.

Little by little, your scope will increase, and so you will climb another rung, and then a series of rungs, developing your personality as you go, which will give you more power. Your future is therefore built on the present.

Maria Duval also says your power depends on how you use your mind. Your ideas can only be based on your inner substance. What you are inside governs your relationship with the world and the people around you, and determines your success, or, failure.

When you have grasped these general ideas, you may feel inclined to enrich yourself and deepen your knowledge of some subject you may be particularly interested in.

Unless you just want to relax, Maria Duval also suggests reading good books that give you something that improves your mind.

Learn to read quickly, underlining the main passages that set out and explain the authors ideas. When you have finished reading, jot down these ideas in a few lines. Review your notes from time to time, and you will gradually build yourself a store of very useful reference material.