Psychic feeling

Now back to our favourite topic how "being psychic".

Those psychic feeling is what you always say "gut feeling", so such feeling can never be 100% accurate although it can give you motivated looking forward for the good event you feel will come true to arrive. You have such feeling when you sense energies around you and it can be traumatic and is depending on your "sensitive" levels.

These kind of feelings are naturally in-born with everyone of us. It's just how sensitive you are. To be able to call yourself psychic, the sensitivity must be high and from what I know, a psychic can experience the pain and where it comes from usually near this region of body called solar plexus.

So if you think you have this God-given ability, do make use of it to benefit yourself or help people around you.


Clarify, not assume

It is a common sense that there is always a right for people to ask or to clarify matters if there are areas which are grey or more explanations are needed so there is no need to be shy or what. Similarly, anyone has the right to ask you questions and you have the choice to answer it. What I mean is that when you have the means to get the answer you need, there won't be any assumptions in your mind.

Remember if you communicate clearly, all your relationship will improve:"This is what I want; here's what you want". An end to false assumptions.

Psychic minder reader Maria Duval suggests to put this into constant practice in our life as much as we can although I understand there are situations where we are scared to ask. The more you do this, the more magical your words will become. Gradually you'll feel better in life.


Ways to avoid over assume

There are some suggestions from about avoiding making assumptions.

1. Ask questions.
2. Ensure there is clear communications.
3. Ensure that you know what is going on actually before making your own assessement.
4. Don't think that you are expert about everything.
5. Do not think over highly of yourself.

I know I have a friend who always think she knows what is going on all the time and she's expert in every subject. Never she knows that she is making a mess out of everything whenever she blurbs something unnecessary thus causing a lot of unhappiness about people around.


When you are feeling drained..

Sometimes when I feel down and the world seems to go against me, spiritually it means my life energy is draining away. In such situation, lethargy and tiredness will set in. There is a need to get it recharged.

I find that a very effective way to recharge that lost energy is through laughter. It makes people more relaxed and less stressed up. It opens up your mind and let you see the beauty of the world around you. Mentally I feel loosen up too and you your mind will be come more creative. It also focuses you to be more positive in your outlook and not dulling yourself in your own mind.

Another suggestion is to go for a psychic reading which is quite popular I find in some places. Obviously some people think it is superstitious. To me it is a good way to gain more insight into your life as psychic readers can use divination tools like tarot and crystals together with their own innate intuition to divine answers to questions, issues or fortune telling. Great psychics have the powers to inspire and motivate their customers and even transform their lives. Thus it is a very closed relationship.

Therefore, this fruitful relationship can clear away any blocks, glimpsed the road ahead, some opportunities and even obstacles to avoid, but the drive is still your own. A good psychic reading involves trust and I believe an opportunity - the opportunity to step into your best life.


Be sure of yourself and do not assume too much

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says human beings always have a need to justify everything, explain everything, understand everything, as some means of reassurance. Deep inside each of us, we feel insecurity and we justify things we do to make us feel confident so to speak. There are millions of questions we want answers because our minds just cannot explain everything at this moment. There will always be things that cannot be answered. Therefore we set assumptions. Somehow this is how the thought process works.

For example, if someone asks us something, we make assumptions about their motives for asking us this question. However, if they do not ask, we assume another way why this person has no respect. What we see, hear and sense, we assume and convince that is the truth.

As we have such complex emotions, we worry about being ourselves, especially so when we are with other people. Back in the mind, we think they are judging and observing us as we interact with them. And worry that they are rejecting us in the process. All these are baseless assumptions.