Maria Duval - Learning to relax

Maria Duval's "instant relaxation" technique.

This technique allows you to restore your energy anywhere and at anytime, and it can be done in a short time like a few minutes.

To perform this technique, first of all you need to settle down comfortably, or you can lay down. Close your eyes and carry out an isometric contraction of all your muscles and then breath deeply.

With each exhalation, let your tiredness, worries and tensions flow out through your heels into the depths of the earth.

Pause at the end of each exhalation, before allowing the air to flow back into your lungs bringing tranquility, peace and calmness.

During the pause after each inhalation, "feel" the space within your whole body.

Next visualise yourself in an "idea" relaxing environment, like sea, river, forest, meadow, mountain, cave, or waterfall, where you can stay completely relaxed. You can visualise about the singing oriole at the near side of the river, the figure-like white clouds at the far sky, periodic splashing of the wave at the beach rocks, a peaceful garden with light breeze or two meters underneath a coral atoll.

At this place, use the energy of colours to restore your energy. For example, imagine a beautiful rainbow: breath in the colour as if the air you were breathing was coloured - which corresponds to your needs of the moment and allow it to spread through your body.

Next, Maria Duval teaches that as you breath out, let it flow out through your heels. Return to everyday reality by stretching fully.

This is the "instant relaxation" technique which you can use to recharge your batteries with physical and mental energy is just a few minutes. Try it. It is quite effective.