A Driving Force of Life

Maria Duval thinks that self esteem is a very important driving force in life. How you view yourself does fairly condition the way other people around you view and treat you.

For exmaple, if you harbour too many negative thoughts, probably, your outlook about life will be extremely forlorn. It is imperative to love yourself and fill yourself with lots of positive ideas, because that will show up in you externally and a gush of dynamic energy will engulf you and people around you.

Maria Duval - A Driving Force of Life
Maria Duval says it is a common misguided view for humans to regard life as generally tough and rocky. This is prevalently unfortunate as people do not know there is a substantial effect on their own quality of life.

Life is a sacred and spiritual gift. Each of us has an divine right to live happily and abundantly.

The question is, why must we "earn" what we already have? This is the divine power of life which everyone is equally entitled in their lives!


A Steely Determination

To me, life is like a convoluted path that brings you from point A to point B, point C and so on.. Hence, it is much better that you draw yourself a path to go by and with clear destination, so that you won't stray off the path that often. It's so much more focused and directional. If you have perseverance, most often than not, you will end up reaching your final destination successfully. Isn't it true? The Universe will surely reward those who persevere till the end.'

Maria Duval again tells me that having a steely determination is
Maria Duval - Determination
the crux to turning my desire for wealth into its material equivalent.

is key of determination is to surround yourself with people who already have full of that quality. Invest more of your time to communicate with such people because they will influence you positively and you can also be inspired to do it the right way.

In the end, Maria Duval states that determination is a state of mind, so you can grow it gradually and apply it accordingly when you have known it.


Help Haitian Quake Victims Generously

There is a massive tragedy that is happening at the other side of the Earth which is the Carribeans sea. That's right, I believe you think there is a lot of news reports regarding the scale 7 earthequake that striked Haiti last week. Up to 200,000 people were estimated to have perished, as the quake occurred just very near to the built up city region.

I would advise people to help Haiti by giving generously to these victims so that they have food, and means to continue their lives. Give joyfully for a very noble cause, be it money, medicine or other living necessities.

Do you know that one fundamentally "rule" to generate more wealth and prosperity is to obey Help Haitithe universal law of giving which states that the more you give in a joyful way, the more you will receive in return. However, I do not mean that is your primary intention to help Haitian victims, otherwise it will be a purely selfish reason. The gist is to give and help joyfully without expecting anything in return.

Giving allows the riches of the Universe to flow freely through your own life. If you refuse to give or are stingy to give, you block the flow of abundance in your life. It really makes me sad to see some people being so frugal and tight-fisted to the extent of being oblivious to the plight of some unfortunate people.