We only live on the present, not past or future

Psychic Maria Duval states that there is nothing permanent in this world. The world out there is a duality entity which is lways in a constant state of flux. Man have created their own fears and multitude of problems upon themselves. The repercussions of it mean live are gradually poisoned and stained spiritually.

Because of these fears that create more insecurity, man always look to the past for solitude and project into the future to forget about the present mess, but their forget that life can only be lived in the present.

Maria Duval makes a very good point that if you are absorbed by the thoughts of the past, you will also repeat your past and in your new life you will never experience anything differently better from than past which you are trying to shake off.

Similarly, if you do not act to change the present but keep thinking of the promise of the future, you will not be capable of feeling your needs, to see what is good for you.


Maria Duval - The Spiritual Body

We are all spiritual bodies, aren't we?

Psychic Maria Duval states that the spiritual body is the origin of all the other bodies. It is the substance of the being. With spiritual body, you can be nearer to the divine and spiritual kingdom of the Higher Being, in physical human form.

In this modern and materialistic world, we have already stifled our spiritual bodies in the past paced society we now live in. As living stresses built up, the spiritual body has become more withdrawn to the extent that we have lost it! That's why it is important that we care about this divine friend in us, for it can help us immensely to our success.

The spiritual body is the seat of the spirit, without it, no one can live. Different layers of body as I described earlier are built onto this spiritual body and that's what we are composed of.


Our Psychological Body

Psychic Maria Duval says the astral body or psychological body records all the imprints (samskaras) of our present life and those of our past lives.

It is composed of:

The mind (namas) that thinks and doubts.

The intellectual (bouddhi) that analyses and evaluates. The subconscious (chitta). Maria Duval explains that the subconscious is the part of our consciousness located just below the conscious mind. The experiences recorded in the subconscious are generally accessible when it is relaxed.

The subconscious (satchitta) which records all our past experiences and is generally only accessible to the conscious mind with great difficulty. Failures, lapses, accidents, dreams, psychosomatic illnesses all also modes of expression of the unconscious mind.

Well, Maria Duval concludes that the psychological body is basically composed of all of the thoughts. The thoughts you have about yourself, about objects and about the world in general. That is why you will change when you change your thoughts, and so do the world around you at the same time.


Different paradigms of physical body

Psychic Maria Duval says we have three types of bodies in us, namely, physical body, psychological body and spiritual body.

Now, let's talk about our physical body.

According to the yoga tradition, our physical body is composed of five elements: earth (prithivi), water (apas), fire (agni), air (vayu) and ether (akasha). It goes through different stages of existence: birth, growth, youth, aging, old age and death.

To a doctor, our physical body consists in various cells that form organs that perform a multitude of biological functions which, when they are correctly carried out, represent health, our most precious asset. If the organs are not functioning what they are supposed to do, illnesses will occur. As a result, cells and tissues begin to breakdown and our physical body deteriorates.

So the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medicine or treatment to cure the sickness. The doctor considers the physical body as an independent entity, and concentrates to heal the patient.

However to a psychologist, the physical body is a psychosomatic amalgam that is influenced by thought while to a physicist, the body is just a amalgam of cells in atomic or subatomic composition.

What Maria Duval is trying to elaborate here is that according to the level of consciousness, the body takes on a different meaning and changes paradigm. Hence by changing the level, you can also change the reality of things and the potential to intervene them.


Health is your best asset

There are many things in the world that you can claim to be your asset, but, what do you think is your best asset?

You may not realise it when you are still young or are in your prime life, however, it gets more pronounced and valuable as you get older. That is the best asset - your health.

Maria Duval says health is our best capital and we should all aim to get utmost good care of it. Cherish our healthy bodies while you have the chance to do so so that you will not sigh for not doing it when you are already old and fragile.

Nobody in this world wishes to visit a doctor. Medical treatment for a certain illness works on the principle of isolating the affected part of the body without considering the overall holistic nature of our human bodies. Which is another compelling reason why we should not mistreat our health.


A plan to Success

Psychic Maria Duval says by applying what she has been teaching, you will be implementing on a plan to success. Moreover, Maria Duval will support and guide you all the way through her clairvoyant powers and that will enable you to multiply your potential many times more.

In truth, there are three questions which you need to ask yourself.

1. What are you looking for exactly?
2. What are your fears?
3. What sacrifices are you prepared to give to realise your goal?

If you are clear about that, go out fearlessly and looking for the best solutions in a life enriching process!

So you and those that you love will now be able to enjoy the best in life, for the good of all.


Maria Duval : Some ways to success in life

Each person ought to have a clear mind of what he or she wants in life. It's like a lighthouse that guides a sailing ship in a chopping sea.

Desire what you want full of passion and do it enthusiastically. You'll be amazed how much vigour there is in life.

Of course, a personal battle plan is indispensable. A general without a set of tactics is like going to war without ambition.

Get as much knowledge as you can related to your area of expertise. There is nothing in this world that can afford you to stop learning. No subject in this world can be grasped completely as there is always something new to explore.

When the goings are tough, it's a time to test your mettle instead of showing the white flag. It's time that you learn and experience what you should do in the time of crisis.

When you tide through the bad waves, say thanks to God or simply express your full gratitude. Thanks your friends and colleagues who have helped you along the way.

Most importantly, pick up habits of success and not those behaviours that will lead you down to the dark sides.

If possible, have a good experienced mentor to show you to way. It will drastically cut short your learning processes.