Maria Duval - astrology beliefs

Many people do not believe in astrology and view it as something superstitious. This is not helped by the daily doses of horoscope columns appeared at the dailies and magazines. Obviously, horoscope and astrology are different, as it is rare so many people are sharing the same fate as you each day. Astrology is an ancient art and there is much more to it then just look at the stars!

Maria Duval says in astrology, our personalities has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a way that is unique to you. It is a profound class of art that is misunderstood or dismissed as unscientific and inaccurate. I think it is due to the mentality of science which is always trying to prove something ancient to be wrong to show that humanity has advanced.

The fact is that astrology has been going on for millenniums and is part of the human heritage irregardless of cultures, whether Greek, Hindu, Romans, Chinese, Native American, African, or any other cultures myths.

Prediction by Astrology or Numerology is like predicting weather when we want to go for a trip. Of course the only difference is astrology / numerology is involved more complex and even require some decent knowledge of astronomy and maths.

So Maria Duval the astrologer regards, astrology is suitable to everyone and if look into, you may realise there is a pattern of a person's life, the inner drive and meaning behind their behavior. In this way, it would be more well appreciated..


Maria Duval - Mind, Body and Soul

Maria Duval says this is a world of dualities. Spiritually we are linked but physically we are apart. The point is, these are parts and parcels of us as a living entity and by knowing this, we can work on our spiritual growth.

As mentioned, we are a three layered being that consists of body, soul and mind. The gist is that we have to know who we are in this ultimate totality and this helps to understand the true nature of how things work. The "soul" part is the metaphysical aspect of us that binds us physically, while the "body" part directly means our physical presence.

There is another branch out from our physical body known as "aura" Have you heard that before? Aura refers to an invisible layer of energy that is hidden from common eyes but can be seen by some psychics or clairvoyants. Scientifically, auras can even be captured using a camera lens! Maria Duval explains that our bodies are actually enclosed in this "aura" and not the other way round. This layer of aura is metaphyically and spiritually connected from one to another and so on.... This means we are ALL ONE.

Often we think that dualities we are a two section being of mind and body. The truth is that we are using the brain, which is a physical part of the body, to interpret the incoming data from our physical and nonphysical senses. The mind is not the brain. The brain is part of our physical self and our control centre.

Maria Duval thinks we are limited by the words and languages. For example, when we speak of the mind we usually link it to our brains. This is incorrect. The truth is that the mind we believe to be our own is merely a part of the "universal mind" that is part of all things and it is the mind of God. Once again, we are vibrating at a unique frequency that allows us to retain and draw to us that part of the universal mind that we know of as our memories and our knowledge. The memories and the knowledge that we claim to possess are all part of the bigger field of memories and knowledge that makes up the totality of the universal mind.

I think it is very profound to explain this duality concept. This is the best I can write something on it.

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Maria Duval - our thought patterns

Our minds are funny. Sometimes we can be oddly positive but most of the times we are at the opposite. For example, an ambitious person always tells himself "I am going to make a name for myself with the talent I have", then the subconscious of that person registers this ambition and reinforces it in his mind if the belief and passion are strong enough to move the odds. Similarly, when a contented person who works for the state will think that he has a good life and has got what he needs to live comfortably. Then his subconscious will "draw" that and when that happens over the time, the fire and passion inside him to live an extraordinary life will fizzle.

Maria Duval asks, don't you think this is the same in any and every field, from love, money, health, luck, work to even sports? And it strongly corresponds to a spiritual truth which can be summed up as follws: "everything is ready for harvesting if the mind is prepared."

So, I reiterate what's so special about this thought concept. If I think I am going to be a popular person and reinforces with determination, my subconscious will produce the astral forms required for the realisation of my wish. And if I think I am going to earn a lot of money to buy a dream house, my subconscious is going to build up its "astral forces" and propel me forward to achieve my dream.

Maria Duval says it will then attract like a powerful magnet, the events and people that will make it possible. Apparently, this creative thought operates in both ends, for the best and also for the worst.

Hence there is a real need to control one's own thoughts which are mainly negative in nature and causing more harms than harmony. People fear and worry a lot of things and as a result, give rise to many complications and unsavoury events.


Maria Duval - positive changes in life

Maria Duval says it is extremely important to get ready one's mind for the wonders of the magic actions. In this way, the results will be optimal. Isn't it been agreed that our thought is at the centre of everything? Our thoughts are the beginning of everything because this is the origin of all the masterpieces or creations of the world. Do be careful of what you think, as good thoughts bring out the excellence in you while bad thoughts may harm you insidiously more than you know.

That is why Maria Duval suggests thoughts are invaluable. Every success of the mankind stems from that first seed of thought that grows and grows till the goal is met. Without that thought, nothing is possible and no result is achieve.d.

Think of your life now seriously. Where are you now? Isn't where are you or what you are doing now the direct result of that first seed of thought in your immense mind? So, what Maria Duval is saying is that, you responsible for your own outcome and whereabout in life.

That most dangerous is you are unaware of the importance of your powerful thoughts and resigned to your own fate, and in the process, do not really understand what causes it. So it is important that you program your thoughts well and use it in the right way.

Generally, restrict yourself from allowing negative thoughts to run your life, as this may result in bad consequences in your life. In the minority are some people who are opposite and they think positively. Maria Duval says these are very "favoured" people by the Heaven, and their seeds of positive thoughts will grow into a big tree that grows delicious fruits.

In conclusion, Maria Duval teaches that selecting and sorting out your thoughts are required if you want to see positive benefits and changes in your life!