Maria Duval - Attracting Money in Life

Wealth is a state in which we have something in abundance. The word 'abundance' is commonly used in reference to money but it can also be used for other equally important things – for example: love, free time, health, etc. These are other 'forms' of wealth (moral, emotional, intellectual) without which financial affluence would be just a cold and empty state governed solely by greed and the desire to possess more and more money.

Each of us possesses qualities, skills, gifts and talents with the potential to generate real financial prosperity – these are commonly called inner riches. Most people are unaware of the immense unexploited potential that lies dormant within them, which can actually be used to generate external wealth.

This inner wealth consists in the talents given to us by the Creator to allow us to achieve our destiny. It is also our hopes and dreams, the passions that drive us and give us the energy we need to pursue our goals and make our dreams a reality. If we are to exploit this individual potential there is one, essential rule that we must obey: we must have the appropriate “inner attitude” to money or, in other words, we must see money as something positive, as a useful tool for allowing us to satisfy our needs, to transform our dreams into reality.