A Maria Duval video!

I think Dr Terry Polevoy may be inaccurate in his analysis about Maria Duval in his blog "Maria Duval Scam". While he is trying hard to justify his role as a saviour to save people from being victimised, I really suspect what's his true intention. I just wonder, is he in the same business as Maria too?

People like me have truly benefitted from Maria Duval's service and that's why I found it astounding why some people started an agenda to discredit someone who is real and true. Maybe there are some misunderstandings, I don't really know and I am not here to point any finger at anyone because this is internet, so anyone has the right to express their own thoughts.

Today I am really lucky to come across such a video that features Maria Duval. It's a rare find. The video is in Russian and maybe someone who knows Russian can do a translation for the benefit of all Maria Duval's supporter. I know people may still say "that woman in the video could still be a faked Maria Duval'. Well, believe it or not, it is really that hard to change a person's thinking.

You can find the video in youtube in this URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80qRkr2G0V0. Looks like this person who put up the video is a Maria Duval fan too. Maybe I can try to contact him or her.


I received Maria Duval's guide for 2007

Every customer of Maria Duval will be receiving a personalised precise guide for 2007. I am eagerly awaiting mine last couple of days and today I am very excited because I received it in my letter box. It is in a formal looking envelop.

I immediately went to my room, sat down and carefully unwrapped Maria Duval's letter like an excited 3 year old kid lolx. Now my mind is all ready and I read it through line by line for the next 30 minutes or so as it is nearly 20 full pages long of words. At the same time I also received a special gift called 'Alpha-Temporis Ball' that will function as a cosmic link between myself and the forces of luck, thus providing you with effective protection along the way as this new life starts for me. Thanks Maria :) In case you are wondering how does it look like, I will capture a picture of it and post it here for all to take a peek, so do remember to visit my blog again for the picture.

This little Alpha Temporis Ball is really little, less than 1 inch in diameter and could be made of some special magic ingredients. It does have a catch at the side that allows it to be opened which is what I do next as written in the guide.

I am supposed to write my most cherished wish on a small piece of paper and put in inside the ball and for the next 40 days, it must be with me all times during the day and under the pillow at night. Shouldn't be a problem for me as it is very light. :) Also I got to hold the ball every morning and say the given words in the guide clearly as well as believe with conviction that this will be taken care by the universe and becomes true. I think I should't blog what those words are in case they lose their divine powers, haha, right Maria? After the 40 days, I can then burn this piece of paper and write down a new wish. This is what I intended to do. I certainly trust Maria Duval in this case.

The rest of the guide a detailed analysis of my life in 2007 and I will tell you more about it in my next few posts.

I think it is time for me to go out have some fresh air after facing the computer learning blogging for last few hours. It's time for my cats and dogs! I am even considering to call one of the new born puppy Maria too! Lol.


My health improves too! Thanks Maria Duval

Money is not everything in this world. So besides making some money through lotteries and jackpots, I even find that my health gets better too after following the instructions in the Lunar Talisman. I carried the talisman with me everyday and I also wear the moonstone necklace so as to get the best effect.

Before I got to know Maria Duval, I was weak physically. But I followed her advice since then and this morning this morning I went to see the specialist who confirmed the diagnosis you had predicted. Once again, you saw it clearly and I truly appreciate the accuracy of your diagnosis. Dear Maria, I am concerned about my health and once again I call on you. Hence I am very awed by the accuracy of your prediction. My general health has improved a lot too.