The process of domestication

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says we learn when we are children, from the moment we are in agreement with adults around us. We have faith in them and this faith is very strong to the extent that it creates a belief to control the whole "dream" of our life.

We didn't choose these beliefs and therefore, in theory, we could rebel against them, but we are not strong enough to do that. As a result,we submitted to the predominant beliefs, once we agreed. Ancient sages called this the process of "domestication".

As children we are first taught the name of things around us as part of our education and we are told what is right and wrong. That is also the time we learn to "judge". We judge ourselves, we judge others, like our friends and school mates and etc. So you can say that we are as domesticated in the same way of pets.


Giving our agreement

Clairvoyant Maria Duval points out that the "dream" of the society captures our attention and teaches us what we should practise and believe, starting with the langugage we speak. This langugage is the code of understanding and communications between human beings. Every word of our language represents a point on which we are in agreement.

We don't have a choice to become what we want to be because the system and beliefs are already there when we are born. As a child, we gave the agreement to the information that was transmitted to you in the "dream" of the society into which you were born.

This is important because the dream of the society can capture your attention but if you are in disagreement, you won't retain the information.

We need to give our consent to things we are seeking to learn otherwise we won't retain much and hence solving our problems or find a better life!


Seeking attention

It is right to say that when you are a child, the adults around you like parents, relatives and teachers capture your attention and introduce information into your mind through constant repetition. That's how you learn and how you build up your personal belief.

Through all these entire reality or whole "dream", you have learn how to behave in a society, like what is acceptable and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, and, so on... Everything is already there. The knowledge, rules and ideas about how you should act or behave in the world.

So as you grow up, you have learned to capture the attention of others and developed a need for attention which has become highly competitive. This need for attention is inherent in every child and it becomes stronger as they grow up.


Sharp attention

All of us are born with the ability to learn how to dream and we always seek guidance from the more "experienced" to teach us how to dream in order to be accepted into the "society". That's why when there is opportunity to interact with the young ones, we also try to capture their attention so that we can inadvertently "teach" them what is right or accepted, either as parents, school, religion, workplace or simply anywhere around.

People are always seeking attention, whether being seeked or seeking. So when you are a child, you always try to get their attention, and through this, new information is fed into your mind and you learn. Well, attention is nothing but the ability to be selective and to focus well.

Brain is powerful enough to process thousands of things at the same time, but by practising laser-sharp attention skills, you can keep what you choose at the front of your conscious mind.


We dream constantly

What we actually see everywhere are really images. Other senses like hearing makes you able to pick up sounds from your surrounding at anytime. Clairvoyant Maria Duval said all these are actually dreams, conducted by our powerful brain. Our brain dreams about everything twenty four hours a day and that is its main function. That means we dream when we are awake or when we are asleep.

Let Maria Duval explain the difference. During the waking state, the frame of reference of the material world makes us see things in continuum, in a linear fashion. But when we are sleeping, it no longer has this frame of reference, so the dream tends to change constantly.


Visualise your life to the smallest details

In your everyday life, your way of being and acting is the basic material that you will use to improve or radically transform your life. You are going to "make into reality" the mental images that you create. That is to say, everything you do, your relationships with others, your love life, family life and etc..

Place all your energy in visualising what you want in the smallest details, and how to obtain it, as if you have already achieved it.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says this is highly valuable, whatever you aim you seek to achieve: more money, your own house, a new car, best friends, luck in love, excellent academic results, work promotion, superb health and many others..

And it is also highly important that you concentrate on one single wish, one desire or one project at any one time.


No interruption

Clairvoyant Maria Duval advices that we should never allow our visualisation to be interrupted by rational and supposedly "reasonable" objections. Our subconsciousness is not able to sort the mental images that you give it as it does not differentiate between what comes from your imagination and what is reality.

Therefore, your mental "film" must be as clear and precise as possible; it should always take place in the present and should not be encumbered by negative images or thoughts, no refutation or obstacles.

For example, avoid mental conclusions like "I'll do the task tomorrow..", "when I have the time I'll do it....", "when things are getting better than we'll try it.." or "next week I'll try to solve this problem..".