Maria Duval - A New Era

Many men and women in this world lead a life of "quiet despair".

Why is there so much despair, violence and desolation?

Maria Duval says for a few reasons like, unemployment, health, social inequality, drugs, abuse, crime, wars, economy, environment and etc..

Haven't you realised that our world is getting more and more stressful and unpredictable even though we have advanced dramatically in terms of technology and knowledge? That is because we are gradually entering a NEW ERA!

In fact, major changes are about to take place on a planetary scale. They are already written in the stars. Ages ago, prophets and clairvoyants such as Nostradamus were already predicting the shattering changes that would occur in this new era.

But you personally, what can you do to live happily amidst these tumultuous changes, which may be greatly affecting lives of many people?

Maria Duval has pledged to dedicate her time, effort and powers as a medium, to the service of Truth, Justice and Love. In this role, Maria has received the blessings of the past Masters who lived in the past.

These great Masters have bequeathed all the information required to lead a full and happy life, free from despair, especially in an environment where conditions of life are unsavoury or particularly difficult.

At the dawn of this new era, the time has come to reveal it to a number of specially chosen individuals like you.

Once you have gained the knowledge, you can apply them faithfully, conscientiously and with great perseverance, and Maria Duval is confident that you will be able to completely transform your life!