The Tantric Life Force

I learn from Maria Duval that there is a mysterious class of spirituality called Tantra which originates from India. In tantra, when male and female merge, or 2 objects of opposite polarities combine, there is a new dimension being created.

During this merging, there is a sense of sacredness. One of the best example of polarity merging is sexual union, hence this is a very sacred process which is connected to the life force itself and this life force can be felt by both male and female involved.

This connection lifts human consciousness beyond the physical plane into a much greater field of power and energy. Thus, both parties feel connected spiritually and physically too, from lives, loves and emotions. That is why this process is spiritual and should not be done unethically. However, modern humans are testing spirituality and morality to the limits, hence there is a great devoid of emptiness in human lives nowadays.

Tantra approves to creation of life. It is not a kind of belief but more than a concept of living and acting in unity with the life force.

On this belief, it encourages release than repression in terms of pleasure, happiness and joy. It covers all aspects of living and acts related to living, like eating, drinking, or intimating.

Tantra also covers all forms of creative expression, such as movement, massage, martial arts, the fine arts, healing, and music, and it is through these subtle experiences that makes one appreciates the wonders of own physical body even more as though it is a temple to the sacredness of life force or spirituality doorway.


Maria Duval - Pendulum Dowsing

Psychic Maria Duval announces that there is a fast way to regain the full use of the power of intuition. And that is simply through the use of a divinatory pendulum which allows a person to grow some inherent qualities like intuition.

As usual, to use this method, what it needs to be done is some practice, as you become more proficient in the usage. Gradually, message sent over to you by the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe will be received by you. It is probably that the Infinite Intelligence has been sending messages to you, and you are not able to detect these signals due to some spiritual limitations most adults have.

That is why pendulum dowsing could be of help to you.

Maria Duval assures you that each human has the necessary qualities to learn pendulum dowsing and all it takes is practise. Pendulum is an excellent tool equally suitable for predicting complex and ordinary events.

As there are only 2 answers, Yes or No, you can see that there is no "maybe kind of anwers" or vague responses. It eliminates your uncertainty by pointing you which way is to go.

All thanks to the fascinating pendulum, you will soon be aware of the cosmic influences that are governing your development and discover the periods when influences are favourable so that you can take advantage of them thus making the best decision.

Pendulum is going to be your best guide in life, more than what you ever think of. It will be like your "Guardian Angel".

Everyone can be a dowser. It is a very easy process. Just use and practise until you feel it has achieve that accuracy you are looking for.

Next time I will write about how to use a pendulum as taught by Maria Duval.


Maria Duval - "you are getting warm"

If you are plagued by anxiety, have a hollow sensation in the pit of your stomach, feel drained of energy, tense or nauseous, have pains in your head, chest or stomach, this means that your Inner Guide is warning you via your body: "Beware! Danger ahead!"

Give things some thought and ask your Inner Guide for confirmation.

Take a step in what you feel is the right direction. Make a preliminary decision that does not commit you too much, then observe the signs. I repeat, your Inner Guide never lies to you! If you are on the wrong track, your body will send you even stronger signs of stress! Then you will know where you are.

Maria Duval will now give some more examples of how Inner Guide might tell you are "getting warm".

Everything in your daily life seems to be moving in the right direction without you having to force it, or fight. Other people are kind and spontaneously help you, whether they are close to you or not.

Suddenly solutions appear when you thought you were stuck. You feel more cheerful, more light hearted. Things happen just at the right moment, as though by a stroke of luck. You have opportunities to help those around you. You life has meaning again, and you feel full of energy.

Prompted by all the nice things that are happening to you, you become very beware of your links with your Inner Guide in all circumstances. You are more conscious of the presence of your Inner Guide.

You sense that nothing is due to chance and that you are helping to make your own luck. You are receiving more and more messages from your Guide in all kinds of situations, even when you are just going about your normal business.

When you have a strong intuition in answer to a question, you will feel full of enthusiasm. You discover, or rediscover innate talents that have been buried inside you for ages. Your imagination is fertile and you have a lot of good ideas. You feel confident and sure of yourself.

You are more and more sensitive to those tiny details. And feel you have better luck and fortune now. Suddenly, many coincidences that seem to be guiding you appear. All your sense are in the alert and you experience a lot of sense of intuition which influences your body. Your body feels relaxed and things feel smooth going.


Maria Duval - signs of Intuition manifesting

How does Intuition manifest itself? That is an interesting question in my opinion. In short, it could be a recurrent idea or image that keeps popping into your head. It may be a phrase read or heard by chance. Or it could be that someone you know, or even a stranger, gives you the answer without knowing it.

Imagine that you have a choice to make and that you ask your Inner Guide for some help, to find out which is the right option for you. When you awake, you seem to smell an aroma that brings back a pleasant memory. This memory points you towards one choice rather than another. This is a good indicator, a sign, a form of intuition.

Or it could be that just when you are considering one of the choices, you pass someone who has been bad to you. This is a significant coincidence, a sign that you are certainly making the wrong choice. If you are still unsure, ask for further and clearer indications.

You may even have a sudden desire to head to a shop, even though there is no compelling reason to buy anything from there. The instinct to do it is so strong that you have to do it rather than resist it. By accident, you bump into someone for whom you can do a favour, and shortly afterwards, this person introduces you to someone who helps you to solve your problem.

In my own example, recently, something deep inside me kept tucking me to call a long friend whom I have not contacted for more than half a year. I called him, and we met up. From this meeting, now I got to know some of his friends who are dealing in customer service. So right now, they ask me whether I am interested to help them up..

Maria Duval advises that we have to take note of our body signals all the time. IT could be your intuition trying to talk to you or sending message to you. Everyone has intuition remember. It's just how distinctive it is among people. It makes use of your 5 senses chiefly or sublimal messages like your dreams.