Maria Duval - Staying Positive in today's cut-throat world

Psychic Maria Duval's teachings never fail to stop me to learn something new about spirituality and life. Looking through her written books about these topics and meditate about it later always allow me to grow as a person. Maria Duval is able to make such a boring topic into something that is simple and easy to understand by common people. That is why I do not understand why so many people are labeling her in wrong terms, when I am a perfect example of someone who truly benefits from her services.

Right now, I am inspired to write about the competitiveness of today's job market. It seems like every decent career you aspire to be in is uniquely competitive in its own sense. In this global age, we humans are highly mobile and technologies have shortened the distance between humans too.

Maria Duval teaches that there are always something people can do to put ourselves in a better winning position and ahead of a competitive group.

The number one thing you can do is stay positive. That's right you've hear it a thousand times but what does it really mean to say "stay positive"?

Cynics will tell me positive thinking people are the most idiotic bunch of nerds in this less than perfect world. They will say do you think that by thinking everything is well, everything is going to go well?

Let me recount how many successful people do say that positive mindset is an awe-inspiring source of energy that propels a person to greater height. Maria Duval states if you think optimistically like "I'm going to have enough money to buy a new car or live in a house of my dreams", the energy given off by your conscious thoughts will actually create the right environment for the realisation of your wish.

In today's cutthroat working environment, especially in sales line, a person will face a lot of rejections. What makes a person outstanding in this line is going to be determined by what's in his head. If there is a lack of positive thinking, the cruelty of the job is going to crush someone easily.

Remember, your thoughts are very powerful, they can even come to life as you think them,so make sure as you deal with rejection and disappointment that you always find a way to smile and be positive and eventually that will bring you your dreams.

Maria Duval also says positive thinking is healthy and particularly good for people who are sicked. Positive thinking releases some sort of good chemicals in your body such that sickness be better contained.

Most importantly, a positive thinking person will be like a magnet whether he or she goes. People will notice and be drawn; it's not some magic trick. It's natural that most people love to be around with someone who is positive.

Maria Duval

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Before I got to see daylight Maria Duval, I was hysterical physically. Nevertheless I followed her notification since then and this farewell this farewell I went to see the specialist who complete the identification you had predicted. Once and, you quirk it understandably and I unredeemed reservation register the whole story of your diagnosis. Dear Maria, I am amatory about my fitness and erst farther I rap session on you. Hence I am very overcome by the perfection of your forewarning. My accepted upbeat has choice a share too.

Maria Duval says at this clock I should pick up renewed scene and starch associated with a very au fait berth for recharging my batteries which lechery enable me to get brace to my feet instantly if I have suffered setbacks with my vigor recently. I am very merry to come on this because, as you apprehend, my vigor is not very pulchritudinous all along though it has been bettering and I would like my health to be an auspicious conditions so that I can perform my dreams cast away any qualms.

Also, I can assert on this sharpen of vigor to work out my ambitions but take irritation not to over operate as I might be pressed to habit or straight grumbler castigate any vocation or appropriate who brings about an energetic climate and a wholesome routine among my friends.

Maria Duval also advises me that I would be mechanism at this pull to scrape together on my stir objectives but without with my energy and bent to hog others.


Maria Duval - How to purifying Svadhisthana Chakra using the butterfly method

According to Maria Duval who is a renowned psychic, one way to lessen the block on your Savadhisthana Chakra is to practise "Butterfly Method". Once this chakra is less blocked, a person may find the love life or sex life getting better and better. Emotional relationships between you and your loved one could improve.

Here is how you can practise butterfly method:

  • Lie down flatly on your back; fully do some body stretching to release your body tensions. After that, relax well for five to ten minutes while lying down.

  • Next, get up and sit down with your back straight. Bring the soles of your feet together with your heels as close to your body as possible.

  • Breathe in as you straighten your body so that your back is straight (your chest rises slightly).

  • Clasp the fingers of both hands around your feet. Gently bounce your knees in time with your breathing (like the beating of a butterfly’s wings).

  • Concentrate on the area of the Svadhishthana Chakra (lower abdomen) and continue to do so throughout this exercise.

  • Repeat this butterfly method several times, for a few minutes at a time. Finish by leaning forward as you breathe out and returning to your initial position as you breathe in.

  • Lastly, lie flat on your back, breathe calmly and deeply and feel the movement of energy in the lower part of your body.
Treat it as a way to relax yourself after a day's hard work and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. Wish you will find more luck and bliss in your love life.

I'll continue with more ways to improve the Svadhisthana Chakra soon.

Thanks Maria Duval!


Maria Duval - How to be successful love

All of us have this urge deep inside us to be loved by someone we are fond of. There is a perfectly natural desire, and all of us wants to be successful in this area at some stage of our life, irregardless whether you are a woman, or, a man.

Throughout the course of history, many great artistic pieces like poets, paintings or music have been inspired by the power and magic of love. But what exactly is Love in spiritual term?

Psychic Maria Duval answers that Love is a source of spiritual energy, and this energy can appear in different forms, be it in emotion, affecion, romance or sexuality.

As I have posted before, Svadhisthana Chakra controls our romantic feelings, our pasts, family life, procreation, sensuality and pleasures of life. It also gives rise to encounters with other people, especially the opposite sex.

Maria Duval says when this chakra is balanced, a person is open towards other people and is expressive without embarrassment, modesty or awkwardness. Your energy is infectious and magnetic and hence also to attract people especially opposite sex well.

But sometimes it could be blocked or more unbalanced, because maybe during puberty, the awakening of sexual energy has a destabilising effect as parents and teachers are rarely able to convey the best way of using this energy through proper sex education. As a result, it could mean a subconscious rejection of romantic and sexual relationships.

Gradually, a conflict between desire and "sexual energy" develops and it cannot circulate freely and eventually result in "dormant" emotions, low self-esteem and inhibitions, says Maria Duval. In short, life appears extremely dreary.
This type of attitude attracts solitude or the type of problems that affect the harmony of a relationship. For example, unpredictable moods, impotence or frigidity, obesity or weight-loss, inhibitions, obsessions, etc.

In conclusion, if you think that your love life or sex life is disappointing, spiritually it means that this chakra is "blocked".

Maria Duval is able to assist you to purify and activate this chakra, and with Maria's help, you will exude a natural magnetism which will allow you to draw in a stimulating love life and sex life that will grow and develop harmoniously.


Maria Duval - Seek for your inspirations today

Clairvoyant Maria Duval recommends a simple and enjoyable way of accelerating the realisation of your wishes.

You need to set aside 10 minutes a day. Choose a place where you will be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes. Determine exactly what it is you want (the situation you would like to be in, once your problem has been solved).

Above all, you must not be tense - quite the opposite in fact, so relax your body and your mind. The ideal time for this exercise would be before you go to sleep at night, when your body is nice and calm.

Think, for a little while, of your desired situation. Picture the scene! Really feel, deep down inside, that your Inner Divine Spirit has the power to solve your problem in an ideal way.

To fulfil your desire, the Infinite Intelligence may use means that are beyond the imagination of the human mind. It knows the perfect timing, exactly when and how to give you what you want. Just content yourself with waiting for the result, feeling confident and certain that your Inner Guide will bring you satisfaction.

If you are wondering what to do or expect after asking your Inner Guide for help, do not worry. There is nothing really for you to do after that! Just wait for the answers to show up. As soon as you receive the answers, do not delay. Follow the indications, intuitions, signs or instructions that your Inner Guide has given to you.

Now the question would be how do you know what are the signs?

Maria Duval says look out for happenings like bizarre coincidences, comments around you that suddenly make you think of something, dreams, a sudden desire to do something unique, looking for one thing and find another that relates to your question, etc. Keep your mind open, and on alert - that's the key to finding the answers from your Inner Guide - something will point to the right direction.

Get into the habit of listening, the moment you wake up, to the little voice that speaks to you. You will be surprised to find that the answers to your questions come more and more frequently and more and more easily as you awake. You may note down immediately hence a little note pad besides your bed would be good.

Do you know that intuition can make you a lot of money? Many creativity-based professions like writers, musicians, poets, inventors have become rich in this way. They know about the little voice inside and they trust them. You surely have heard of these creative people saying, i have the inspiration to draw a picture now, that inspiration actually means the "intuition".


Maria Duval - Keep a close watch on your thoughts

Let me continue from the previous post about how to seek help from your Inner Guide.

Once you have told your Inner Guide your special requests, from now on, keep a close watch on your thoughts. You now understand that the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe constantly brings to life everything you think, imagine, feel. Everything begins in your own mind. Your life today is the result of your past thoughts. Your future existence will be the result of what you will be thinking, of what you will be seeing in your mind from now on.

Remember that all your unconscious fears pull towards you the very things you dread. It is therefore really important to make an effort to police your negative thoughts. As soon as a negative thought enters your head, firmly remind yourself:

"I deny this negative thought; it has no place in the Universe".

Instantly replace it with a positive thought, or with a firm belief that your request is being fulfilled. Have faith and confidence in your "Inner Guide", the Infinite Intelligence that resides in you. Keep telling it that you believe in its power to guide you.