Maria Duval - self surveillance

Maria Duval says self-surveillance will enable you to understand - rather than be the slave or victim of - what is going on within you, since this new point of view will give you a great capacity for detachment. Nothing favours the transformation of the self as much as self-surveillance, since this inner vision alone can help you to understand yourself.

In short, when you adopt this new way of looking at yourself, while remaining conscious of your body, you observe your thoughts and feelings without allowing your old habits to intervene and judge you.


Maria Duval - self surveillance

As you raise the level of your inner life, you will notice that your reaction to circumstances changes effortlessly. The world will appear to turn more slowly and you will discover that what made you feel dizzy and disoriented wasn't life, but your perception of life. All this shows the relevance and importance of adopting what Maria Duval call an attitude of self-surveillance.

Self surveillance will enable you to remain vigilant, and this vigilance will enable you to keep a close watch on the thoughts and feelings that pass through your mind. By observing yourself in this way, you will allow your natural intelligences, your superior nature, to control the artificial thoughts and feelings of your self-destructive nature.


Understanding the spiritual clarity

The only universe for which you are responsible is your own inner universe, the universe of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. Your spiritual development depends on your ability to see clearly within this universe. And it is this new vision that holds the key to your security. It is the basis of your future success since, when you are aware of the pitfalls, your journey through life is both easy and happy.

Mostly importantly, you need to understand that trying to change your life to obtain greater pleasures of life without first changing your perception of life - your spiritual level - is like trying to convince yourself that the earth is square.

Maria Duval is telling this to guide you towards making choices on a higher level by helping you to understand yourself better. For a superior level of self-knowledge always leads to superior spiritual life, which in turn leads to a rich and sastisfying material life.


Allow light to flow through your life

Allow light to flow through you rather than fear. It's your decision. Isn't it extraordinary to realise that you can always choose what is good for you? You need to realise that nothing can change until you understand that your misfortune is not dependent on events, but creates them.

Maria Duval says that we tend to think that events which are either fortunate or unfortunate, good or bad occur. In other words, our feelings reflect what happens from one moment to the next. That is why, at this level, when we are unhappy, our first reflex is to want to change the circumstances we believe to be responsible for our unhappiness. We believe that changing the context in which we are suffering will put an end to the suffering.

This has never been and never will be the case, since it is not the event that makes us unhappy, it is our reaction to the event. What is more, you can free yourself from this impossible task, this unbelievable self-punishment which consists of believing that you are responsible for the destiny of the entire universe.

How to live on a higher level

People are usually unhappy when they don't see a situation in its entirety, hence they tend to adopt self-destructive behaviour when that happens.

For example, take that awful sinking feeling when, after getting angry, we discover, all too late, that things weren't quite as we first imagined and that it was we who misjudged or misunderstood a particular person or situation. Once we see the situation as a whole, we can admit we were wrong to be angry, upset, anxious or afraid.

How often have we acted without thinking and then regretted our actions after the event, when we fully understood the situation? So it is important to fully understand the matter in question. So as what Maria Duval states, there is an explanation for everything. Nothing that happens to you, and nothing that you cause to happen, is inexplicable.


Your superior self

Did you know that you never free yourself from an obstacle (to fortune, love, success, etc) by force but by knowledge and understanding? There is within each and every one of us - including you and me - a superior part of ourselves, known variously as he Superconscious, the Superior Self, the Inner Guide, the Divine Light, the Soul, etc..

Maria Duval relates that this superior part of you is always open and receptive, and totally dedicated to discovering the truth. Like air and water, truth is essential for the growth of each human being. Truth is what enables us to comprehend reality without being afraid of it.

This is where the strength lies, and where your strength will lie; in an inexhaustible supply of intelligence, understanding and therefore freedom. You will enjoy a new relationship with yourself, which will always protect you from danger and be a constant source of inspiration. With each new discovery, you will raise yourself to a higher level. You will go from one wonderful discovery to the next, and want to climb even higher to broaden your horizons.

This magical relationship with life really does exist. All you have to do is to want it more than the negative habits. Maria Duval says, let go! You will be much happier. Let go and find your happiness.