True healing and meditation

True meditation, just like true healing, is way beyond actions, beyond the body and its attachment and desires. It is also beyond the material world and it is no longer dependent on a psyche.

If you learn and apply what psychic Maria Duval has taught and explained based on the spiritual wisdoms passed down from ancient civilisations, you will quickly realise that your ego is nothing more than your identification which is just passing memories.

Do allow your thoughts to come and go without being attached to them, without wanting to change them. Allow your thoughts to free themselves during your meditation and you will achieve the ultimate goal that will make you happy and free.


Reconnecting yourself

Through consistent meditations, you can reconnect yourself with you true nature and the divine in you. Meditate everyday, but don't feel being forced by it, because, you will lose the benefit of it if you feel that way. It is only through the intelligence of the heart and abandon that you will be able to achieve it.

Psychic Maria Duval adds you will be in the right path when there is a sense of inner peace within you as well as experiencing a feeling of joy and happiness.

Importantly, never forget that you are not practising to obtain anything in the future and that everything is given to you in the present, the here and now of any moment. When you are fully present, you are in the divine dimension; then, it is just a case of practice to make that state permanent.


The ultimate reality and healings

Psychic Maria Duval comments that you will only find your own inner Master and that is by going to the deepest part of you. That is your saviour. After some time of this relationship you will achieve your ultimate goal, the only true healing.

True healing which is the state of Sat, Chit and Ananda.

Sat, existence, is achieved when you have gained the permanent state of union with the soul.

Chit, the true state of consciousness, brings about the total destruction of all evils and the appearance of all gifts.

Ananda, happiness, is unconditional contentment and the result of your connection with Purusha, the soul.

Maria Duval sums up that Sat Chit Ananda is the ultimate reality and the last of the healings. Once you have achieved this state, you will be free of all suffering and nothing will ever be able to harm you.


Freeing yourself

Psychic Maria Duval says to really achieving your inner peace and liberation, you need to do it by uprooting and changing your level of consciousness towards that of the heart, and not by analysing your own mind and psyche.

So the only way of freeing yourself from your suffering is to go from the mind to the heart, from the relative to the absolute.

When you have re-established contact with your true face, your true nature, you will have found God and you will reconnected with Him. Only then will you have found your true guru to chase away darkness. Psychic Maria Duval can show you to way to do that.


Little me in man

Psychic Maria Duval says that high ego results when there is a lack of separation between psychological, physical body and the divine spirit or soul.

Instead of being united with the soul, man is identified with the little me (the personified form of the mind) and every time something does not go as planned in the world, he says "it is and this me that suffers, because he thinks that everything that happens is to do with him" when in fact, it simply events taking the course. This is what Maria Duval says as "false identifications".

Then next man becomes attached to whatever brings him pleasure and rejects what makes him suffer, because man have not understood that he has fallen into his own trap: that of his false identifications.

Maria Duval adds that this illusion runs so deep that he has even invented scientific methods to analyse his ego and that means man remains a prisoner of his own.

Allow yourself to be carried by your intuition

Psychic Maria Duval teaches that to find God, you must get out of your mind and your own dual thoughts, to access your heart. Allow yourself to be carried by your intuition and the love that resides deep within you.

The common belief that you exist because you have a body of flesh and thoughts and that everything finishes when you die comes from false mental identifications. In other words, your mind can kill you, little by little.

So to sum up, Maria Duval believes that he who is not free from the mind will be incessantly reborn, passing from body to body, chained to his identifications and desires that will always find a way and a hideout to continue.

By identifying with this mind, man has the illusion that the material world will make him happy, that when he has fulfilled his desires everything will be better. One desire will lead to another thus it's a vicious cycle.


Inner Soul, our true Self

Man is blind, says psychic Maria Duval.

We have the illusion that the world we see is the real world. But in fact, what we are seeing is only the reflection of our mind; that's why all the sacred texts claim that man lives in ignorance, and that ignorance is the most serious of our illnesses.

The illusion that we see is a burning illusion and comes with a lot of temptation. This hypnotises man, cuts us off from our powers and plunges us day after day deeper within the mental. In the end, we are separated fro our true source, which is our soul. The soul is just another name for God in man. The soul, within the heart of us, is God and the spirit of God in man, explains Maria Duval.