Psychic energy

Since young I have this interest in psychic abilities. I've always been fascinated by magic and fantasy. It happened after my mom brought me to see a psychic at downtown to ask about the future of the family which seemed to be breaking down.

Maria Duval psychic energyThen I saw a talk show with some psychics on about ten years ago, a mother and daughter, though I don't remember their names, and they claimed that anyone could learn to be psychic. So, I started looking for things online that taught how to be psychic, tried astral projection with no success, I'm not sure which and why. I also tried a lot of remote viewing types of exercises with no success.

As for my own experience, I started out sceptical, and remain sceptical. By sceptical, I mean I refuse to believe something just because someone says it's true. With a convincing explanation, I'll give it some thought, and with evidence, I'll likely believe. Scepticism provides a defence against charlatans, which do exist amongst the real deal.

There were times that I use to feel like whatever there is no such thing as higher power or something far more amazing then what meets the eye. But I caught myself asking god for help and still being a sceptic; when I cleansed my body and my aura I just new that the world is more than what the human eye can see. At that moment I new that I had to connect with my spirit because I was really out of balance and new if I did not do this I will be completely unhappy because I will be infiltrated by other poeple's energy.

You are off to a good start you want to learn you want to believe and that my dear will allow you to because the mind is so much powerful then what we think so we fail to be in control of it.


Maria Duval - 7 Rules To Create Wealth

Wealth and prosperity are the key to a happy life and there is no doubt about that. Money may not buy you extra years of life or health or more happiness, but money plays an important role in the society and money itself is a powerful energy that moves the world.

In spirituality studies, there is a Law of Wealth and Success and anyone who knows and applies these seven laws of wealth creation will become prosperous. Not many people know about these seven laws because they are hidden from our eyes which see only the tangible objects and beyond generic understanding.

The seven laws of wealth creation have been known by ancient sages of diverse cultures and religions. They are universal thus any person of any belief can apply and use them in their lives to spectacular success. They are briefly explained as here below:

1. Everything that you need to become rich is already within you.

All you have to do is to externalize it. Everyone has it in their mind. But you need to make it "show" up. That is, develop that "millionaire mentality", if not, it is impossible to attract any wealth into your life. It is also important to view money as sacred source of energy. Do not despise money. If this energy is properly channeled, together with the creative harmony of the Universe, your powerful positive thoughts can bring you anything you want into your life.

2. Love money if you want it to love you back

This law may sound laughable, because who does not like money? Everyone likes money, isn't it? Subconsciously, people may reject money due to some religious teachings although consciously they may be welcoming it. You need to love money totally and devotedly just like you devotedly love your lover. Love money without false pride and it will love you back. Do not view it as evil nor doubt its nature. Money is not dirty but only minds that own it dirty it. You condemn, you lose.

3. Being aware of money leads to having money

Achieving financial security is a process. It means this process will accompany you in your life and by opening up your heart and mind to prosperity, you will build yourself a feeling of wealth that nobody can take it away from you. Thoughts are energy impulses with the power to materialize therefore one must know the destiny of one's life is all contained in his or her thoughts. So get used to thinking in terms of comfort, wealth and prosperity and the best will come to you. Do not despise yourself!

4. Money comes into your life for a specific reason

When money comes into your life, it is subordinate to an aim, an objective or a wish. Having an aim in life is the force that drives life on; it is what gives existence a meaning and makes it sacred. It is up to you to discover this aim in your life. Wealth takes on different aspects so you need to define it clearly how you want wealth to show up in your life. From now on, define your life objective as specific as possible and stick to it until you have achieved it.

5. Money must circulate freely

Money is an energy, and all energies needs to circulate, so money needs to be circulated just like blood in your body. When blood circulates freely in you, your health is excellent. So keep your money circulating. This does not mean do not save. You need to save it based on the emotion of optimism in life. People think that having a savings is to prevent you against "raining days" and this is based on the emotion of pessimism, not something which is encouraged when it comes to money circulation. Do not live under constant fear. So saving money as long as it is born of healthy positive thoughts will not block the circulation of money or universe cosmic energy.

6. You have to give to receive

This is the universal principle of wealth and prosperity! You reap what you sow. Acquiring money without giving back builds up negative karma which will manifest at some stage. If you are generous, altruistic, sincere and modest, not proud or hypocritical, the Universe will, in return, gives you more. Giving and receiving are not just limited to material things. It can be about respect, compliments or admirations of others. So open your heart wider to give and receive more. Once you receive anything, also remember to give gratitude and thanks to the Universe for the gift and be grateful for what you already have.

7. Trust your intuition

Everyone has a "little voice" in us that speaks up when we are in doubts. The problem is, we have completely shut ourselves off from the "little voice". The voice is actually your life's best buddy and it can be can be found at the right side of your brain. To consult your buddy, formulate a wish or question in your heart and then allow whatever comes to flow, preferably during a meditation process. So whenever you encounter a situation that is doubtful, ask your intuition and it will inspire and guide you through. So apply your intuition to your money making processes!

These are the seven powerful rules of wealth creation. They are the undisputed ways to generate wealth in your life so always have full faith in them for they have already been tested over and over again over the course of the history. Put them into practice now and your efforts will be richly rewarded. Do consult your spiritual guidance if you are not sure. Apply them everyday with confidence and perseverance and soon you will start to see wonders.

Mere T. is a spiritual researcher, blogger, conservationist and freelance writer. She has benefited a lot from the guidance of psychic Maria Duval in the topic of spirituality. She thanks Maria Duval for her guidance in spirituality. Mere lives in New Zealand with her family and she enjoys the serenity of her country as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the environment.

Maria Duval websites can be found at Maria Duval | Psychic | Clairvoyant, The Positive Energy, and Maria Duval - Testimony.


Develop That Strong Sense of Service To Achieve Success, Happiness And Good Karma

If we apply the Law of Karma to the world of business, being of service, cordial, enthusiastic, positive and hardwork will generate unexpected good results at anytime of your entrepreneurial adventure. Results in the form of more profits, wider and responsive network, or meeting a successful mentor to guide you through. In essence, there has to be a strong sense of service.

Here is an example of Law of Karma in business from clairvoyant reader and psychic medium Maria Duval which has mentored me.

In any town, you can compare the highly successful shopkeepers with their competitors who are not doing that well and struggling to stay afloat in this very competitive world. The prosperous owner knows that success depends on high standards of service: a skillful selected variety of goods; highly qualified staff; a pleasant atmosphere in which the customer feels welcome and valued; products which are refresh, finest quality and innovative. This is the kind of service he likes to receive himself, and therefore gives to his own customers.

However, one man's gain is another man's loss. The competitor who is down the corner of the street while in the urgency to deal more businesses does not realize that his belief in cutting costs to save budget has already made the whole issue even worser. He could be using materials of lesser quality but charge at higher prices, practising dishonest acts, or adopt that intimidating way to force businesses from his customers. Soon, in a desperate bit to save his business, he makes the situation even graver than before.

That is why those who make money at the expense of others will expose themselves to the terrible "boomerang effect" known as the return of karma which will make them at certain stage of their life to return they money they have earned through unscrupulous means and possibly several folds the amount that they have gained in the first place.

Successful businessmen all have a common trait, that is they understand the market needs and the needs of his customers. Clients are treasures to them and they must be treated very well, like empathizing them by putting them in own shoes or making them happy. In any line, if there is charity, sharing, service and warmth rendered unbiased, you are basically helping yourself to realize your dream.

Giving is a necessary if you wish to receive. If you do not know how to receive, you do not know how to give. Clairvoyant reader Maria Duval and philosophy gurus all agree that giving and receiving are two main aspects of the flow of the Cosmic Energy.

And this does not only apply to material things. Knowing how to graciously receive a compliment and reciprocate allows respect, courtesy and admiration to foster thus weakening the impoverished state of mind. We need to show our appreciation to those who help you without reserve.

I wish you all the best in your life.

Mere T. is a spiritual researcher, blogger, and conservationist. She has benefited a lot from the guidance of psychic Maria Duval in the topic of spirituality. She lives in New Zealand with her family and she enjoys the serenity of her country as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the environment. Check out Maria Duval is a real psychic and Maria Duval | Positive Energy.


Personal Sacred Space

Festive cheers are filling the airs and most of us are busy shopping for gifts now as Christmas is less than 10 days away. I can feel the happier and lighter mood too. The weather is just nice too! It seems like everything is blissful and peaceful now. Could it be due to more people are realising how spirituality practice can help to soften one's hardened life in this chaotic world?

Maria Duval regards spiritual practice as a enlightened way to seek the Truth of life, reclaim the calmness in your life and also enhance your intuition level. That's why she advises spiritual practitioner to have own sacred space to perform rituals. This means you can replenish your energy rapidly and effectively due to the spiritual strength that accumulates during the rituals.

Find a small area in your own room for this purpose. Otherwise, use a screen to form up a small space at a more isolated point of your bedroom, and this is going to be a sacred space for you to spend your spiritual moments. You can invoke streams of positive energy to manifest within you, and where you can meditate peacefully every night just before you sleep or when you are seeking spiritual inspirations.

1. Set up a small altar (a table, chimney breast, sideboard), preferably facing East direction where the sun rises. Cover it with a clean white cloth.

2. Place a white candle a each of the back corners of the altar.

3. Place a sacred image of your choice, between these two candles, that aligns to your own religious beliefs or your ideals.

Occasionally, sprinkle the altar and the surrounding area (carpets, curtains, etc) with a few drops of oil of lavender or basil. You can also burn incense.

Keep your sacred space clean and well-ventilated. Always enter it with positive thoughts and with respects. Do not smoke in your sacred space.

Lastly, if for whatever reasons, you cannot have a permanent sacred space at home, set up a temporary one. The important thing is to have the right psychic and mental attitude and to always use the same area.

Having a personal sacred space will enable you to perform your spiritual rituals to attain maximum benefits and your life will be transformed. Soon, you will be more positive towards life and have more compassion to the those around you. Intuitively, your awareness will improve too.


Maria Duval on Pranic Healing

Prana is a form of vital energy from a person who does Yoga. Prana is subtle, luminous and ethereal. It has a power to reinvigorate a person.
Prana is the vital energy that a yogi (a person who practises yoga) draws from the air. It is a subtle, luminous and ethereal energy that has the power to revitalise the body.

If there is a control of prana, a person can rehabilitate diseases by redirecting the flow of prana to the affected body organs or parts which require healing. When this happens, the body part will be nourished once again by the pranic energy and soon be able to heal.

Okay, I shall share with a very effective pranic healing technique from Maria Duval which you can use to heal your body.

1. Sit down near to the ill person.

2. Do not open eyes and inhaledeeply.

3. Control your breath and channel the pranic energy to flow to the affected part of the body of the patient, either mentally, or by gently putting your hands on the body part concerned.

4. Visualise the healing energy that comes out from your hands and the energy goes into the affected organ.

5. Concentrate your thoughts on that part and chant silently. Imagine with all your strength the prana penetrating the cells to regenerate and heal them.

6. Breathe out and take another deep breath before starting again. Do not hold your breath for too long.

You can also perform this technique on yourself when you are ill, either by placing one or two hands on the part that is in pain, or by projecting the prana though simple telepathy. A session of five to ten minutes per day will generally be sufficient to obtain good results.

Spiritual healing is a form of healing that is all about inner attitude. Spiritual healing is also a forming of a connection with your divine consciousness, that is to say, the Higher Spirit in you that has no equal. You may also wish to consult psychic Maria Duval for more detailed information about the pranic healing technique.


License to a new life

Maria Duval says "letting it go" is a sacred act spiritually. It is simple and natural, just like a flower growing from a seed and then wither to the ground again. We are also going in cycles and are designed to be separated from anything that has its days.

In the case of the tree, when the fruit drops to the surface, its seeds go to the earth systematically without fail. Similarly, there are divine forces awaiting to accomplish on your behalf what you were unable to accomplish on your own way - all according to superior cosmic law.

Maria Duval - letting go
Maria Duval advises that we learn to cooperate with these universal principles, so that we can turn our back on bitterness, anger, anxiety, worry and negative thoughts. The rest will take care of itself, like nature... So this simple concept is at the heart of letting go.

So what kind of things in life shall you let go?

It is exactly right to say we shall let go or abandon parts of our life which are making us unhappy and worried. The kind of deeply entrenched emotions that are directly causing us to be suffering.

Hence when you decide to let go, the act itself is a superior and wise operation from above the level of simple everyday life. It is no longer intellectual but divine. You have looked beyond the what is good or what is wrong.

Your newly conscious soul knows what is beneficial for you, because its vision of life is not blurred by the confusions and contradictions linked to your personal interest. This is a superior intelligence that knows that you do not need to suffer, even if you are convinced that you do. Once you have re-ignited the contact with this subtle part of yourself, life will just take care of its own.

I believe Maria Duval says about letting go as letting go will not only allow you to put a full stop to the tasks you want to dissociate, but will also give you the license to a brand new life.


Over come Fear with Love

Maria Duval on LoveLove is a powerful force that binds us in a spiritual, emotional and physical way. Maria Duval believes in true love which she regards as something that is forever and spread outside the boundaries of terrestrial world and beyond. Love is something all living things need. We humans need a lot of love otherwise life will be devoid of any meaning.

Love is the primordial force in the universe and it is what links and unites everything. On the contrary, love may come in as a negative feed of energy as it may disappoint, betray and sadden. When this happens, love turns to hatred and anger.

Maria Duval says this is because love as a binding force is just too intense and powerful if left uncontrolled. It feels like a magnetic flow which extends its glow to the person who may feel it.

Great Masters also believe that the world around us is governed by Love. It is the dominant force in the Universe, the source of everything; all other forms of energy are derived from it.

Psychic Maria Duval says Love is the antidote for fear and by accepting it right into your heart means its radiance will enclose you by developing a positive and constructive way of thinking as Love contains everything and makes everything possible.

In conclusion, the force of Love can make you to be loved, heal you and free you from suffering. If fear is a feature of mankind, Love itself is the quality of God.


The Meaning of Perseverance

One of the most important areas in order to be successful is perseverance. This is a very thin line between any success or failure. Many great men from the past like Edison would not have been what they were if they had not persevered.

That's is to say if you manage to persevere and defeat the odds, somehow you will be richly rewarded later in your life. However, nobody can tell you when this rich reward will come by. There is a lot of combinations and factors and perseverance is one of them. So do have good faith in yourself and ability, ans don't flash giving up in your mind when you are stuck at the first hurdle or when things are not going smoothly.

Maria Duval on PerseveranceAs you encounter setbacks in life, do share these downtrodden experiences with more experienced guys who have come and gone through these life lessons as well. They will be able to guide you and give you valuable advices. Maria Duval says this is the fastest way to learn any life lesson. Through this kind of mentoring, self doubts won't come in and take over you that easily. This will inject into you an even stronger dosage of self belief.

Many battles have been victorious in the end, even though the first few battles ended up in demoralising defeats. So if you do not succeed the first time, try and try again! Pin it to yourself as a temporary setback, a chapter that points to you the right way to do it and learn from it.

Firmly entrenched in your memory that many great sportsmen, scientists, and experts in their own professions all met defeats in earlier stages of their path to successes. They built from here and went on to achieve an illustrious life!

Let Maria Duval remind you that persevering does not mean wearing yourself out frantically and physically. Neither does it mean following to your objectives at all expenses to the detriment of your health or family, and to the point where you totally neglect your social life.

Persevering means being both firm in your decisions and focused on your aim, but nevertheless capable of adapting and rethinking if the changing circumstances of life make this necessary.

In this aspect, I guess you will be able to know that whatever outcomes that happen, it will be useful to you in some way. Everything has a reason and meaning for you to find out as you traverse the path of life. You will then understand how the world could be your buddy. Ultimately, it is the the Universe that provides for your needs and takes care of everyone.


A Wonderful Secret of Life

In life, there is nothing simpler or more natural than letting go. It is just like how natural it is for a tree to let its ripe, sun-drenched fruit tree fall to the ground. Human beings, trees and all living creatures are designed to be separated from anything that has had its day.

In the case of the tree, when the fruit falls to the ground, it returns the seeds to the earth without any form of supernatural intervention. In the same way - according to superior cosmic law - benign forces wait to accomplish on your behalf what you were unable to accomplish on your own.

You simply have to learn to collaborate with these powerful universal principles, which are as old as the world, in order to turn your back on bitterness, obsessive regret, anxiety, worry and disturbing thoughts. The rest will take care of itself. This is the secret of letting go.

If letting go is a matter of abandoning yourself, what do you have to abandon? You abandon the part of yourself that is unhappy, the unhappy self which convinces itself that suffering - which gives it the impression of being someone - is better than letting go and secretly being no one.

When you are in the process of letting go, the superior knowledge which begins to be revealed to you is not intellectual. It comes from a higher, wiser and more courageous part of yourself which operates above the level of everyday life and its incessant conflicts about good and evil. Your newly conscious inner being knows what is good for you, because its vision of life is not blurred by the confusions and contradictions linked to your personal interest.

For example, this superior intelligence knows that you do not need to suffer, even if you are convinced that you do. Once you have established contact with this secret part of yourself, it takes care of the rest!

Believe what Maria Duval says, letting go will not only enable you to put an end to the things you no longer want anything more to do with, but will also give you the key to a new life.


Secrets of the Ancient Magi

All mankind is seeking truth, justice and beauty. We are on a continual question for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it does not exist in our belief system.

We never cease searching, but all is already within us!

We do not find the truth ultimately because we cannot see the truth! It is obscured by the agreements that we have given to ourselves and the false beliefs that clutter our minds. Human beings have a need to be right and consider others wrong. They have confidence in their beliefs and it is these beliefs that condemn them to their suffering.

In fact, life goes on as if we were moving through a sort of fog, a fog that is not even real, that is nothing but a dream, a personal "life dream", made up of our beliefs, all the ideas we have about what we are, all the agreements that we have made with others, with ourselves and even with God.

This is the human condition: bathed in illusion. Mankind cannot see what it really it, nor even perceive that it is not free. It resists life, fearful of speaking the truth. The result: happiness, love, luck and wealth are absent from our life. We are required to struggle constantly, just to keep what we have or keep our suffering to a minimum.

Simply being ourselves is what we fear most. We have learned to live forcing ourselves to meet the needs of others, to live according to the point of view of others, out of fear that they will not accept us or we are not good enough in their eyes.

So how has this illusion come to form part of your life?

The answer is: this is part of your domestication process. You may not remember it, but you devised an image of what constitutes perfection so that you could always try to do the right thing. You created an image of how you should be to be accepted by the world, and specifically to please your parents, brothers, sisters, and teachers, etc.

By trying to do the right thing in their eyes, you constructed an image of perfection that is impossible to achieve. You created that image, but it is not real and you will never achieve perfection in this way.

Not being perfect, you have a tendency to reject yourself. Our degree of rejection depends on how efficiently adults succeeded in destroying our integrity. Basically, once the domestication process is complete, it is no longer a case of doing the "right thing" in the eyes of others. From that time onwards, we are not "doing the right thing", because we cannot conform to our idea of perfection.

We are unable to forgive ourselves for not being what we wish to be. We cannot forgive ourselves for not being "perfect", so we feel bad, frustrated and dishonest by pretending to be someone we are not. The result is, we are not "real" and we wear social masks to ensure other people won't see this as we are afraid people will find out our pretensions. Of course, we are also constantly looking out for people's imperfections so that we feel good about it when we know we are "better" than them.

All humans have a primordial need to be loved and accepted, but humans are also incapable of accepting and loving themselves. Showing lack of self-respect is a sign of not loving themselves. Just observe, how many public figures are acting in self-respect of themselves? They are just being harsh on themselves yet they act childishly ignorant of the fact that they are throwing away self-respect. So how to achieve the image of perfection in the eyes of others, as what Maria Duval asks?

Well, there's always good news. There is no need to live in this state of permanent fear. Do not worry because there is always ancient wisdom passed down from the realm of history and you can learn from this wisdom of life to free yourself from the negative conditioning that has so far blocked your fulfillment in life. Learn from the Secrets of the Ancient Magi.


The Judge and the Accused in our Minds

I think we are complex living things. Our minds are unfathomable. Maria Duval compares our minds to being a Judge and an Accused. Let me explain more about this interesting comparison.

One a side of our mind, there is a part of it that judges and deduces, from trivial issues like weather, neighbour affairs, office affairs to heavier issues like world politics. So how does this Judge judge? Inside everyone of us, in the mind, we have a Book of Law that is cross referenced by our inner Judges everyday; everything you think or do not think, everything you feel or do not feel.

We are basically under the mercy of this Judge who will deduce you are guilty and must be punished and made you feel ashamed. This goes on for as long as your whole lifespan.

On the contrary but going on in parallel, there is another portion of your mind which Maria Duval compares to as a "victim" or "accused". There are at the receiving end of the sentences passed down by the Judge. This is the part that suffers the rebuke, the guilt and the shame. This is part of you that says: "Poor me, I am not good enough, not intelligent enough, not talented enough, I do not deserve to be loved, I am not good enough to deserved this, etc...."

So why is there a dual system in us?

No matter what culture or ethnic race you belong to, there are always a set of to-dos and not-to-dos passed down from generation to next generation. The beliefs are so strong that even years later, when we discover new ideas and try to make our own decisions, we realise just how they influence our life. Adults say we should not go against these beliefs for they are sacred to the well-being of the family, or fear will set in and bad lucks will befall. Contravening them means you are "emotionally poisoned", thus feeling more sense of insecurity in your life. It's influence is so strong that even when we understand, in principle, that these beliefs are not true, we still feel guilt and shame and criticism every time we break a rule.

Maria Duval however states that to change your life, there is a need to adjust this dual system in us because she says that 95% of the time the beliefs etched in our mind are lies, and we are perennially under the spell of these deep-rooted lies.

Unfortunately, this is not something that is easily changed, because our life is always governed by fear and nobody is free from it, not even the powerful men around are free from fear, anger, emotions and struggles. It's the same state of fear one experiences thousands of years ago and it will also be the same two thousand years in the future.


How to clean your Moonstone

This wonderful gemstone called moonstone is one of the most well-known gemstones, and like all other stone varieties, moonstone is a divine creation of the Mother Nature.
Eons of years of earthly formation process have resulted in moonstone brimming with excellent mystical and spiritual healing properties. These properties mean by wearing moonstone, the wearer will benefit from its magic. Personally I have some moonstone pendants and I wear them often to soothe my mood and calm my nerves

Well, to be truly effective, Maria Duval recommends us to purify it as the stone may have absorbed a lot of external and environmental impurities as it changes hands. All these are imprinted within the stones and stored in their "crystalline" memory. It is always advisable to erase any "memory" recorded in the stone structure before they are worn.

So to purify your precious moonstone, Maria Duval advises you to deep it in a glass of spring water for 24 hours. After that, do so regularly (about every second month) in order to discharge the gemstone of any negative energies it may possibly have accumulated in its structure.

To "recharge" your gemstone with lunar fluid, all you need to do is to expose your moonstone pendant to the moonlight overnight, preferably when the moon is in the Ascendant (the period extending from the New Moon to the Full Moon), on a window sill just to take an example.

Do this every two months too, after first purifying your stone in spring water. That way you will always have available a moonstone accessory capable of working at the best of its magic potentials.


Maria Duval on Spiritual Higher Level

Unhappiness gets into us easily because we mislead the whole situation or partial events around us. If we are oblivious to the helicopter view of the situation, we begin to worry and suspect, and this can lead to negatively destructive attitude. From my own experience, this kind of behaviour is prevalent in a office working environment where there are always a lot of gossips and speculations flying around about what could be happening, or so and so could be fired due to downsizing.

Maria Duval gives an example of this scenario. The deep plunging feeling we feel when after being angry, we come to realise that the true situation is not as perverse as what we perceive to be. But it is all too late, for we have already aggrieved another party for the rashness we committed. Yes, in this case, we are very wrong for we jump into wrong conclusion.

Higher spiritual planeThinking back, I admit I used to be rash in the past and by adopting this attitude, I have caused a lot of unhappiness for people whom I had crossed into my path. I feel so sorry for my rashed actions in the past. I was too young and ignorant then. Thank you Maria Duval for the guidance...

Open up and allow rays of positive lights to pass through your soul. This brings back assuredness rather than fear which is very unwholesome to our spirits. Ultimately, this is your decision to make, and it is wonderful as you realise you have a choice in life to choose what is better for you. And in the process, please come to the understanding that all misfortunes in your life are not created by others or events outside your life, but it is you who have created these misfortunes through your past actions.

Then we tend to judge through our own set of "filters" what events are good and what are not. In other words, our feelings reflect what happens from one moment to the next. That is why, it is highly important that when we are feeling down, we just tell ourselves to change the circumstances we believe to be responsible for our unhappiness, and revising the context in which we are suffering will put an end to that suffering.

Maria Duval states that we have to understand exactly that it is our reaction to external events that makes us how we behave and feel. Yes, it is possible to free ourselves from this fix model of behaviourial reactions which consists of believing that you are responsible for the destiny of the entire universe.

Finally, let me write that the only universe for which you are responsible is your own inner universe, the universe of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. Your spiritual development depends on your ability to see clearly within this universe. And it is this new vision that holds the key to your security. It is the basics of your future successes since when you are aware of the pitfalls, your journey through life will be easy and happy.


Moon That Lunar Pull

Today I wish to write about one of my favourite topics again. Yes I have great affinity for our cosmic satellite Moon. In fact I am very curious about various moons of our bigger planets in the Solar System. I think they are mysterious and lonely out there. One of the moons of Saturn, Titan, is even thought to have water composition which is essential for life!

But for now, let me talk about our lunar source of energy. Lunar Crescent giant sphere with only 1/6th of our gravity on Earth. And because it is so near to us, I think this source of lunar energy means a source of mystical power! This power really acts on every living thing on this planet and our life. Maria Duval has said that its power has been acted on and affected our behaviour without us realising.

Lunar phases and changes have inspired many creative minds since ancient times. Great poets were inspired by full moon nights that they composed unforgettable poems about the beauty of Moon, like famous Chinese poet from Tang dynasty, Li Bai.

A cup of wine, under the flowering trees;
I drink alone, for no friend is near.
Raising my cup I beckon the bright moon,
For her, with my shadow, will make three people.

The moon, alas, is no drinker of wine;
Listless, my shadow creeps about at my side.
Yet with the moon as friend and the shadow as slave
I must make merry before the Spring is spent.

To the songs I sing the moon flickers her beams;
In the dance I weave my shadow tangles and breaks.
While we were sober, three shared the fun;
Now we are drunk, each goes their way.
May we long share our eternal friendship,
And meet at last on the Cloudy River of the sky.
Realise how many times "moon" is repeated in this poetic creation?

Other very "right-minded" professions like clairvoyants, psychics, astrologers, authors, painters and creative artists always look to the Moon for inspirations when they need it. Farmers may also realise how forces of the Moon may affect their crops..

Maria Duval has no doubt that Moon has a strong influence in our lives, more than other celestial bodies because of its close proximity to us. It influences our actions, intuitions, feelings and emotions. It has been said that on full moon nights, people tend to go out more than on other days of the month. This has led to higher traffic incidents on these nights. Of course, our sea shores are affected by the lunar effects everyday of the year. Hence you can see that finding answers to all the complex questions raised by this astral body is no small matter.

Indeed we could extend this list of "whys" indefinitely. Lunar energy is really a mysterious force ever since the past till now. It is a source of energy psychics and spiritualists wants to tap on as it is such a force that can help them in their rites. So never just appreciate the beauty of the full Moon again but understand its awesome influence it has on us.


Maria Duval on Positive Affirmations

Maria Duval has advised many times that it is crucial for your overall well-being to harbour positive thoughts and stigma into our subconsciousness as it will lead to beneficial outcomes like for example health and more successes.

Naturally, one would surely ask, how to do that?

Here is the answer from Maria Duval, which is, via repetitive positive affirmations.

Note there is real power in repetition. When you repeat something you do all the time, you will get proficient in the task. Therefore, if you repeat negative thoughts all the time, you will end up more probably experiencing more unlucky and unfavourable events in your life. Conversely, repeating positive thoughts will more probably lead to series of positive events manifesting in your life.

It is very simple to repeat. You just need discipline to do it. You can always do it in your head or voice out when there is no more around, otherwise people will look at your quizzically. Of course, it will be nice for you to understand what goes wrong in your life and what areas you want to change positively. Through this identification is like knowing your problem areas in your personality. This is the cornerstone of the whole process and will lead to a very powerful and efficient impact on the subconscious positively.

Maria Duval says that by focusing on something positive, you feel positive imagery. If you focus on wealth, subconsciously you feel wealthy. Focus on job success, you feel as if you are achieving what you want in your office.

No, this is not day dreaming. This is a proven method adopted by many self improvement gurus when they teach their students. It is very related like the famous Law of Attraction.

Here are some good examples on positive affirmations:

"Each morning i wake up with a lot of positive thoughts and every night before I rest I tell myself tomorrow will be even better than today."

"When I have negative thought, I reverse it and look at it from the positive way so that it is constructive rather than destructive."

"All of my thoughts affect my life, and I have to learn to think more positively."

"I am 100% sure that momentous and wonderful events are coming into my life in the future."

"I want to mix with people who are positive and constructive, rather than people who are cynical, oppressive and negative to positive ideas."

"I understand a positive mental attitude means more unlimited well-being, happiness, abundance, success, health and abundance."

These are just some of my own examples on positive affirmations. There is no fixed rule to it, just that it needs to project positive feeling in the words. Do not use negative words to portray positive meaning, for example, do not say "I do not want to be negative loser anymore," but say, "I want to be a positive victor in life".

Maria Duval says that most efficient method is to say them as often as possible throughout the day, in your head or read out. Think about its deeper meaning as you repeat them, allow them to sink into your mind. As you do that, you probably be experiencing a new fresh charge of positive energy that keeps your mind more peaceful.

Before I close this post, let me remind that each success comes from perseverance. It is impossible to feel positive all the time from my own experience. When that happens, relax and breath deeply, and visualise about the better things around, like you have a beautiful garden that attracts birds and butterflies and that gives you solace in time of challenge.

Yes, you can do it.


Master of Your own Destiny

We all encounter difficulties in our lives. When we were young, we worried about the passing school grades and when we stepped into the working world, we had to deal with the stress that came with our work. In personal life, we have to deal with own difficult moments too, like when trying to set up own business or some family issues. There are all parts of life I guess.

Maria Duval - DestinySometimes, life can really give us a very hard knock in the face and this blow can be so painful that it can bring us knock out for a long time. It is when this happens that people may approach for psychic help. We do not want to lose hope, that's why we look for this kind of help.

Maria Duval has always listened to me telling her my own set of problems. On one occasion, I was so disappointed with myself that I nearly gave up hope. Maria Duval appeared at the right time that was when I realised I had something to share my woes to. I unashamedly wrote to Maria a few times in one week as I was so desperate for someone to really understand me. Talking to friends was not very effective as they really could not make me feel better.

Through Maria's guide, gradually, my life turned better and I began to think more on the positive side of life. Once I have that mindset, luck and blessings one by one came back to me, and I felt my life had totally changed for the better.

Yes, such unhappiness are part of life, and she told me unhappiness should be a "fleeting" thing, not something that holds you back in life. Maria Duval always believes there are solutions in all life problems, however difficult they may be..She could advise me whether my lucky period is approaching and want me to be vigilant and keep a lookout for telltale signs of it.

Yes, it is true. Maria had made me believed that she is sincere in helping people and making this world better. She firmly believes her powers are God-given and she wants to help more people to lead a better life. You too have a right to happiness!

And Maria Duval told me her greatest wish is that everyone she has communicated with, to be master of their own destinies as God only helps those who help themselves.


Maria Duval talks about mail psychic and clairvoyance

A question that is often put across to Maria Duval is that people are very curious to know how Maria can work via correspondence and mails. Cynics and doubters have again and again raise this issue to Maria and tell her it is not possible for her to know, and no way can she react or respond to a very specific problem relating to a person who sends her the letter for psychic assistance.

Maria Duval explains about this issue of clairvoyance reading over the mail. She says that it is actually rather similar to the situation when someone visits her at her office. Mail clairvoyance, however, focuses on the handwriting of the person signing off, and most importantly, the date of birth of the person requesting for her psychic reading. Date of birth is definitely essential, without it, the psychic reading won't be possible Date of birth is very unique to each person and Maria believes that the major contours of a life are already written when a person is born.

Maria Duval also has a very natural knack, which is able to see through what people are saying when they wrote to her. She has strong intuition and can read closely between the lines of the letters. And through this close observation, she is able to find solutions to the problems of the people requesting for help, even though, a lot of times the letters are not truthfully written.

Therefore, Maria Duval is able to give a response to every written letter confidently, and she has also imparted some of the tasks to her team which is under her guidance. Well-trained men and women whom Maria has strong faith in them and have been working with her for more than a decade.

Lastly Maria Duval wants to reassure that she looks at the great majority of the incoming mail letters and answers them specifically.


Maria Duval about Talismans

Talisman is a very important tool in Maria Duval's psychic profession. She regards talismans highly and is a very important thing to have in life. When Maria was seventeen, her uncle, who was a priest, gave her a talisman for protection and blessings, and gave Maria permission to use that it, since priests generally did not believe so much in talismans.

Maria Duval's TalismanThis was a talisman that brought blessings to Maria's uncle who used it to help to cure people and brought positives into people's life. Therefore, Maria Duval had firm trust and belief in it, which inadvertently helped her to progress in her psychic career as well.

Talismans are magical representation that bring the power of the occult to the person carrying it. In this way, the person is constantly under the influence and protection of this spiritual magic. Therefore, Maria Duval firmly believes that everyone should carry a talisman for own advantage.



Maria Duval's interesting encounters

Maria Duval adds on that just before every radio session, there would be a sizable crowed or two to three hundred people waiting for her at the entrance of the radio station, and that really touched Maria a lot, as these affection, love, and friendship of these people somehow increased her magic powers by many folds as this was big inspiration for her.

Besides radio, Maria had also appeared in television shows. According to her, television shows were so much difficult as compared to radio's. These were live shows hence the producers would want everything to go without hitch and be as entertaining as possible for the viewers. Sometimes the audience could be those who wanted to prove Maria Duval was wrong at a big stage.

There was this incident which went like this. Maria Duval was speaking about reincarnation and there were about fifty people. A man stood up and tried to disprove what Maria was saying by insisting what she said was wrong. The man's belligerence somewhat triggered the psychic's clairvoyant vision about that man.

Maria Duval proved to that man her clairvoyance by reluctantly announcing before the audience that she could "see" that the man's son took out a revolver from his desk and committed suicide. The man was extremely crestfallen when he heard that naturally. This burst of clairvoyant vision was exhausting as it was such an unhappy incident to the man. The audience was similarly affected too as the vision was very strong.

Maria Duval also revealed that she did exorcisms that had caused a lot of trouble and discomfort in a spiritual and physical way. That is the reason why Maria had not performed exorcism nowadays.

Maria Duval also saw something extraordinary at the start of her life. At Milly La Foret where Jean Cocteau lived, Maria had a chance to meet this legendary French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright and filmmaker. She also read Cocteau's hand, much to his delight, and he gave her a book dedicated to her as a gift.


Maria Duval - Her Radio Broadcasts in Nice, France

Maria Duval says during her interview that she worked in live broadcast radio for a span of three to seven years on three different radio stations. They are:

These radio programs will run on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and they are incredibly popular on that time. Sunday slot, according to Maria Duval, was the most popular, not surprising as Sunday was the time most people rest at home.

In these programs, it was interactive and this allowed listeners to call in to seek Maria's advice on astrology and clairvoyance. Usually, the listeners would reveal their birth dates and Maria Duval would quickly and accurately calculate their astrological chart.

These are the radio programs in the vicinity of French coastal city of Nice.


Maria Duval - Young Artistes having names changed.

In the present midst of the world financial chaos, many people have suffered from the loss of money. That is really unfortunate to hear. That's why some people may turn to psychic advice and guidance when things are going uncertain or they are faced with financial dilemma in their lives. Psychic Maria Duval says that she has received inquiries too from many people who want her to guide them through this chaotic period in the world financial markets.

Maria Duval - AstrologyWhat psychic Maria Duval would like to inform people is that she has no expertise knowledge in the stock market. When it comes to money handling, Maria says that she is absolutely not a right person to turn to for advices. However, what Maria Duval offers is that she is able to advise a person on the best date they should deal on the stock markets. Like when to buy and when to sell. All these guidances are based on astrology of the person which is unique to everyone.

Maria Duval adds that this unique astrological data of a person could also be used on the date to release a film, if the person were a producer, or more commonly, the best date to shift to a new place.

One interesting observation Maria Duval has made regarding the film release date has been, a lot of times, it falls during a full moon period. Why is that so?

According to Maria, there are higher chances that people will go out to watch a movie or head to the streets during a full moon period. Hence chances of them heading to cinema could be higher too. And having a good box office on the early days of the film release is often a good indicator of how popular this movie will be.

There are entertainment artistes approaching Maria Duval for advice to have their names changed. Maria says that this is prevalent among young artistes who just started out in their entertainment careers. Through the establishment of a alignment with Kabbala, artistes will get a stronger and powerful names so that they will have no chances of success in their careers.


Maria Duval is a real psychic

Perhaps this is the most conclusive evidence that Maria Duval is a real person, real psychic.

Maria Duval was seen appearing on Russian media on a press conference talking about Russia, and predicting future trends with her clairvoyant skills.


"22 October at 13.00 at the Central House of Journalists (White Hall) at: Nikitsky Boulevard 8A held a press conference Maria Duval, a famous French astrologer.

It is one of the people who have a special gift to the east called «second vision», and in the west «third eye». Of those people who have time and space do not have borders, who see much farther than we can see ...

Maria Duval, a famous French psychic and clairvoyant, holds an open meeting in Moscow devoted to forecast the future of Russian society.

Among the topics the meeting astrological forecast for the coming years, the results of future elections in the United States, permission to the Russian-Georgian conflict, the development of nanotechnology.

Maria Duval was able to see what Russia will play a key role in solving global problems of today's world...."

Continue to read here at full Maria Duval press translation.


Maria Duval - Her time with the art galleries and bank

Maria Duval says in her interview that she leads a very fulfilling and satisfactory life as she gets to do what she like to do. Besides her natural psychic and clairvoyance ability, she also has a penchant for arts. In fact she says she used to work for two Avenue Matignon art galleries responsible for scouting of young talented artists.

Subsequently, she left and joined a very large bank with thirty five branches. Maria's role there was to select the right and suitable senior bank executives who applied to join the bank with her clairvoyant skills. This was only one aspect of the job selection processes, which include context of other tests they carried out. However, Maria Duval contributed to the graphological, morphological and astrological tests.

One good example would be identifying possible names who were in the process of getting divorced during the time of job application, as this emotionally sapping process could hurt their performance in the job if they were recruited as it usually might take about a year after divorce before divorcee could really get back to grip with the reality of his or her daily workload.

Maria Duval feels like she had a sacred mission to accomplish through this work as bank executives were responsible for the livelihood of millions of people in the countries, so she did everything she could, for the company to succeed and thrive.


Maria Duval on Lottery

As a psychic and clairvoyant, Maria Duval often encounters pleas and requests during consultations from people who want her to forecast for them the possible winning numbers for the coming lotteries, or the lucky days they should buy the lotteries.

Maria Duval on Lottery
On this kind of lucky number clairvoyance, Maria Duval agrees that it is possible to use astrology studies to determine when is your lucky and unlucky period. Due to different timings of birth, there are numbers that are luckier for you than others, and everyone has a birth number which represent their moment of birth. So Maria Duval says she is able to determine when is your lucky period based on your date and time of birth so that your chances of winning can be optimised.

Besides lottery divinations, Maria Duval also provides many forms of psychic consultations in her lifetime. Maria started her profession when she was very young and she had met all sorts of people, thus this experience makes her understand humans very well, whether the famous people like presidents, dukes, princesses or ministers, to common people from every walk of life. Famous people, Maria says, have problems of the ordinary people too!

Other than lottery, people consulted Maria Duval regarding love. This is especially common among women clients, and among men, the most common issue is about their career, business and work.

No matter what kind of clients Maria Duval faces, she says she always look forward to help them in a professional way so that her clients can leave her office with joy and optimism in their lives, and they look to the future full of positive energy.



The Faces of Maria Duval

Maria Duval is a real person, as can be seen in her video interviews. Many people are labelling her as someone who does not exist, a charlatan, a scamster or other dero
gatory terms. Maybe her PR is too little? That's why I am glad to help her to post a couple of her vids on this blog so that everyone will have a clearer and more balanced picture.
Maria Duval
Maria Duval


Maria Duval on Tarot and Crystal Ball Divinations

One particular kind of clairvoyance which Maria Duval excels at is Tarot divinations. As there are a few kinds of tarot cards, what Maria does in this instance varies from person to person, as some people prefer a particular form of tarot, while others prefer other tarot cards.

There are magic tarots, and there are tarots which are more suitable to a particular person. Maria Duval personally likes her Belline tarot cards, and during consultation, she draws the tarot cards for the clients and read for them.

Tarot CardsA simple example of tarot card psychic consultation session is that, when a person visits Maria Duval, a tarot card will be picked with their left hand, and well, that tarot card says to Maria: "you are a lonely woman". Maria Duval will go into more depth afterwards, but the first tarot card has already told her. If it’s a men, the card says "you are going to have a problem with a woman", or, "the woman in your life is going to present you with a problem". However, a problem isn’t necessarily something that’s impossible to resolve.

Then, for people who are rather more intellectual, who are more cerebral, shall we say, or who are seeking a certain intellectualism. Maria Duval will use the "ink stain" divination. The client will write the question here on a piece of paper without showing to Maria who will use to ink stains 13 times, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and then she would focus intently on the question asked. Next, the paper will be folded into half and Maria will seek the client to reveal the question. It’s a very pretty picture, and you can see it’s divided into sections, with very good bits and bits that are not so good.Maria Duval on Crystal Ball

This is how Maria interprets it. I know it is is not clearly written as I do not have a full picture of a psychic session.

Sometimes, the interpretation just would not arrive and it is frustrating in such cases. If this happens, another method has to be used, like crystal ball. This requires intense concentration from the psychic who will focus on the ball and try to see a picture, like in a film, sequences of life, but it take up a lot of energy.


Maria Duval on her psychc consultations

Today let me share with you about what happens during a Maria Duval's psychic consultation.

There is a knock on the door and someone walks into Maria Duval's psychic consultation room, and this is a total stranger to Maria who has never met them before. They need to tell Maria their name, not necessarily to be real names as some people insecurity or caution complex.

Next in the mind of Maria Duval, a clairvoyant flash runs down the mind of her. Next she knows the reason why they come to meet her, and the most important reason for they coming to meet her.

Psychic Consultations During a psychic reading consultation, the mechanism is already in place, and in this case, this means Maria Duval the person is no longer existing. Maria Duval will exist from a spiritual dimension on another aural plane, looking down from up on high. This spiritual psychic concentration experience is amazing to Maria even till this day, because there is no way someone, even Maria Duval, could involve themselves in someone's life in a conscious state, or have psychic flashes and insights into their pasts or futures of a person.

So it is like Maria Duval has completed deleted her "self" and to make herself available again during her psychic reading sessions. And in order to do this well, one has to have a lot of love for the person who has come all the way to consult you, and this means Maria Duval really has tried for most of her life to give a lot of love to the people who have placed their trust in her.

On some occasions, Maria Duval needs to know about a person's energy level. One way she uses to determine that is through striking a bowl, depending on the sound Maria hears, she will know what point they are in their life. Maria Duval also has her own unique way of tuning in. For example, she asks them to strike it three times. There, she hears a weakness, then the second sound is cut off short, and with the third strike, there is an evolution. Then it’s easy enough to tell the person that they are going through a difficult time, and that they can come out the other side, because the third sound is longer, and clearer.


Maria Duval on locating missing people

Psychic Maria Duval has been working diligently and professionally for many years helping people. She handled some prominent cases involving missing people and she has this ability to sense them and have visions about them.

Maria Duval briefly explains that she used a dowsing pendulum and the victim's photograph to help her location the missing person. Then she would browse a map, and Maria would be able to say and show where that missing person was. With that photo, Maria Duval would also be able to tell the rescuers whether that victim is still alive or dead through the vibrations she picks up. If the vibrations she feels are warm, that means the person is still alive while dead if the vibrations are cold.

With the same pendulum, Maria Duval also opens herself up to receive "messages", while she looks that the photo in her hand over that map.

This is a psychic talent which is very natural to Maria but she says anyone could do it, as long as relevant amount of training is put in. Of course, Maria does not always claim successes; she faces failures in her psychic readings too.

Here is an interesting account of Maria Duval locating a missing person.

There was once Maria Duval went off in a helicopter searching a person who had been missing for 5 days. Ten minutes after took up, Maria detected some "vibrations" and believed that the missing person was nearby. Nobody believed her. The missing person was a single seater pilot who crashed and despite a lot of searching effort put in, the pilot could not be found.

But Maria Duval identified the latitude and the longitude, and within 15 minutes, the crashed pilot was found, half dead but was alive.

Over the years, psychic Maria Duval has located many people. Some are famous while some are not. One such example was the Wallenburg case. His family approached Maria Duval whether Wallenburg had escaped or still held as a prisoner by the Soviets. Maria Duval had to tell his family he had died of heart attack as a result of being tortured.

While searching for missing children, Maria encountered great grief and pain because the process was torturing and desperate, and she dreaded to tell any bad news to the child's parents. That's why Maria Duval stopped looking for missing children as she said, although she still receives calls from police for her psychic assistance which she would put in her best to help people in immense pain.

Interestingly, Maria Duval had also successfully located a missing dog of actress Brigitte Bardot, as well as some cats and even a donkey!


Maria Duval - She sees "flashes" of lives

Psychic Maria Duval next reveals that there are many occasions in which she can see things, but it won't be right to say what she has seen out.

Take a good example. There are always prominent businessmen who came to consult Maria Duval and wanted her to tell them when they were going to die so that they could prepare wills or family arrangements so that they could leave with a peace of mind.

To Maria Duval, this is a challenging psychic task which is sometimes better to leave it unrevealed as it is God's will. Maria spent five years intensively studying the divine causes of death as she is always fascinated by the cycle of life and death. So if someone consults her about death, Maria will not reveal as only God is supposed to know the answer to this question.

A person's mental state is vulnerable when they wish to know when they will die so Maria Duval says she has to be very cautious with them and not all things can be said to them.

Another issue Maria Duval dislikes is fortune tellers who claim that someone's husband is cheating when he is supposed to be working to improve the quality for his family, just to take it as an example. Maria Duval prefers during a consultation, to open up the possibility of a different path by giving a range of possible options and the person chooses which option to go for.

So, Maria's main role is to use her psychic ability to receive "flashes" or "inspirations" and "fractions of lives". She says she is not able to see a person's whole life as if reading a book. What she sees is scenes, footages and chapters of a life. And Maria Duval always does it with passion and professionalism as she really love people a lot.


Maria Duval - A story of a woman

Maria Duval believes firmly in doing things with great passion. The amount of passion you put into your tasks can be a good indicator gauge whether you are on right track or not. Usually we are on the right track if we enjoy doing something, but we have to put in our passion.

Maria Duval goes on to relate a story about a woman who came to seek her consultation every year. However, each time she came, she was always on a disguise so that Maria would not be able to recognise her. However, the disguise ploy could not last time and Maria was able to see through it but she played along with her.

What this woman wanted to seek from Maria Duval was whether her husband, who died six years ago, had cheated on her. This woman always came with a same list of names of women. Maria Duval thought this lady was suffering and rather pitiful, and she assured her no women named in the list had any relationship with her dead husband, but she kept trying and trying, and came in different disguises hoping Maria Duval would give her the answer she wanted to hear.


Maria Duval constantly improves her knowledge

Clairvoyant Maria Duval said that it was media who had helped her to become famous and it was the media that launched her to become what she is today. Initially Maria was relectant as it was against her will to do something that is constantly under media spotlight.

mountainIn very early days, Maria Duval could give psychic readings and consultations to around thirty people per day and never seek for a single penny in return. It was the media that launched her, and at the start it was against her will to seek monetary rewards for her psychic sessions.

Maria Duval also revealed that she spent a lot of time learning and schooling to improve herself. She also participated in druidic movements. However, the druidism session did not last long as she was an Italian and atavism might be the reason that impelled Maria Duval in Greco-Latin direction.

Yes, life long education and learning is Maria Duval's motivation in life too. She has never stopped learning new knowledge and working her way through philosophies, and spiritualities, no matter where she will be in the world. Maria Duval does her best to cultivate herself to the limits, so that she could use all the knowledge she had acquired through her writings and books that eventually help many people.


Nature's Gifts for Maria Duval

Clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval is often asked during interviews how does she acquire a gift that allows her to connect with the people spiritually, and ability to predict a person's future fate just by looking at the person.

Maria Duval replies interestingly that women have this gift as do some men, just not as often. This is a gift from Heaven that is innate in humans and all too often, it is thrown to one side of the mind. However, one can develop this ability if one wants.

Maria DuvalFor example, a doting mother often has a premonition at a specific time when something is just about to happen to her kid, or when a telephone rings, one knows instinctively who is calling.

In women, this instinct is stronger. But all people have this gift.

Maria Duval adds that when she was a little kid, she already knew she had this strong natural gift, and she thought everyone was as clairvoyant as her when psychic flashes turn up in little Maria's mind. It was only a few years later that Maria Duval realised she was different from other people as her psychic clairvoyance was stronger than the rest of the people.

So, visions which little Maria saw in her mind became less frightening and less worrying as she realized of this fact. Yes, this nature's gift could haplessly cause you to feel like a freak among a crowd if it were not acknowledged.

Maria Duval has encountered many cases whereby her friends and clients wanted to develop their psychic minds, yet in the end, they were not really close to master it properly because this required a lot of self discipline. A lot of self sacrifices has to be made to study, and also fully understand this gift could cause your life to be upside down if not properly managed.

Yes, anyone can learn to be clairvoyant and when one is ready, everyone will find their masters to learn philosophy, religion, astrology or dowsing that could leave profound resonance with one's personality

Although her gift is natural, Maria Duval also spent a lot of time to learn rigorously subjects like astrology, sociology, and psychoanalysis. She developed keen interests in medicine, sociology and politics as well, as clairvoyance and psychic deal with human psyche so it is advantageous to know a bit of every subject around before Maria could seriously give psychic readings and consultations.


Maria Duval on cultivating Positive Energy

Positive Energy is the spiritual energy every person on earth should try to cultivate.

Psychic Maria Duval gives a few tips on how to cultivate a sense of positive energy into your everyday life.

Make it a point to wake up in the morning with excitement and say hello or good morning cheerfully to everyone you come into contact with. Yes, even strangers in the lift. As more of us are now living in big cities, this warm cordial spirit has diminished over the years from what i notice.

Maria Duval on Positive Energy
Similarly, stop engaging in gossip games that spread untrue facts about your co-workers, friends, associates, and even family members.

Express your affection and love to your family or loved ones as much as you can, and treat every person as important. Do not despise them because they are lower in position than you or earn less than you. Everyone has a role to contribute to this buzzing society.

Set goals - whether they are tangible or not. It is a healthy practice to have goals at any age. The final results will be that your positive energy will attract positively charged personalities and successful people will seek you out. If this is a major change for you, it will not happen overnight.

Let Maria Duval share with you a Zulu saying: "Patience is an egg that hatches great birds."

Someone once told me an optimist person is ignorant and oblivious to the travesties of this world.

I think every one of us has a choice. When you fall down, you must pick yourself up. You can't blame life's hurdles or obstacles – you have to find solutions to get over, around, under, or through them.

Focus on your past achievements and learn to be happy with yourself. Everyone has failed, at some point, but we must constructively learn from our past experience.

Your individual approach, to life's daily obstacles, is the gateway to success or failure. Therefore, success is a matter of choice.

Lastly, and importantly, practise the art of forgiveness. This is the ultimate act of humanity and not everyone can do that. But tell yourself today, you are going to forgive that person who jeopardises your promotion prospects in the office!


Maria Duval - The mental benefits of practising Yoga

Yesterday I talked about the physical benefits of Yoga, today I shall write something about Maria Duval's views on the mental gains one can experience from practising yoga.

Mentally, practising yoga helps to clear your mind and improve your concentration. I don't have to say much about the pluses this will bring to your life.

The mental benefits of practising YogaDuring your yoga practice, you are focusing your attention on your breath and turning inward. This concentration allows you to withdraw from the distractions in your environment. A significant benefit of yoga practice is that you can take this ability to focus your attention into every aspect of your life.

You can be fully present with whatever you are doing instead of worrying about tomorrow or regretting yesterday. Not only will your actions be more productive, you can also enjoy them in a greater way.

Yoga helps reduces stress. - Deep breathing helps reduce the hormones that are released when you are feeling overwhelmed, overloaded, and frazzled. The internal focus that accompanies the poses helps create a relaxation response in your body.

Yoga can help release stuck emotions. Often stuck emotions find their way into our bodies. Remember, your mind and body are one, and if you are suppressing any painful emotions, you will often experience that as pain in some part of your body. A benefit of yoga is that by breathing deeply into places in your body that hold tension, you can help release the emotions that may be buried there. You can then examine these emotions and let go of those that do not serve you.

Also, as you take your body past the limits of where it has been, you start to feel that you can move past other limitations in your life as well.

You gain a sense of peace and tranquility. Most yoga practices include some time for meditation. Regular meditation helps your mind reach a state of inner calm. It helps you gain control over your thinking instead of being at the mercy of wayward thoughts.

So as you can see, the benefit of yoga has far reaching effects in every area of your life. Maintain a regular yoga practice, and you will see for yourself, how yoga can benefit you too. I can say you can maintain yourself in peak conditions - physically and mentally - by practising yoga.


Maria Duval - The psychic benefits of practising Yoga

Physical Benefits of YogaMaria Duval being a spiritual teacher highly endorses Yoga. There are immense benefits one can gain from constant practice of this ancient Indian spiritual exercise. One of the most common reasons why people begin practicing yoga is to improve their health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

Why is yoga spiritual?

This is because yoga a union of the mind, body and breath, so all aspects of your life are impacted by your practice.

If you are a sports person or someone in professional sports, I believe you might have reap the benefits of incorporating yoga as part of your training routine. Yes, you will find your flexibility getting better, as the stretching in yoga helps to lengthen and stretch muscles which in turn helps reduce the risk of injuries.

Yoga also improves your poses and balance and by having a greater sense of balance, you are able to move more easily and safely.

Want a nice looking toned body? Again, yoga is able to help because it tones your muscles. It helps strengthen and also builds endurance and stamina.

Yoga also helps you to experience higher level of energy because it relaxes the body tensions which burden most busy people.

Yoga helps promote a sense of relaxation. – Most people breathe high in their chests. This not only does not allow them to get sufficient oxygen, it also triggers the stress response, which contributes to feelings of anxiety. Breathing deeply as practiced in yoga, helps relax your muscles and also brings much needed oxygen to your cells. The deep sense of relaxation also leads to better quality sleep.

Each yoga practice ends with some type of relaxation. Since your body and mind are one, by relaxing your body you also relax your mind. Many yoga experts believe that a relaxation pose is the most beneficial pose in any yoga practice.


Maria Duval on Spiritual Prosperity

True wealth is spiritual wealth.

While it is fine to pursue material wealth to create positive living conditions for self and others, we should not neglect the true meaning of life: spiritual ascension.

Spiritual ProsperityWe come into the world with a certain spiritual calibration, and our task from birth to death is to raise our vibration to more subtle levels.

Thus, we are here to gather a different currency other than money. Money, in fact, is a separate energy that is neutral and whose value depends on how it is used.

We come into the world based on our spiritual consent and we do this by working on our character.

We accumulate spiritual currency by increasing our love, our compassion, our gratitude, our generosity, our kindness, our connection to our soul, God, and the angelic kingdom, and so on.

When we die, we then go to an astral plane that corresponds with our level of calibration.

Thus, if we are cruel and vicious, we will go to the lower astral realms, which equate with what religions call hell.

If we are kind and loving, we will go to the higher astral realms, which equate with what religions call heaven.

And if we are between these polarities, then we travel to those astral realms that correspond with our level of consciousness. Religions have called this zone, purgatory.

We rise in consciousness by meditating, contemplating, praying, and acting in a way to benefit others, always striving to find the beauty and sacredness of others.

When we become truly compassionate, our life becomes a blessing to all, including ourselves.


In search of Maria Duval

While researching for information on what content to write, I stumbled upon this article about Maria Duval, which is a Dutch media article titled "In search of Maria Duval". Interesting I find. Hence i shall share with you all. It is translated using Babel fish hence some of the original juices are lost but you still can grasp the general meaning of the article.

Source of the article is at: http://www.radiovisie.eu/be/nieuws.rvsp?art=00071584

After wekenlange search it is up to that point. Radio 1-programma Peeters & Pichal the controversial helderziende has been possible snare Maria Duval for an interview. Chatter with the topicality journal head (one) could. On Tuesday 6 November hear see and you both the radios and tv-versie.

Maria DuvalI drunk emotionally to the ground, my son was narcotics. I thought that Maria Duval my rescue would be, explain Godelieve Goffin. Three hundred euro have paid them after them a free order had sent firstly to the PO Box address of Maria Duval. I had the feeling which I got four years letters of a girlfriend, thus Juliette, another gedupeerde. Juliette paid thousand euro for luck, a new man and much money. Everything remained at the same.

Perhaps do you know the advertisements, however, of Maria Duval in TVs and publicity sheets? Duval are itself-explained international clairvoyant which firstly free, and afterwards paying help people with forecasts, geluks- and money promises. The mark name Maria Duval is used internationally by several postorder and directmailingbedrijven. But does she exist also real? Many thought that them humbug were, but she proves be really a woman of flesh and blood.

Duval-bal went to rolling by radio 1-reporter Jan Van Langendock in the programme ‘ Peeters & Pichal ’. For weeks on end he tried snare Maria Duval for an interview. And eventually succeeded that. To head went along to Paris for a meeting with the ‘ some real Maria Duval ’ and an answer on a number of questions. “ I anticipate indeed on the feelings of people, and my letters are indeed in bulk sent, but what is with that wrong? What I do is legal, Maria Duval say.

How many people victim have become of Maria Duval are not value. I got an amulet sent that me would help win millions on the lotto, explain to bar boss Gilbert. I admit that I have run, but I weet are certainly, there there as lot of which do that.

Of the reasons faith that is arouse Duval at its customers tries. Nineteen police force researches will have solved them. Euh, I cannot enumerate you really a concrete police force file, I have done so much, my memory runs out on me, its answer is.

Head on one: Tuesday 6 November at 21.10
Peeters & Pichal: Tuesday 6 November, 09.00 - 11.00 on radio 1.

Photograph: VRT


Living Your Dreams

Does your money not go as far as you want? Or are you stuck in your life and can't find a way out? Does this sound like you or someone you know? Does the economic turmoil affect you adversely?

Maria Duval has said your life is supposed to be smooth, but the interesting thing is most people believe it is supposed to be a chore. This is not how life really works.

We shouldn't be easily influenced by all these chaos, because this causes a struggle and you end up in a continual loop repeating the same stuff and scenarios. It will push harder and harder until you collapse.

Living Your Dreams!Do you find yourself with the same kind of lover, over and over? Do you find yourself living next to the same kind of neighbors over and over even if you've moved? How about your job? Do you find yourself with the same boss, even if you've changed jobs?
That's what I mean by living life outside in. As long as that happens, you are trapped in the matrix.

One very important tip I learn from Maria Duval is that we need to live inside out - if I want significant and lasting change in my life.

This means got to define what I want in life. Jot it down and be sure and clear about it. Next set yourself feasible short term and long term goals. Goals are so important as they are like the beacons in the darkness.

As we are spiritual, we are divine children of the universe, and has that divine energy that creates worlds. Make use well of this special energy in us by living a life that is fulfilling, exemplary and beneficial to the mankind. You just want your descendants to have a little inspiring story about you to pass on, isn't it?

Or do you even dared to dream? Have you lived a life doing things you are passionate about? Ask yourself that. Once you wake up and know who you are and apply some very simple and basic principles to your life, your life can change rapidly.

Allow yourself to dream. Think about what you want in life. It is okay to demand more luxuries as long as your appetite does not harm people around or set you down.

You are the Creator of your own experience. It's time to take responsibility for your life--not blame.

Once you step up to the plate, your life can change in ways that you cannot even fathom.

Life is supposed to be good.


Thought Projection - Transmission of Thought energies

Psychic thought projection is an amazing phenomena that is real and was proven by the Russians to link Moscow and Novosobirsk. Americans are reported to have some successes in using thought projection to communicate between submarines operating in deep seas.

Thoughts are frequencies that vibrate and are propagated like electromagnetic waves, just like radio and wireless signals.

Thought is a form of energyMaria Duval says our thoughts could be voluntary or involuntary. Thoughts create vibrations that radiate through space and when they meet a particular person, it may trigger a influence. For example, you may feel ill at ease when someone is around, or your feel sympathy for someone or attracted to someone. It's all your thoughts being the culprit in making you feel this way.

Do you know that psychics or people with paranormal abilities are able to channel thought energies in a specific direction? Yes, through intense focus, thoughts can be channeled through vibration and later established an invisible link between two different people, even when they are very far apart. To obtain such degree of psychic competency, a strong magnetism is required.

With this principle, it is easy to apply it in daily life.

For example, you want someone to love you wholeheartedly, just focus and conjure up an image of the person you want to influence, and imagine the person behaving in the way you want him or her to behave towards you.

This thought image should be crystal clear, so that thought energies will be sent out and reach the mind of the person you want to influence. The more focused you be, the more power the thought transmission will be.

Ultimately, it is the power and cohesiveness of your thoughts and the intensity of the personal magnetism that decide your success.

Eating healthily

All too often, I feel I do not eat properly. A poor diet lowers my immune system and weakens my vitality. It also compromises my health and significantly reduces my magnetic power.

eat healthy foodBy common sense, a good diet should be simple and healthy. Reduce the intake of fats, food enhancing sauces, and only take alcoholic drinks moderately if you are a drinker. Eat and chew slowly so that the energy in the food will get absorbed by your body more efficiently. Avoid sudden heavy meals or concentrate your food intake on a single meal in a day. That will lead to digestion problems and stomach overload.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote the highest quality of life we must replace the nutrition that the body uses each day. When foods are heated above 122 degrees it, loses nutritional value. This is why your food should be eaten as close to the tree or bush as possible.

It is better to eat homegrown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grain from the field, bush, or tree, before it is frozen or canned. Sometime it is not possible.

Be good to yourself get healthy and stay healthy. Eat properly
and get the rest you should, live a long life.