Maria Duval - Magnetize What You Desire

Wealth and prosperity can essentially be made to arrive through the application of the spiritual principles of manifestation. The Law of Manifestation works using magnetism and the universal cosmic energy, present in the universe and in everything.

It’s easier to make the objects, wealth and people you desire appear if you mobilise energy and magnetism before you act. Before doing something that relies on energy, you must first achieve a state of calm and relaxation, then conjure up in your mind the images, symbols and representations of whatever it is you desire.

To “magnetise” what you desire, you need to create a magnetic force that attracts things to you.

You use energy and magnetism every day, mostly without even being aware of it. It’s possible to learn to use these forces consciously as a means of amplifying the power of your thoughts and manifesting whatever you are representing.

A few moments of energetic work, combined with the magnetism, can yield more impressive results than hours and hours of hard slog. You emit energy constantly; these vibrations you give off can attract or repel the objects you desire.

Lastly, please pray for love, peace and safety for Japan.