Our Inner Guide

The Intelligence we have spoken about previously, the most important part of you, is the superior part of each human being. It's also part of hat is known as 'the Living Strength of the universe', 'the Infinite Intelligence', 'Universal Cosmic Forces', or the 'Creative Mind', the creative force that is associated with the God of all religions.

Calling upon this Infinite Intelligence, which is also within you, is the same as invoking what is also known as the 'Creative Thought', 'Inner Guide', and others. Maria Duval prefers to call it your Inner Guide.

This Inner Guide can manifest itself of its own accord, eg, during the event of danger, it may prompt you of danger. But you can also call upon it and ask for help. To ask for its help, you need a strong firm faith about Inner Guide's existence, always really to help you.


Physical appearance

When you stand in front of a mirror, what do you see? Simply a human being with skin, flesh and bones. And that is your physical appearance and this will give you a certain idea of yourself, based on your external appearance. This mechanism is called ego.

However, Maria Duval states that the physical appearance is rather like the tip of an iceberg emerging from the water. You know perfectly well that the most important part of the iceberg lies under the water away from the view.

It is the same thing with the Mind. When you look around at yourself in the mirror, you don't see the Infinite Intelligence that created you and which has always been within you. Among other things, it enables your body to function without you even having to think about it.


Maria Duval - the Superconscious Mind

I'm sure most people have heard that people generally use only 10% of their brain power. It would be better to phrase it to say that people only use 10% of their powers of their Mind, for example, most people use their minds for daily activities like thinking, reflecting, moving about, routines and etc.

There is within each of us a deeper Mind, the Superconscious, whose power is unlimited and can help us to achieve amazing things. Most people really use the Superconscious mind, or the Inner Guide, the intuition.

What exactly do Maria Duval mean by the Superconscious?

It is simply the Infinite Intelligence that has made you what you are. It is the Intelligence that has manufactured your body from tiny cells which have multiplied from the infant to the adult person you are today.


Maria Duval's definition of Intuition

It is through intuition that you are able to distinguish the true from the false, since it enables you to see clearly. Intuition sees beyond appearances, which explains, for example, why you can take an immediate liking or dislike to a particular person. A little inner voice warns you to beware of this or that person.

Intuition is also something deep within you which speaks to you and which only wants to guide you towards your greater happiness. It is something within you that alerts you, guides you or warns you of impending danger.

Lastly, intuition is a wider vision of a situation, a vision that is sometimes so clear that it can verge on clairvoyance. You should never question a clear intuition but do everything within your power to act on it immediately.


Developing intuition

Besides learning how to let go, we should learn how to grow our intuition too as this is another principle that will favour a happy and prosperous life.

Letting go and intuition belong to the same spiritual family, since the practice of letting go greatly develops your intuition, and being able to rely on your natural intuition greatly favours the process of letting go. They are linked, that's why it is good to work with both these energies at the same time.

To recap briefly, intuition, according to Maria Duval, is an instinctive perception. It is the ability to achieve an instantaneous overview of the situation and to identify the right information that enables people to understand the true nature of that situation.


Learning what life wants

Maria Duval wants to tell you something more about letting go. Letting go also means: "Learning how to want what life wants". Think seriously about these few words as they contain the key to a happy life, the key to the power which will always place you in the winning camp, whatever the circumstances. Because when you want what life wants, you want life itself. And life will repay you many times by placing many fortunate opportunities along your way!