Maria Duval: Karma at work

I'm sure Karma is a very common word by now and is widely quoted by many people when they are expressing about doing good deeds, bad deeds and the consequences of their action. How many actually know karma in greater details? Psychic Maria Duval has spoken about karma before and now I shall post based on my own briefest understanding. My knowledge about it is not there yet.

Karma comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. In a simple explanation, karma means the consequences of your old choices, beliefs and attitude and how these are going to affect your life in the future. Karma is all about mental imprints resulted from your actions, where good or bad. They will stay with you as long as you are alive and will affect how you behave and believe in the future.

My question is, what if I saw the snail but it's too late for me NOT to step on it? Will this result in any karma imprints? For example, I am jogging in a park in the morning and at the turn, I am too late to pull myself away from the snail. Based on the interpretation above, there is no intention to kill but there will be imprint as it is so vivid. Is this bad karma too?


Way of psychics

In this modern society, the conscious minds of ours are finding it more difficult to have a quiet time. Every hour every minute we are thinking and planning something. It even gets into your sleep as you get less and less sleep. Spiritually we are losing the edge! Have you ever wondered why Maria Duval have psychic ability?

That's why you need psychics. They can bridge this gap and link you up spiritually to the realm of 'other side', meaning our souls. That primarily also means focusing into our subconsiousness in great depth. Why do we need subconsciousness? It is because or conscious minds are just too insensitive to the hintings of our spirits due to our learn logics, reasonings, knowledge and hectic activities of everyday. Moreoever, with the pressures added, we are thinking about how to solve our immediate needs and problems only.

There are many ways psychics can tap into your subconscious mind. Maria Duval uses cards, tarots, numerology, astrology and clairvoyance just to name a few. Many people have had varies psychic experiences but have put it down to coincidence or good luck. Just a note to say that if you meditate regularly, you may have some psychic ability too and this is because meditation slows down your concious minds and 'encourages' your subconsciousness to appear. Many have felt a connection with the universe whilst others have been able to "see" in their minds visions of places and people when they are meditating.


Maria Duval: True love comes from unconditional giving

Maria Duval says in her book that true love is nurtured by unconditional giving. It does not mean needing the other person. All of a person's inner wealth must be shared with the partner because it is important to know this idea that the partner can often act as a 'mirror' to reflect your self so that you will know yourself better. It is for this reason that we should experience the relationship intensely and generously without asking anything in return.

Maria Duval also explains that to promote a happy and harmonious life, make every effort to develop these virtues or qualities:

Love: it is a factor in marriage, unity and sharing.

Tenderness: it takes the form of a sincere concern for the well-being of the person you love.

Understanding: this means listening to and understanding what your partner is trying to tell you.

Respect: it consists of acceding to the desires of your beloved, not through fear.

Gratitude: we talk about this often and this is a natural reaction in response to the efforts or kindly attitude of your partner towards you.

Appreciation: it goes hand in hand with gratitude and demonstrates that you accept with good grace the gift offered to you.

Trust: it comes as a reward for the honesty, serious-mindedness, probity and sincerity of your partner.

Maria Duval advises all people who want to have a better spiritual life to think about these seven factors as they are likely to give you valuable guidance regarding how you behave and attitude to adopt in a fulfilling and spiritual relationship.