Maria Duval Norwegian Interview

It came to my attention at the youtube that there are a few more Maria Duval interview videos in a few European languages uploaded by someone. I shall embed the Norwegian version right here first.


Confidence and Maria Duval

I have to confess that I already feel much more at ease and happier. The confidence in myself gets stronger and stronger. Thanks Maria Duval. Now I even wear clothes with a low neckline and I do my hair as I always wanted to have it but never dared to. All my relatives and friends ask: What happened to you that you changed in such a positive way? Finally I got to realize how beautiful life can be, how positive life can be if I am positive with myself. Without Maria Duval, it won't turn out this way!

Recently, I had reason to be unhappy. But I managed the situation quicker and faster than in the past. Now, I am thinking much more about my future than about my past. It is amazing what influence all your instructions have on me. Negative influences don’t touch me anymore. This is what Maria Duval wants to impart in our thoughts. I just keep calm and let it happen. I am already looking forward to the coming 30 days which will carry on changing my life as I am sure they will thanks God and Maria Duval for your help.


Pictures of the Alpha Temboris Ball sent to me by Maria Duval

mariaduvalalphatemborisballmariaduvalalphatemborisballI used my humble cellphone camera to take some pictures of this Alpha Temboris Ball that came together with the Precise Guide 2007. I have selected two shots with better quality for posting here today. At least my blog will not look so wordy and I hope the pictures will help to show the positive views of Maria Duval.

My apologies for the different color tone of the 2 photos. I took it under the same lighting conditions but just didn't know why it turned out that way! Well, the size of it is less than 1 inch. I am supposed to write a wish in a paper and hide it inside this ball for 40 days with as much 'close contact' as possible. I will surely write a letter to Maria Duval of the my outcome. :)


Maria Duval's guide: Jan 15th to 25th Feb Monday

Psychologically, this influence is excellent and will tend to emphasize reflections, a sense or order, attention to detail and patience as what Maria Duval says.

I will be capable, all during this period, to face up to daily problems whilst bearing your long-term objectives in mind as what Maria Duval has said.

I will more easily balance my need for liberty which the need to perform my task. In fact, I will not be inclined to consider your duties and obligations as limitations or even restrictions to me but more as the opportunity to gain in wisdom and maturity as what Maria Duval finds out.

Whilst remaining true to my principle, my ideas will become grander and more tolerant according to Maria Duval.

My sense of order, duty and justice will lose some of their rigor and be replaced by more generous feelings.

The majortiy of my deeds will be governed by a stronge sense of duty and I may possibly develop a paternalistic tendency towards the people around me.

In addition, this period could be very good for business and trade and my financial investments could well be likely to go off very well, thanks Maria Duval for this forecast


HELP! "I receive many unsolicited letter offers after I have sent in Maria Duval's coupon!"

Today I read some of the sites that badpress Maria Duval and most of them blared that right after they had sent in the Maria Duval mail order coupon, they started to be inundated or flooded with mail offers from other companies soliciting for business. Or Maria Duval has sold their information to some third parties.

I am not the PR of Maria Duval, however, I would like to offer my comments in this issue.

The main reason why you are receiving the offers from Maria Duval is very simple. Because you agreed to receive them when you sent in the mail coupon!

Please refer to the form of the coupon again if you have. Move your sight to the lower right side.

You should see this option there:

"□ Please do not provide any information about me to any other persons/organisation not associated with this offer."

If you tick at the left box, I am quite sure you will not receive any third party offers but only letters sent by Maria Duval, like what I had done similarly. However, if you do not tick there, the processing company will assume that you have agreed to receive additional information from third parties. It works exactly the same when you sign up for Yahoo, MSN, AOL or many other online accounts of internet companies.

Just to add, when you have already consented to receive third party offers, whether knowingly or unknowingly, you can just write a letter to unsubscribe from the mailing offers. Maria Duval will really stop mailing you after that.

Positive Searches for Maria Duval Testimonies

Another week has passed quickly. My thoughts are always positive nowadays and I condition my minds to feel that, even if the circumstances do not seem that favorable to me. I always look forward to the new week with anticipation and eagerness, and try to throw away of any tinge of unhappiness from the previous week. Life is too fragile spiritually if you cling on to the bitterness of the past, as Maria Duval says.

Right now, I am sitting down and planning what is the direction of this blog. I have big ambition to make it swarming with targeted traffic and hits and I have been hungrily learning the tips and tricks of doing it. I guess I shall not fill this blog with my personal rumblings and mundane events from my daily lifes but I will mainly focus on the stuff that is related to Maria Duval. I am planning to make this blog as the unofficial voice of Maria Duval and try to help her overcome some badpress online. Many of those accusations are simply not true, mind you.

On a good note, I did a search 'Maria Duval testimonies' and are encouraged to find a few positive things about the search results. It is really highly encouraging and it spurs me to do more for this blog too.