Maria Duval on sleeping and dreams

Maria Duval say that sleeping well is a good natural way to develop better intuition. There is a widespread belief in the healing powers of sleep. It is therefore important to respect your sleep patterns.

Maria Duval says there is a very simple rule for this: listen to yourself. In other words, go to bed when you are tired and wake up when you feel refreshed! Animals follow this rule instinctively but humans may not be so. However, there is a very simple way of remaining fit and healthy. Learn to catch the "sleep rain".

Here is how you can listen to the messages sent by your body:

- yawning may indicate that the body and mind are relaxing.
- a heavy head means your neck muscles are becoming too tired to support it, it drops forward and then jerks back up as if you were reacting against feeling "shattered".
- eyes water or sting.

Have the determination to make the right decision, to do the sensible thing. Tell yourself: "I'm feeling sleeping, and I am going to bed."

You can't imagine the extent to which this type of decision favours your progress along the path of Initiation!

Maria Duval also says that we must learn to respect your inner rhythm and the time of your "sleep train". If you don't, tell yourself there won't be another "train" along for two hours.

Also remember that the hours of sleep before midnight count as double since they are quality hours and the most beneficial for the regeneration of your tired organism.