Invisible waves around us

Psychic Maria Duval believes that human beings are immersed in the cosmos, and for this reason, we have both wave emitters and wave receivers. There are waves that are beneficial and waves that are harmful, just as there are positive cosmic energies and negative ones.

For example, within the range of wavelengths of the light spectrum, the radiations comprised between the infrared and ultraviolet are favourable for vitality. A minimum of sun is recommended because it enables the synthesis of vitamins vital for good health.

On the other hand, any excessive ultraviolet radiation is harmful and it has been proved to cause skin cancer. Infrared radiation, in turn, produces a pleasant sensations of warmth, but in excess it can cause skin irritations. Certain waves are more harmful, like x ray or radioactive waves.

In the same way, all natural objects give out invisible waves. Some are positive while some are negative. Maria Duval says too much of negative waves will affect your aura if you live or work there. Luck and prosperity could be blocked or affected. This is where the study of Fengshui comes into play.

In conclusion, universe cosmic energy is at work everywhere. We are not the only species to be influenced by these invisible waves. Animals are even more receptive to this kind of emissions and this can be explained through their living behaviour.